Thursday 12 July 2018

Do you have a plumbing emergency?

Do we still teach Technical studies at our secondary schools? 

I wonder why during my time they "teach" us Metal and Wood works? Its not as if we are going to be blacksmiths or carpenters later on in life...

I think it would be better if they taught us simple DIY electrical and plumbing instead!

At least I won't feel so helpless at home compared to my Swedish colleagues - they can install their own plumbing and electrical wirings at their summer homes!?

Well, it least I know how to change the light bulb in the toilet!

So I'm not totally useless...

Have you ever had a bad experience with your husband or dad when he tried to do plumbing repairs at home?

The more he tries to "help", the more costly and messier it gets! 

Especially when he "capitulates" and finally calls in the pros to "undo" the damage he has made worse...

So next time you have a plumbing emergency, call an experienced plumber in Singapore instead:

You don't even have to say Singapore Man of Leisure sent you. Wink.


  1. Hi SMOL,

    I think wood / metal work phased out of schools from late-80s onwards.

    I remember my 2 old teachers who used to have a collection of wood blocks that they used to throw at our heads if we weren't paying attention or talking ... the bayee classmates with their full turbans were lucky, haha!

    I'm sure the politically correct answer was that wood / metal work provided practical lessons in math & basic trigonometry, physical 3-D modeling, spatial imagination, and good old "manly pursuits".

    But I suspect the real reason was to keep a whole bunch of wood / metalwork teachers gainfully employed. I know my old teachers would be in a world of hurt if they had been let go of their teaching jobs (plus in those days they got full pension with lifetime A-class medical healthcare).

    Now people can sign up for evening classes at ITE to learn plumbing, aircon servicing, basic home electrical installation & maintenance. Can use your Skills Credits too.

    Hmm SMOL ... don't tell me the website was what you were working on during your blogger break? Heheh...

    Hey thanks for the plumbing contact.

    I also like to collect contacts for electricians (I guess plumbing co. will have some people), aircon services, general woodwork / carpentry / door, tiling works.

    1. Spur,

      Oh! Me dinosaur!

      So no more technical studies liao?


      No lah! That's not my business.

      I've no clue how they got to know my blog... Can it be that kitchen sink post?

      Anyway, I'm a man whore mah! Give money I'll sing for you!

      Even old school trades must have internet and social media presence.

      Free I must check out iTE evening courses.


      Any interior decorators, electricians, carpenters, and contractors reading this comment?

      Don't be shy! Talk to me.

      I very cheap one. Cheaper than Desker Road!


  2. Hi guys,

    In my sec school days in 1990s, I am still working with wood/metal/plastic. But I think we're one of the last few batches doing it. Thereafter, I think nobody deals with metals anymore. I think too many funny students making weapons, hence the liabilities that the schools might face. For woodwork, there are still pple doing it now, provided you take D&T (design and technicals) in O'lvls.

    1. LP,

      Ah! Clever students!

      But then again, we just need a screw driver or hammer and we good to go if you're into gangland fights and all that...

      Eh? Plastics? What on earth you were doing with those? Make lego bricks?

      Good to know technical studies is not completely "dead"...

      Someone got to be the technician; can't have everyone be engineers. No?

      I am grateful Singapore still has access to "cheaper" foreign talents.

      One day, when we have to pay electricians/plumbers at those crazy prices like in the States or Sweden, EVERYONE will attend the ITE night classes on DIY electrical and plumbing!

      Having said that. I will learn to clean the aircons myself when I moved into my new place. Found one course at ITE :)

    2. Hi SMOL,

      Haha, we use plastics to make a lot of things, including keychains, door hangers (those 'do not disturb' signs), piggy bank etc etc. It's quite a versatile material and I prefer it over metals anytime lol

      If I have the time to sign up for those skillsfuture stuff, likely I'll pick up a practical skill as well. Unintelligent nerd had helped me find a course in ITE that teaches car repair. Ah, those are more up my alley haha

    3. Hi SMOL and LP,

      There are lots of "practical skills" courses popping up right and left.

      There's one for people who are interested in the furniture industry and another one catered for those who are interested in lightings

      Got a few ways to interpret why these courses get implemented from the top-down though.

      And hey! bo jio, I also wanted to learn how to repair aircons!

    4. LP,

      Car servicing?

      Must bend over the hood as sexily as Megan Fox in Transformer OK?

      Hmm... Can I find a gig at those car wash for a career switch over the weekends?

      Now where did I place my hotpants and tight singlet?

      I wonder if there's a car wash for female drivers only ;)

    5. Unintelligent Nerd,

      At $50 per aircon unit per wash, I can do it myself since I have all the time in the world during weekdays ;)

      If I get good at it, I can even moonlight this gig!

      Bored housewives and man whore with time om his hands - now that's "accidents" waiting to happen...

  3. Jelutong, Meranti, Rahmin and Pine wood anyone?

    1. Small Time Investor,

      You into wooden floorings or carpentry?

      My time was selling wooden furniture. Rubberwood, pine, mahogany, teak, etc.

      Good times!

    2. Smol

      Nope, my good times was in the workshop during dnt lessons.

      That's how one of the channels for boys to become man. Heh

    3. Small Time Investor,


      And I thought NS was the only channel for boys to become men ;)

      I prefer Art classes anytime over my Technical classes!

      Very embarassing.

      Real life not a craftsman; in trading always aspire to become a craftsman!?


  4. Hi smol

    I like my school wood class than sewing class... but dunno why my wood skill kns compare to my sewing... hahaha

    1. sy sy,

      Ah! You prefer mixing with the boys!

      I understand ;)

      Oh! My mom's time she got learn sewing too! My pyjamas are all sewn by her :)

      I think her generation, its "expected" for a woman to know how to cook and sew.

      I suck at wood work too :(

      I better at metal work. I've shared in a past post how I made "works of arts" that frustrated my poor teacher who wanted tools...


    2. Erh... mine is different than here... If i remember correctly, lower secondary class all girl & boy have to go wood class do simple art wood. When go to higher secondary class will separate to girl go sewing class, boy go wood class...
      Bcos I prefer hands on myself, so mine looks kns. Some my girl fren they got help so their wood looks much better than mine... hehehe

    3. sy sy,

      Hee hee.

      You don't like to "roleplay" into that flirty or hapless damsel role like your girl friends?

      帅哥哥, 帮帮我好吗?


      Men are easy to "maniplulate" one. Next time you try it own CW ;)

      Wah! You so good at investing! Teach me can?

      But then again, when it comes to investing, its better to be hands on and not rely on others ;)

  5. Hoho me also dinosaur ... Design & Technical subject?!?

    I tot nowadays they teach kids cad/cam/cnc/3d printing... Lol!

    Ahhh! I see somebody becoming an excited new "homemaker"! ;)

    New apartment TOPing soon? Kekeke!

    Enjoy the process!


    1. Spur,

      2 more years. Officially they say end 2020 then can move in.

      Now I free go survey furniture, lighting, and home electrical stores.

      Its fun.

    2. I see now a lot people buy all these from taobao then ship in here. Get their contractor to install for them things like grohe shower head to nice colourful led light at bedroom also... forgot the changing colour led light name liao, quiet popular 2-3 years back...
      Much cheaper... but I don't know is chiong or original or not... it does looks like real 1... maybe u can try also :)

    3. sy sy,

      I old school. I don't like to buy things over the internet.

      I prefer to visit a brick and mortar store and talk to a REAL person. I believe in building relationships.

      And I don't mind paying a bit more To Insure Performance (TIP).

      Just like those customers who buy from me during the weekends.

      They can easily buy cheaper from Lazarda or Qoo10; l like to think they liked my service ;)

      I focus on Earn More.

      Then when it comes to spending, I don't sweat the small stuffs ;)

      P.S. I'm definitely biased. If everyone buys from internet, my fellow comrades who worked on the selling floor will be out of a job :(

  6. temperament,

    Don't worry lah! Majority of well "educated" Singaporeans won't want to get their hands dirty one!

    And their time super precious - high earners one hour is several hundreds. So its cheaper to outsource DIY to others ;)

    I just want to learn new things and keep myself useful. I don't want to sit at the HDB void decks and look into space.

    Hey! I must find a way train to be the masseur for female models. Saw that youtube satire video about that guy who complains about his work?

    But then again, maybe true. Everyday see, every touch... Wait no feeling how?

  7. temperament,

    Don't need to look far. Look at our backyard in Asia first.

    We got Taiwan and South Korea with Presidents being jailed.

    In Thailand, both brother and sister kenna charged. Both had to run away and exile themselves to escape jail time..

    In Philippines, their former President is now being charged...

    And we know what is happening in Malaysia.

    Not exactly a stellar record right? (Of course some of it is politcial revenge and payback. But if clean, who can touch you?)

    The question is how long can we be so lucky before our politicians become "like" the rest of the world.

    When we already have our local Buddhist abbot, Christian pastor, and Catholic priest dipping their hands into the cookie jar?

  8. Before plumbing; you have to first invest in basic plumbing tools or be friendly neighbours who DIY emergency plumbing and borrow these tools..

    1. CW,

      Your comment can be applied to trading and investing ;)

      The problem is too many retail traders and "investors" are too cheap or lazy to buy their own tools; always expecting their friendly neighbours will bail them out...

      The problem is borrowing tools is not the same as stealing with pride your neighbour's plumbing skills ;)


  9. temperament,


    I wish more religious zealots will be as humble and forgiving to others who err or don't share the same beliefs as them ;)

  10. temperament,

    Yup. Basic tools would not cost more than $50...

    One visit saved from a professional plumber we would more than recover our "investment" in our tools ;)

    Expensive is the time and effort needed to ACQUIRE plumbing skills!

  11. I never realized that electrical and plumbing works isn't common knowledge.
    I was watching my dad do it all the time when I was young and it seemed simple enough. And when I got my own place I was installing my own lights, water heater, drilling holes in walls etc.
    So I was really surprised when neighbours were asking for services cos it was stuff that I tended to do at home all the time for my parents when my dad got old.

    1. ERSG,

      You would out survive most of us in a zombie apocalypse!

      I worked for that DIY company yet... I would prefer to pay for delivery and others to install for me as I'm one clueless idiot in the home :(

      I'm impressed!

      Can install water heater meant you know BOTH plumbing and electrical. I think they charge $100 plus to install one.

      Besides your Freegan activities, you can offer handyman services around your block!


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