Friday 2 August 2019

Free Credit Card Consultation For Maximum Rewards

I would like to take a break from regular blogging to insert this fine advertorial...


Wau lau! Don't run to the toilet leh!

This advertorial is definitely not for me. 

I am the EARN MORE kind of guy.

However, just because I'm like that, I don't expect everyone else must be like me. You know, the "If you believe me, folllow me!" kind of "wah kali gong" blogger. Wink, wink.

OK, for the sake of diversity (yup, I can speak politician), here's something for those of you SAVE MORE people who gets titillated whenever you see - free miles, free points, cashbacks, discounts, offers, etc...  

Now you can search and query which credit cards have the best bang for the buck at which popular retail outlets.  

So go hack yourself till you get to credit card Nirvana! (No alcohol or drugs needed)

This is the website to check it out:


Its beta version. So you don't CB when you hit some chinks and flaws in their user interface.

Do remember its FREE. 

Do your part by giving them feedback to improve on. I'm sure they will appreciate it!

This endeavour is started by 3 young men. Go to the "About Us" and "Community" page.

As usual, there's a front man - the face of the team and website. 

Then there's another but I not clear what he does... (Consider this a feedback to him. Create a "role" or "character" in the team so people will remember. Unless he is OK with people assuming he is Robin or Tonto)

Finally, there's the shy guy who wears a brown paper bag over his head. However, with a bit of rudimentary CSI, I found his Facebook page. He is the workhorse who does the actual programming or coding. 

Although their product is about "saving more", I am very glad these 3 young men have dreams of "earning more". That's cool! 

And right up my alley.

How else would  I agree to do this advertorial?



  1. Not for me. No income. No CC. :-(

    1. CW,

      I'm glad I kept 2 credit cards after my sabbatical from fulltime work.

      I would recommend those who like to travel overseas after retirement not to cancel all their credit cards.

      Keep 1 or 2.


      No, not for collecting miles or cashbacks. When your retirement is not "lean" or "minimum PC requirement", there's no need to sweat the small stuffs...

      Its so we don't have to walk around paying everything with cash like gangsters or wiseguys...

      I'm now trying to picture CW in Taiwan with a wad of cash in his trousers. Mei meis looking at the "bulge" will be turned on!


  2. Hi SMOL,

    "This is the workhorse who does the actual programming or coding."

    This sounds strangely familiar.... -.-

    Time to level up skills in other skill trees, lol.

    1. Unintelligent Nerd,

      There's Toastmasters as one way to buildup confidence in speaking to a group of people.


      I simply made the effort to volunteer to make presentations and speeches for my team.

      It slowly evolved to department, then organisation, and eventually division ;)

      You weren't around when I volunteered to sing some years back during a bloggers get together?

      I never miss an opportunity to sharpen my saw ;)

    2. UN,

      From observation & real life examples, most of the top earners in tech & IT are not really good programmers. ;)

      Good & above average technical skills help to get you to middle mgmt (and crucial in getting entry jobs with blue chip companies). But it's other skills & mentality that gets one into senior levels (and big bucks). Hoho!


      This advert sounds more for Spend More rather than
      Save More! Don't think those card companies are interested in frugal savers Kekeke!

    3. Spur,

      That's because you landowner and I ex-shepherd lah.

      We bother to lookup to see who is trying puppeteer us ;)

  3. Hi SMOL,

    Not for me too. I'm the one card to rule them all kind of person. This kind of searching around to see which card to use doesn't apply for me hahaha

    I agree with you advice to keep a credit card or two. In my student days, if you go to hotel overseas without a card, you have to put in cash deposit in case you ruin their room or furnishing. That takes up a lot of my cash flow, so I'm like living like a pauper for almost the whole duration until the last day when I checked out of the room. It's stupid.

    1. LP,

      The one I used most is slightly more "attas". But precisely its not the "cheapest", some smaller retailers and restaurants don't accept it.

      So I carry another "everyone and anyone" card as backup ;)

      Yup, we remember those "crash got sound" lessons most fondly!


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