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Sunday, 23 September 2018

Peace be with you - Dawn Gan 顏黎明

Below is my favourite song of her's.

For those of you who grew up in the 80s like me, here's my favourite Xinyao song and a trip down memory lane...

Remember non-aircon buses? And the era before handphones and Wifi?

We've come a long way...

Least we forget. 

I am getting old. I'm nostalgic nowadays.


  1. Hi SMOL,

    As more and more things we know are gone, you know, maybe it's time for us to be gone with them too. That's the overall feeling that I get as I get into my 40s.

    Recently I met up with my primary school classmates. I got lost for 28 yrs and was found only recently. In the past, I wouldn't have met them up. I would fret about what I would say, what to say, how to say...But this time, I went and am very glad that I did so. Even my pri school teacher is there. She was 21 back then, and she's now 51. Still a teacher, still has that caring personality and the same voice.

    As you said, I am getting old. I'm nostalgic nowadays.

    1. LP,

      I saw that reunion pic in my Facebook feed ;)

      Wanted to poke you, "Eh, smile a bit lah!"

      But realised it was your classmate that posted it; I would be intruding...

      Your that classmate pretty ;)

      I noticed her when she acted as the 小尼姑。How to say no to those eyes?

      Talking about young teachers, that reminded me on my secondary school crushes on 2 pretty teachers. I've always had a thing for older jie jies ;)

      The trouble is that now that I'm 51, all my former jie jies have now become mei meis in my memory!? (They never grew old in my heart)


    2. CW,

      You should know! Brush teeth also almost gone to sell salted eggs!

      I had a few near death encounters myself.

      Almost drowned before. Nearly got electrocuted. And would have got run down by idiot car running red traffic lights if I were not alert and not playing with mobile...

      Its good to be alive!

      Too extreme delayed gratification not so fun when we discover what if tomorrow never comes...

    3. Hi smol

      感恩。。。阿弥陀佛 :)

  2. Hi Smol,

    One will never know what will happen to him/her the present moment, tmr or elsewhere. The delayed gratification may never come afterall.

    Cherish the present moment, is the way to go!


    1. Ben,

      Next week onwards for you, its your rubber meets the road moment.

      Be open and don't be trapped by your own "cheerleading" ;)

      I thought I was well prepared. 18 months down the road I had to make a change from "sabbatical from work" to "sabbatical from fulltime work ;)

      Circumstances change; I change.

      Some are trapped by their "convictions". What? Cannot lah! I just told the whole world I retired... Now go back to working so malu...

      Financially "free"; yet still spiritually trapped.

      Have fun!

      And don't worry. Crash got sound one!

    2. Hi Smol,

      Thks for your advice. I really appreciate your sharing of your personal encounter which will be helpful and valuable in my chartering of new terrain.

      I will refrain from telling others that I am retired and just merely stated that it's time for me to move on the next endeavor. When they probed me for more details on the new endeavor, I just indicated that it is not appropriate for me to reveal the details.

      This gives the flexibility to monovere within the domain. In fact, I do not see the need to explain the rationale of my decision to others. Hence, low profile approach suits me well.

      I will be open albeit soely for this biosphere domain of your blog.

      As mentioned earlier, taxi-driving is the immediate option for me. In fact, I can start immediately from 1 Oct 2018 after my official last day which is on 30 Sept 2018.

      Driving around Singapore could also be an experience for me. I will belong to the younger category of taxi driver as per my current age.

      I drive taxi because I want and because I have to. I could opt for pte-hire car route. Having options is great!


  3. Hmmm.

    I dun really feel that ... but I now listen to 96.3 instead of 97.2 or 100.3

    Maybe its my juggling of work, family and care giving as u said it.

    Keep feeling that cycle. The old, the dependable, the youthful energetic...

    Really reminded myself to make choices carefully....

    We never know till nail hit the coffin

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      You take care.

      If one can go to bed with no worries, and wake up with purpose - what more to ask?

      Yes, awareness.

      With clarity, we can make better decisions ;)

    2. The purpose can be very simple. It does not need to be complicated. An example will the purpose of breathing the fresh air of morning embraced with the park walk. Smell the flower, the grass. Embrace the greenery with the mind freshness. That is the essence of life.



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