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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Beware Of The Goody Goody Guy!

When I was selling furniture at IMM and Park Mall during my furniture salesman days in my mid-twenties, I have an older lady colleague who was in her mid-30s.

In her youth (she would probably give me a slap – 30s very old meh), she used to work in the high class fashion boutiques at Orchard Road. That’s why she looked so different from the “normal” furniture sales staff – always fully make-up with branded attire and never a hair out of place.

Oh the stories she would share on what goes on in the changing rooms between bored tai-tais and the male salespersons… (Of course I dare not ask her what she did with her male customers!)

Opps! That should be another post for another day.

This lady colleague was married to an insurance agency manager. And her plan was to retire with her husband in their early 40s. 

She is rich; you should see her Chopard watch – the one with gemstones moving freely on the dial ;) She works merely to pass time.

One day, a drop dead gorgeous lady customer walked into our showroom. After this customer left, my lady colleague asked me who is prettier – she or the customer?

Ah ha! By now I knew how to speak “woman”. So I replied, “Her long hair very nice; but you prettier! Your skin so very de fair and your eyes so big big. Can hook any man’s soul!”

My lady colleague laughed. I can be very over the top!

She later revealed that lady customer was one of several ex-girlfriends of her husband. And on that day, I learned a lot about how some women got use strategy and tactic when it comes to “hooking” the significant other of their choice.

Her husband is very handsome. And together with a good career, it’s not surprising during their courtship, her husband did stray and became a playboy…  Instead of throwing tantrums or breaking off in a huff, she let her then boyfriend “sow his wild oats” and patiently waited.

Needless to say, her brave contrarian bet paid off!? Once the playboy boyfriend had got his “excesses” out of his system, the desire to settle down to start a family and focus on his career took root.

And lo and behold! My lady colleague was there when her boyfriend came to his senses.

Sob, sob. How’s that for a fairy tale end?

OK, foreplay over.

When I read in the news of how powerful or rich guys get themselves into trouble over their inability to zip up, I always recall the above episode and what I’ve learnt from my lady colleague.

For young teenage girls, there’s this “convent girl syndrome” for girls that are too “repressed”.

For men in their 40s and 50s, there’s this lao hero mid-life crisis phase. Especially if they have been always the goody goody guy with no vices during their early manhood.

Imagine being in a position of authority and/or wealth during your middle age and find to your surprise that mei-meis are now “bumping” into you and “chatting” you up?

Never mind if you are short, fat, and ugly (OK, OK, I add in bald if you must insist).

All your life you have done the “right thing”. And now you tell yourself you “deserve” a little bit of fun and reward for all those years of hard slogging to get to where you are.

When I hear people say only buy blue chips, or dividend paying stocks are great, I smile when I recall what I've learned on that afternoon with my lady colleague.

So I’ll flirt with the S-chips and penny stocks today. You never know, one of them one day, may be the next great blue chip and dividend play of the decade!



  1. Blue chips mean STI component stocks?

    1. Don't ask me! The only blue-chip I've owned in the past was Sing-Tel.

      I wonder why govt no offer discounted shares to us anymore?

      One time offer only?


  2. Is it guy inability to zip up or is it seductive girls ability to zip down guy pants?

    1. All cats like to eat fish? I realize cats at Punggol Park don't eat fish. You know why? That right?

    2. CW8888: I used to stay next to Ponggol Park but didn't know that they don't eat fish. Why har?

    3. Those cats at Punggol Park are served with cat food from pet shop. Who want fishy stuff???

  3. courtship got age limit mah (i sound like CW already)? we are too caught up with our society mindset.

    go for it! who cares if is mei mei or tai tai! er sorry, only for the unmarried one ho.

    1. Coconut,

      I was almost going to challenge courtship where got age limit, then realize the 16 age limit.

      You horrible!

      I don't know why, but I've always been more attracted to jie jie (older ladies). So age never a problem for me ;)

      I think now it's in fashion!

    2. Some women like DOM. Tonic for pocket.

      Some men like DOW. Good blue chips???

      DOM: Dirty Old Man
      DOW: Dirty Old Woman

    3. no, he don't seem to like blue chips, he like what s chip or something that will eventually turn to blue chip. or perhaps he will sell his blue chip and get even more s chip.

      by the way i don't even know what s chip stand for, small? stupid? i only know they are not blue chips haha.

      smol, i'm not so extreme as to the age limit la. where did your mind go?

    4. i wonder where is the other DOM (temperament haha) is, i feel like taking a bath already.

    5. 1) Coconut,

      Sorli sorli! You go take your bath; I go wash my brain!

      S-chip = Singapore listed China stocks (I know! Like that also can?)

      2) CW8888,

      I prefer to learn how to catch my own fish. Start with small fish. Play with retail I got advantage mah. Opps! Forgot you have strong feelings for the word "retail".


      Don't want to become like the Punggol Park cats; once venture out of Punggol Park, cannot survive on my own :(

      So kenna stuck there. Worst still, they think they are "entitled" to the cat food just because they are from Punggol.

      No cat food meow here meow there.

  4. The euphemism/metaphor for this post is at the ending.

    Do we assume a middle-aged successful manager who is goody goody to be a good catch (known)? Just like a blue-chip?

    Do we ignore the potentials of a young executive who may exhibit the flaws of youth (unknown)? Just like S-chip and penny stocks?

    What's safe? What's risky?

    Isn't investing all about separating the wheat from the chaff?

    1. Hi everyone,
      i don't understand why old must be dirty mei? DOW & DOM Is old shoes or new shoes more comfortable to wear? Is old gold(24K) better or new gold(?K) to own? Is old wine better then new wine to drink? Is there going to be another "MONA LISA"?
      In short "Old is Precious" So go and treasure your "OLD THINGS" Ha! Ha! Alamak! Everyone call me Uncle. i even forget when did they start calling me that. OLD GOLD.

    2. you don't know mei? s'porean wants everything new!

      don't worry, i'm with you. i feel like being attacked so i call out to you haha, very fast.

      old is better ofcos. (got choice mei?)

    3. as a speculator, i'm only interested in price (movement). so i don't care if is blue or S.

      from a young investor (thats me) stand point, investing means find some company or something that can make money on your behalf. in another words, find value. how?

      sorry still learning.

    4. Wow! coconut!
      if you succeed Speculator(price movement) and Investor( finding value), combine them together,, you will be NO 1. i have already told you i am actually a "Rojak Investor". Anything makes money for is O. K. Never mind what you like to call it. i still think "Rojak" is the best. Why stop learning from anyone who you think can help you to make some money. Ha! Ha! "Rojak is the Best" for me.

    5. i got it (subject to changes)! a investor means a biz man!

      the only different is that the investor hire someone to run the biz while the businessman run the biz himself.

      thats going to be very tough. the investor need to know the biz inside out in order to be successful.

      wow, i better start learning about MRT (hardly take them) and telephone. they batter don't disappoint me, better!

    6. i hope so too temperament. but the world is fare. you can't really be good in both trading and investing.

      you know what, i begain to be a rojak man myself. but i want to transform into an investor so i can pass it on.

    7. coconut the world is quite fair indeed. i lost in all my
      speculating tradings to date. And "chiat luck" ones too. So i recall and try to remember WB's No. 1 & No.2 Rules, each time my fingers get itchy. It has become my signature in my value-buddies's blogging to psycho myself every now and then when i blog there. Ha! Ha! But learning through "Rojak" is still the best. Or else how are you going to know what works and what don't work for you.

    8. It's nice to see 2 fellow young-at-heart Rojak men here!

      Forever young!

      Forever healthy!

      Forever virile!

    9. HA! HA! SMOL!
      Forever young and heathy? O. K. lah accept compliment.
      Forever virile? Oh dear where is my Viaga. No joke lah.

  5. Hi SMOL

    Another interesting life story and analogy to life. Picking spouses is a bit like picking stocks, we don't really know the person/stock inside out until we're committed.

    If you're lucky, your stock pick will pay handsome capital gains or dividends. If unlucky, there will be capital losses and losses both emotionally and financially... :-P

    Be well and prosper.

    1. Panzer,

      I envy you married people sometimes. Especially when I read touching stories about your significant other or children.

      Unfortunately, I am still in my "I just want the milk; not the cow" phase...

  6. Haha... SMOL

    The grass is always greener on the other side.

    First 2 years of my daughter growing up years had many periods of fear, doubt and uncertainty, not to mention stress and sleepless nights (especially first 9 mths of baby's life!)

    Virtually no social life for 1st 2 years. Only now when my daughter is four then there is some semblance of "normal" life.

    I guess married people envy the freedom of singles while singles envy the family stories. It does SEEM greener on the other side.

    But the key is to be happy no matter what is one's circumstances :-)

    Be well and prosper.


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