Tuesday 15 January 2019

No Christmas Rally How About CNY Rally?

Don't look at me!

I don't speculate base on calender effects...

Ask those who say they are value, long term, buy and hold "investors", yet when no one is looking, "curi ayam" from time to time. Wink.

The best are those eat finish never wipe lips, still dare to tell others don't speculate, don't gamble!?



  1. I had to Google what curi ayam meant haha.偷鸡,摸狗?

    1. Kevin,

      It used to be a guy's thing... When wife not at home, time to "curi ayam"!

      Then girls also wise up to equal opportunity ;)

      Come quick! He's gone to work...


      When I read the career woman who always invites her stay-at-home hubby to join her on her business trips, I smile.

      This woman loves her career; got EQ to know to maintain marriage is not about being "passive" ;)

    2. Ahhh yes, of course! The ability to infer is a highly sought-after skill :P

  2. I have ex colleague who was caught by his wife for cheating at his kids school gate when fetching kids home.

    After that his wife never ever let him be alone any where. He needed printed wedding dinner invitation as proof while others have no issue on E- Wedding dinner invite.

    Hmm.. May be he is reading this comment. Just telling the truth.

    1. CW,

      In the old days, I would immediately suspect your ex-colleague of "flirting" with the young mothers of other kids. I mean early thirties still sexy what?

      But today, most families are double-income households. So its more likely about "flirting" with maids ;)

      When it comes to numbers, you are precision in 2 decimal places; when it comes to precision with words...

      You can be caught "cheating" in your own bed or in hotel rooms.

      Unless your ex-colleague is an exhibitionist, he can't be doing it at the school gate, can he?

      That would be an immediate police case!

      P.S. I don't judge. I've come across some maids where I go in my heart, "Wow! She's pretty!"

  3. Hi Smol,

    As I get in touch more with what I want out of investing, I find it more and more boring perhaps to the bloggersphere.

    U good, u trader, u if u wish can say I spot a trend.

    I realise the whole idea about investing is not about who is right, but what to do when wrong, when right.

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Its never about the nouns ;)

      Although I'm not blind to the differences; neither will I allow myself to be trapped by labelling...

      Trader; investor.

      Passive investor; active investor.

      Craftsman; hobbyist.

      I focus on the adjectives ;)

      Money making or money losing. Period.

      I don't mind being wrong but make money!

      To be polite, we say 90% of traders lose money. Reality is more like 5% of traders can consistently make money.

      When someone calls himself a born-again "investor", its likely he has FAILED in trading.

      When DIY active investing fails, he switches to the more boring next step as in dividend investing.

      Still cannot make it?

      There's the even more boring conversion to passive investing...

      Still lose money again?

      Then there's the nuclear plan Z!

      Voluntarily contribution to CPF ;)

      This is no longer "investing". Its capitualtion. Its just plain vanilla savings.

      From Trader, to Investor, to Saver.

      Come full circle to: Earn More or Save More?

      Save more anyone and everyone can do.

      Earn more is a lot harder!

  4. 偷鸡also need skill hor。

    1. WolfT,

      Of course!

      The best lesson I've learned in NS is we can do anything we want...

      Just as long we don't get caught!!!

    2. My hubby tells my boys, before you do anything, think about what happens when you get caught!

      Now you know why I have stayed married for so long. A man with self restraint and discipline and willing to give me all his money is probably as rare as a dinosaur. Ok, nevermind about the self restraint and discipline, it's the giving me all his money. :P

    3. Endrene,

      Man without much money...

      What mischief can he get up to!?

      You smarter than smart!

      Don't get complacent. I wrote about:

      Beware Of The Goody Goody Guy!

      Wait till your hubby get hold of his CPF money...

      Then like the Convent Girl Syndrom, all his pent-up naughtiness will explode!

      Ban him from going to Chinatown in his 60s!


    4. Hahaha. And you think our investment property is funded by me and I can still hit my FRS in my CPF-SA in my thirties? :P

      No prize for guessing where most of the funds and the monthly instalments come from and where the rental income goes to. ROFL!

      So scheming?

      I didn't chiong gong his money hor. He just lets me handle all the money because I like to make financial decisions mah. Anyway, the money in the joint account is used for funding my boys' education and feed them one.

      *Wide-eye innocent look*

    5. Endrene,


      His money is "our" money; your money is still your money.


      Well, you've made the right choice!

      You didn't marry a miser or saver ;)

  5. What about a 'born again' corporate ladder climber? When one door shuts, another opens mah. Just upskill, reskill, change playing field and be successful!


    The successful part is only my imagination? Wah,cannot like that leh. I'm smarter than thou ok!


    Must be 木秀于林,风必折之。People jealous, don't wish for my success.

    Nevermind, I rinse and repeat. Change skills, change job, change boss, change colleagues. Find a mentor, read more self help books, take more courses!

    Success is about not giving up mah!

    Eh? Then why escape from previous job instead of roughing it out to earn your stripes huh?

    1. Endrene,

      Hee, hee.

      I'm the quitter.

      When I felt the nail on my butt, I move!

      I don't howl and howl, but still stay at the same spot ;)

      I job-hopped using Thomas Edison's crash got sound method until I found the "right" fit.


      To me, success is all about giving up!

      Success is what we have to sacrifice (give up) to achieve it ;)

      Some give up their marriages, some missed their children's growing up years, some sacrifice free time for hobbies and friends (retire lost)...

      Mix with you guys and girls my China will improve!

      I only know 树大招风。

      Next time I'll steal with pride what you just wrote!


    2. In prose it's called 抢打出头鸟。 I learnt from watching TV. No need to steal. I anyhow say without quoting source. Lol.

    3. Endrene,

      抢打出头鸟, 树大招风 - more colloquial and fitting for no study person like me ;)

      But then, you'll never know when I may meet a literary woman... Then I'll drop 木秀于林,风必折之 to impress the panties off her!


  6. Chimp, Chimp, Chimp! From stock rally to 把妹,your thought jumps so fast and far, old man like me cannot follow. 佩服佩服!

    1. Sanye兄

      That's because you are the 秀才, I am the 兵 ;)

      You know how they say empty vessels make the most noise?


      But then, without the empty spaces, how would the musical instruments like the drum, trumpet, flute, and guitar produce their music?

      I know, I know... I'm full of it!

    2. SMOL 兄,


  7. Hi SMOL,

    Interesting discussion you have there with Endrene.

    Reminds me of two other smart ladies:

    1). One of my mum's ex-boss. Ex-boss' wife is a housewife, but she lovingly drives her hubby to and from work.

    2). My spine doctor's wife. She helps out as the receptionist and admin in his clinic.

    Nothing more needs to be said here. ;)

    1. Unintelligent Nerd,

      That's the beauty of reading Literature (can't score in exams though)!

      If we pay attention to the people around us, its a novel or movie by itself ;)

      Relationships are like our financial freedom journeys.

      Some are like the duck - above the waterline appear calm and "lazy"; below the waterline peddle like mad!

      Some are like the bird with no legs; must always fly without rest.

      Then there are the "passive", bo chap, I trust types; they are always last to know...

    2. Haha. Prove your worth and it's up to the other party to prove he is worthy enough for you to stick around. Like that no need to even remote control! When it's time to cut loss, do it ruthlessly! :P

      Positionong is very important.
      That's why I proclaim that I'm the pet at home. 在家是当宠物的。不当女王,更不当女佣!


    3. Endrene,

      You're one cool girl!

      I like your style ;)

      I cringe whenever I encounter women domineering their husbands in public...

      Can't imgaine what's it like back at home for the poor husbands... Married an Empress Dowager :(

      All we men want is just a playmate...



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