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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Hee, hee. I'm back!

Some stories and passages we've read we remember even though the author and book title we have long since forgotten...

My recent "missing-in-action" episode has reminded me of this story I've read during my late 20s. Yet, I've no clue where I read it from!

Its about this watch seller in Holland during the 1930s.  

His friend, whom he has not seen for a decade or more, came visiting his shop one day. 

The watch seller decided to close his shop early that afternoon to have coffee with his friend.

Surprised, his friend asked whether the watch seller has a business to run?

The watch seller smiled and replied his friend one of the reasons he started a business for himself is to have greater control of his time. 

What's the point of having a business if one cannot take an afternoon off to have coffee with a friend?

Well, I guess I didn't take an afternoon off...

I took 6 weeks off!


You can say I had my June holidays! 

No, its not a girl or woman.

But I am still glad I have the time to be able to spend time on this interesting "distraction". 

Some of you may know how I feel. Especially those of you who remember those carefree days of schooling before you started work. Skip classes anyone?


Work, family, and social commitments... 

Earn and make a lot; no time for unplanned distractions.

How to live in the moment when everything has to be scheduled and allocated way in advance into the future?

My distraction has faded away like the summer rain.

I'm back to where I were.

Nothing has changed.

Only memories remain.

One thing I've discovered.

Blogging is not a chore.

Neither is it a business.


  1. Hi SMOL,

    I had my own break from blogging too. It changed everything. In the past, I was obsessed with the number of unique visitors, then I progressed to making some money from ads, then I obsessed about making the perfect posts....

    All these will fade away. Eventually, it's just back to what I wanted to do in the first place when I started blogging, which is to write. And so I write, in my own leisure, at my own time.

    I'm glad that grasshopper is back :)

    1. Thanks LP!

      I've read about your refections in the past.

      Now that I had my own experience, I can better relate to what you've shared ;)

      Quite pleased with myself that I can "walk away" when needed.

      If I can't, then its me merely jumping out from the pot and into the fire ;)

      What kind of man of leisure is that?


  2. I am also glad you are back. Also noticed it's been some time since your last post. This is especially apt since I also did ponder about stopping or taking a long break from blogging.

    So curious about your distraction...

    1. 15HWW or should I say Thomas?

      Glad you don't need a brown paper bag over your head now!

      Just read your blog post about whether relevant or not after 5 years?

      Hungry eat; tired rest.

      That distraction is not important. But I'm glad I have the privilege to embrace it.

      If working fulltime, I wouldn't be able to do it.

      Its another reminder what a blessing I am able to take sabbatical from fulltime work!

    2. Actually, I still prefer to be anonymous or semi-anonymous, but seems like quite a hassle to change settings to post a comment on your blog.

      Going to extreme is a common bad habit of mine. Sometimes just not mindful enough. It's like going to a buffet to enjoy food but end up stuffing yourself and regretting. It's really a work in progress.

    3. 15HWW,


      Baby steps. The journey of "cultivation" is fun!

      Just don't make a "religion" out of it ;)

  3. Fresh from break! No more imagination on what is going on. :-)

    1. CW,

      Just like that, "summer vacation" over liao!


  4. Hey SMOL good to "see" you so refreshed! :)

    Well you know what they say about all work and no play, kekeke


    1. Spur,

      Yup. Its like taking a long vacation or time away doing reservist.

      Now back to real life :)

      I see somethings never changed. CW still has his powerpoint presentations!

      Yeah hah! Why Singtel going South?

      My answer:


      LOL! (Boys, I'm back!)

  5. That's why bloggers like us have it good. Happy? Write more. Don't feel like it? Disappear! Best thing is, we don't even have to explain ourselves to anyone ;)

    1. Kevin,

      We are like our readers.

      Happy comment; not happy don't.


  6. Welcome back smol.

    Nice to have u around to poke here poke there

    1. Thanks Sillyinvestor!

      I see you are also on "sabbatical from blogging" too ;)

      Enjoy your break!

  7. Nice to have you back. I was getting concerned if you are hospitalized. Good to hear you are back to your energetic form and you are indeed living up to your name as Man of Leisure. Feel like doing something, just do it. Don't feel like doing it, don't do it. That is life as Man of Leisure :)

    I'm glad to hear blogging is not a chore for you. That means you will be around for good. If blogging is a business and you become a trading guru teacher charging thousands for a few days of training, I will be there to remind you:) You told me that before.

    1. hyom hyom,



      If you find me offering my services as a "trading guru", that's tell I've blown up my trading account ;)

      Its a bit like friends in our community who have chosen to give fulltime tuition as a lifestyle choice or ikigai thing.

      They are different from those who can't get a proper job and have to "settle" by giving tuitions for a living...

      Need to share the above "foreplay" first before I twist the bayonet on myself since there are so many "educators" in our community!

      We all know there's more than an element of truth when we say those who can't, teach ;)

  8. In matters of trading and investing, there is a lot of truth in the statement "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach". If the time spent on trading/investing result in higher earnings, why be distracted with teaching? Value investing guru Whitney Tilson has switched from investing to teaching. He would surely not have closed his value investing hedge fund if he could maintain his early performance.


    1. hyom hyom,

      The hero for us traders, Jessie Livermore, took to teaching when he blew up and needed to rebuild his capital...

      That's how we veterans "evaluate" other traders. Its all about outrunning the idiot standing next to us.

      Only bei kambings believe others will help them grow fleece and produce more milk.

  9. Why teach others to become your competitors in the market when they are still trading and/or investing? Think a bit harder to understand

    1. CW,

      I guess its part of the rite of passage for any wannebe retail investor/trader.

      We all have to go through at least one bull/bear cycle to develop our OWN convictions.

      If not, its just people buy what I buy what.

      Like that might as well switch to passive indexing or give money to active money manager.

      Why buy a dog and do the barking ourselves?

  10. Aloha!

    Many bloggers try very hard to make their presence felt. They keep rattling to be heard.

    Many don't realise that real presence is felt in silence/absence.

    So, keeping going away! LOL.

    Ok, pandered to your ego enough?

    Quick lah, you owe us the sequel to the last blog leh. Where did the pui nei nei bring you for coffee huh?

    $@##*!$@%$##!! (I help you scold)

    Just come back only kena pestered to 'do work'.


    1. Endrene,


      You sweet talker you!

      小别胜新婚 ;)

      Bloody hell. No kiss, no hug.

      Long time no see, first thing you do is to remind me I've cleaned the toilet halfway... Go finish the job!

      Yes mom!

  11. Hi SMOL,

    Welcome back. It seems like many years since we last heard from you. Looking forward to most posts from you.


    1. Ben,


      Its like dating with a girl we like.

      What seems like a brief moment turned out to be 4-5 hours at the coffee house!

      Look out! More "bo liao" posts are coming your way soon!

      I can write about anything under the sun, even the kitchen sink!


    2. SMOL,

      "Bo Liao" posts - I don't think so.

      I think that "Mind Blogging" should be appropriate.

      Look forward for your intriguing updates.


  12. During your absence, i only like to read in CW's blog.

    i guess U took a rest that U can come back even fresher stronger.

    We all really start to worry somethings have happened to you.

    How can U stop a lawyer/snake-oil sale-man absence from talking(blogging) for so long leh?

    It's in your DNA ma.

    Blame who?

  13. U know i don't login regularly.

    i have many distractions too.

    1. temperament,

      At your age, let me guess.

      Xiao mei meis?


      Careful now. Must check I/C.

      Wait kenna "rotan" ;)

      CW and me argue and poke each other a lot. But at the end of the day, we are opposite sides of the same coin.

      I'm just younger, funnier, and more handsome ;)

  14. Welcome back!
    “Some birds are never meant to be caged! “

    1. WolfT,

      "Kum sia"!

      I'm the swan that's here and gone...

      Its good to be back!

  15. Nice to see you back SMOL! :)

    I miss your blog posts and comments. Only your watering hole can attract so many interesting commenters (or banterers) whom you greet (or poke) relentlessly with good humour.

    1. Hey Rainbow girl!

      What to do?

      I'm the "clown" in the community ;)

      This is what happens when I don't take myself too seriously!

  16. Hi smol

    回来了 :D
    Thanks for continue blogging...


    1. sy sy,





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