Wednesday 23 January 2019

School never teach...

Have you ever heard some of your friends or others saying it?

How about you yourself?

It says a lot about the person saying it, isn't it?


  1. Hi SMOL,

    School never teach or I never (bother to) learn? hahaha! If the school wants to teach, but you don't want to learn also no point.

    1. LP,

      Its back to ownership, doesn't it?

      Who is responsible for our own learning?


  2. That is where private tuition doing well to cover those area where school 'never' teach or didn't teach well.

    1. CW,


      No wonder those who whine school never teach them financial literacy (so its not their fault) are the prime targets for snake oils eager to provide the "private tuition" ;)

      How about parenting?

      Schools must teach us how to be good parents or not?

  3. When the horse want to drink, he will naturally go find the river or pond LOL.

    There's a school of thought (alamak, school again) which believes that there is no such thing as "teaching", only "learning" i.e. whether there is real transfer of knowledge that results in action/behavioural change depends solely on the learner's motivation/attitude/aptitude etc.

    1. Spur,


      If one waits to be spoon-fed, don't complain people treat you like farm animals (sheep).

      Want to be free and independent?

      Hunt or gather your own food ;)

  4. My school (Google) teaches me everything leh :P

    1. Kevin,

      Thankfully the "ability" to memorise facts and figures now not so valued in this time of Google ;)

      But I guess parents brought up during the time of regurgitation of facts and figures (my time) are finding it hard to coach their own children in school work...

      10-year series model answers don't work anymore ;)

  5. I don't blame the school, I blame the parents.
    Investing got me hooked when I saw how my parents stocks portfolio dropped till 1/3 then bounce back during the 1997 AFC. I told myself, I need capital to play in this, the worlds biggest casino!I was only 17. Can really feel my excitement then esp during mkt crisis!

    1. WolfT,

      Its exciting when you weren't vested and trying to get in at a good, better, best prices!

      Now that you have skin in the game...


      You already knew what's it like ;)

      You more than 20 years veteran you!

    2. Well,how to react depend on the parents too!
      School teaches facts and knowledge. Parents teaches reaction and respond. LOL

    3. WolfT,

      I think we don't stress the parents.

      Wait people don't want to get married, or married but don't have children...

      Then we'll end up with declining population with less people to buy stocks, properties, and stuffs.

      We need bei kambings to sell to OK?


    4. School didn't teach us how to "asset play" our spouse's "net tangible assets!"

      Okay, I naughty had to add that in. XD

    5. Unintelligent Nerd,

      You see that fence over there?

      Now go run and touch it and come back!

      Certain things don't say it out loud; you know I know can oredi ;)

  6. Hi SMOL,

    I have an uncanny feeling that you will blog about this one day! LOL!

    A lot of things school also didn't teach.

    School didn't teach how to be a successful business owner
    School didn't teach how to have EQ
    School didn't teach how to be creative
    School didn't teach how to perfectly execute your plans in life
    School didn't teach how to become a world-renowned athlete
    School didn't teach how to be a humorous person

    It's always school, school, school, but never themselves. @_@

    1. Unintelligent Nerd,

      Its not that difficult to tell apart those who got leadership qualities from those who are more comfortable doing what they were told ;)

  7. temperament,

    I think if we do a survey, most of us would have forgotten the PURPOSE of having an education ;)

    I suspect most would give the utilitarian answer - we study so we can get a good job and earn lots of money!

    Anyone interested in the answer?

    You may want to read up on your school motto again ;)

    Very grey, very vague, and only in a few short words. Definitely no numbers in 2 decimal places!


  8. temperament,

    Don't play play.

    Victoria school ;)

    My Gan Eng Seng school's motto even simpler. One word only:


    Even though I've left school at 16, I like to believe I've lived up to my school's motto ;)

  9. temperament,

    Don't let me catch you doing "passive"!


    Let's see if any new schools will have their motto to encourage:

    passive, take it easy, just follow others, and FIRE!?

  10. temperament,

    After your warrant experience you still want to be "passive"?

    Land owners and shepherds are never passive ;)

    Since when big daddy was passive?

    They are always thinking ahead and steering Singapore and interferring in our lives (for our own good) ;)

    Just look at the CPF payout year thingy. If you were passive, you would have been "shephered" to the age 70 payout ;)

    That's the common fallacy from yield hogs. They mistake dividends, bond yields, and bank interests as passive income.

    Trapped by words.

    Buy-and-monitor is not the same as buy-and-forget ;)

    P.S. Eh. CPF say CPF lah! That's savings. That's why the 2nd class bonds for retail is called Singapore SAVINGS bonds ;)

    Bonds at minimum $250K a pop are for accredited investors. Institutions buy bonds for capital gains; definitely not passive.

    Just look at how much bond traders or managers are paid! Passive my foot!

  11. temperament,

    Cash flow can be passive; an investor cannot be passive ;)

  12. Replies
    1. Dividend Warrior,

      Hey! Welcome back! Its been too long!

      Well, that's the new slogan!

      Big daddy is steering the new generation away from the 10-year series rote learning that worked so well for us in churning out disciplined and obedient managers and workers for landowners.

      From paper qualifications to competence ;)

      I guess the financial education industry has yet to receive the memo...


  13. Smol,

    The most common thing I hear is school dun teach soft skills.

    To be honest, recently I have a bit more time in school to.prepare lessons. I can tell u preparing those snake oil, mot8vation, tear flowing is meaningful, but the blood and sweat come for imparting basic literacy

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Its up to the individual to infer and get as much out of schooling as they so wishes.

      Let's take the teachers out of the equation.

      What can we learn by going to school?

      1) Getting along with people. Some are ostracised; some are the stars of the schools. Lack of social skills has consequences to our corporate life. You think why big daddy is pushing as many schools as possible to be co-ed? Put accountancy and engineering faculties together in universities?

      2) School projects are a microcosm of real life outside. Some are Indian Chiefs, some are freeloaders, some do most of the back breaking work don't get recognition, some can talk and sell get all the glory...

      3) Datelines and time limit for exams prepare us for stress when we leave school. Leaner, quicker, faster!

      4) Some are specialists as in only focus on studies and nothing else. Some do ECAs, play sports, organise parties to get girls, yet studies not affected - the generalists.

      5) Time discipline. Late for school or class will kenna punish. This one easy tell who have discipline in the work place. If one cannot manage time and themselves, how to give you more responsibilities!?

      6) We quickly learn about meritocracy. We can have equal opportunity, but there will be times no matter how much blood, sweat, and tears we put in, there will be others who will easily outrun us.

      7) Some see teachers as role models, want to be like them when they grow up. Some see teachers as "failures", whole life hiding in school environment dare not go out into the real world...

  14. That's so true.

    But a real teacher will opportunity to create/explained the 7 scenarios.

    How they interpreted the experince and explanation is up to them le

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      That's where you come in ;)

      Most of the teachers in my short 10 years of formal education are not memorable; its just a job to them.

      But those that I remember:

      1) My braless literature teacher who showed me what's it like to be a free spirit - and the consequences of sticking out and being different....

      2) My geography teacher who cheerleadered me that if others took 10 minutes to understand, while I needed 10 hours - there's no difference once I understood :)

  15. Hi SMOL,

    Its always easier to blame something or someone then owning the locus of control.

    If we don't excel in a job, it is a competency issue. Don't get promoted into senior management position? It's not because we don't get enough visibility or the bosses are blind, it is just that we are mediocre!

    The work is difficult? It's our skills not up to scratch. But often you hear people complaining it is their management lacking direction or their immediate bosses not providing guidance. And we refuse to admit what we are expecting is handholding, the boss providing step-by-step instructions!

    The bosses are difficult? It shows we lack situational awareness and perceptiveness to understand and deliver what is required. The hard truth is painful. So it's easier to say the bosses practice favouritism and the star players are nothing but bootlickers! And because we are not so shameless to pander to the bosses, we 'unfortunately' get bypass for promotion? Hey, if we are so good, why aren't headhunters knocking on our doors? Why are we not scoring a bigger deal elsewhere and have to 'die die' stick around to suffer the 'difficult bosses?

    The colleagues are not helpful? Grow up and stop being so self entitled! In school when we didn't bring our books, we expect our classmate to share theirs with us. At work, when we can't do or can't finish our work, others should pick up our slack and be the white knight in the shining armour? Oh, it's not about them not being helpful? It's their playing politics and land us in the sink hole? Why are we still not admitting that being defeated in office politics points to our inherent incompetence in both reading people and situation and not possessing strategy and tactics to deal? To begin with, if we are an exceptional performer who win the hearts of many, we would have natural immunity. There are enough people to watch out for us and warn us or even help us fend off impending danger. 人缘不好不是自己的错?

    We can continue to wallow in self pity, 感叹怀才不遇 instead of facing up to reality that we really have 无才可遇。Being able to justify our paychecks does not mean we deserve more. Until we have delivered a lot more value than we are paid for, we are just among the mediocre pool and should be thankful we have a job to keep. If we think we are so damn good, move our ass, get out and put a dent in the universe!

    1. Endrene,

      I couldn't have said it better!!!

      My post has only 3 vague sentences...

      You definitely can understand my 弦外之音 ;)

  16. Those who said that are expecting spoon-feeding.

    School never teach? Go try, learn by yourself, crash got sound. Haha (That's what I tell my interns, but I must monitor to make sure they don't crash until my boat sinks la.)

    Ah... See? Now you know...

    1. Rainbow girl,

      Of course. That's why I not a fan of "passive".

      We can delegate work; we cannot delegate responsibility.

      Letting others figure things out for themselves is not the same as "bo chap" ;)

      Oh! If amongst the interns got cute and handsome ones, don't waste!


  17. temperament,

    We are who we are.

    Its about finding the right fit, or creating our own if we are entrepreneurial ;)

    In a way you did; by marrying the "right" woman.

    And its nice of you to let go of your ego and let her soar in her career!

    Both happy with the role switch ;)


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