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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Wolves in our midst

Remember the 80s Scholl sandled touts with high waisted pants and permed hair outside of Lucky Plaza? (Millennials, sorry. You too young)

Well, we have them too in our financial blogosphere:


  1. We also need to be aware of biasness of sponsored articles too. Chinese saying : Paid money devils also come to grind the grindstone.

    1. CW,

      I do write sponsored articles too.

      Its stated at the bottom of each article that its "advertorial".

      And just to be sure in case some readers miss the fine print, I even put up a tab at the top of my blog highlighting my sponsors once again.

      And to be triple sure, the way I write sponsored articles, I can safely say people will not mistake me as someone else's "bitch". (Now that's rich to be called a bitch by a man-whore! LOL!)

      I'm a cat. You can't herd cats ;)

  2. What's the purpose of the news?

    News about what already happened(most of the times or what they say "No news is good news"?)

    Or News about what's going to happen.
    Which means insiders's News?

    Anyway why insiders want to share "Good News" with you the public?

    Or the News happen to leak out by insiders.

    Why again the leaks?

    1. temperament,

      Let's use the example of Muddy Waters. They spent months to do thorough investigative work to flush out the dirty linens of "suspect" listend companies.

      Pray tell WHY they share their findings with everyone for "FREE"?

      Shouldn't they share it with paid subscribers to their research services only?

      Once we understand that, we can reverse engineer WHY some "wolves" will gladly share the "opportunity of a lifetime" to us for "FREE"?

      In politics and in investing, "leaks" are well planned and done with "purpose" ;)

  3. Abundant paid articles in US financial news and investment portals. And even more paid pumpers in US investment message board sites.
    Here in SG, we have lots of self-proclaimed "social media influencers" that post paid advertisements masquerading as "lunch/dinner outing", "new discovery", "personal recommendation" etc in their blog sites.
    Essentially, what we read nowadays is not what we get. Lies, deceit and half-truths abound everywhere designed to part consumers of their money.

    1. Laurence,

      As a fellow snake-oil, I can appreciate why other snake-oils do what they do. I have no problem with them.

      No one will help others get "rich" without first enriching themselves first. Human nature. Especially if the snake-oil is still climbing up the mountain...

      I'm just amazed at the credulity of some readers...

      A business website that gets paid for every successful credit card application will of course cheer the wonderful benefits of credit cards! That's a given.

      But to encourage one to pay credit card annual membership fees so one can earn "FREE" miles???

      I would much prefer to ask for my annual credit card fee waiver. With the cold hard cash that I've saved, I can buy anything I want! Yes, even pay part of that air ticket ;)

      Just ask those people who have to jump through hoops every month just to earn that extra "free" 1% of bank interest. Is that 1% interest really "free"?

      Amazing! Even low level Jedi mind trick can have effect on people? C'mon! At least put up some resistence to make it more of a challenge!

  4. "The Only Realistic Way To Survive Bear Markets
    Jul. 18, 2017 3:53 PM ET"


    O. K.

    This article i think is worth to share.

    No snake-oil i think.

    1. temperament,

      Your cut-and-paste weblink skill face-palm...


      I almost wanted to provide the link but thought otherwise.

      You know what? The realistic way is not what the article says.

      Its what you have DONE for the last 30 years! If not how you survived till now?

      Give yourself more credit ;)

      You are very well read for an ITE graduate. I think it would be better if you can SHARE your experience with us :)

    2. My experience is quite similar to this article except i am quite fortunate enough to escape most the dangers as discribed in this article.

      Also i have thinking along what this article said on this:-

      "the dividend income of the portfolio will soon reach a satisfactory level, which will fill the investor with confidence and will thus enable him/her to really ignore paper losses. As long as the income stream of a portfolio satisfies the spending needs of its owner, the owner can easily wait for a storm to pass and ignore the paper losses of the portfolio".

      "The key behind their success is the fact that their portfolios and their dividend streams are so large that the living standard of these investors will not be affected even if half of their dividends are cut (an extreme imaginary scenario)".


      Since i say, i have been thinking (aka dreaming)about the above, means what?

      @#$%^ after 29 to 30 years!!!

      i think http://singaporeanstocksinvestor.blogspot.com/ is the only one who blogs that he has achieved it.

      And i believe because i have been reading about his bloggings.

    3. temperament,


      If we have to be 100% vested in equities to survive on the dividend income (or worse, take on margin leverage), then there's not much "buffer" to prevent us from "losing our heads".

      Same goes for trading. My edge is I am NOT trading for a living ;)

      That's why in the last legs of bull markets, don't compare annual % returns. A lot of "bei kambings" will beat us to a pulp - they are into maximising returns since they have never experienced a 50% bear market.

      Young-at-heart veterans like us hedge. And hedging will be a drag on performance.

      Its like buying travel insurance. 99.99% of the time its money down the toilet. But that one time you need it, you'll be glad you've hedge your travel risks!


  5. One danger which i am thinking is the next recession / bear market from US will last how long?

    Will it be like Japanese's market-1989 till now?

    Or the Great Depression of US which took 25 years to recover.

    None of us here can wait so long.

    Even 10 years to recover from Bear to Bull will kill most of us here.

    So 100 % into equity to maximise ROI?

    Ha! Ha!

    1. But no joke; which i did@ 40years old when i first plunged into the market without thinking even how to get out.

      So can i blame anyone younger?

      Ha! Ha!

    2. temperament,

      We've been there; done it ;)

      Made a lot; lost a lot. LOL!

      Now that we are coming down the mountain, no need to take outsized risks. What's there to prove?

      Are we selling investment newsletters? Marketing seminars and courses?

      But if we are still climbing up the mountain, then of course must take risks!


      Hence no need to link the article you mentioned. Anyone interested can google themselves.

      Same article, depending whether we are climbing up or down the mountan, our understanding will differ ;)


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