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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

In This Corner Of The World - Can I Take Setbacks?

Yesterday, I went to Yishun GV to watch this anime movie:

After the movie, my mind dirfted to 2 incidents.

Imagine if we had achieved everything we wanted in life.

We have our own small business - could be a restaurant, cafe, or hostel.

A warm and loving family with children and living with our aged parents; 3 generations under one roof.

Family house fully paid for. No business debts.

Except we work and live in Fukushima...

If I am the only survivor - lost everyone that mattered to me - would I be able to pick myself up and start over?

Imagine now I live in Singapore. Financially free; no need to work.

I bring my wife and children to Phuket for holiday.

Tsunami struck.

Only I managed to make it back to Singapore...

I still have all my financial networth undamaged; unlike the me in Fukushima.

Would I be less distraught?

Yes, being devastated in my own "castle" with no money concerns is not the same as being devastated in a make-shift shelter and penniless...


Am I wealthy?

My siblings and I get along. Parents still "healthy". I am in reasonable "good" health; although the latest health check revealed I'm a diabetic risk if I don't control my weight (rich man's curse)...

You bet I'm wealthy!

Wait. I double-check. 

Yup. No money goals. 

So why do I get up in the morning?


  1. I remember recently reading the phrase "Analyse Less, Live More" or something to that effect multiple times on someone's blog.

    1. Laurence,

      At the fisherman's blog, its:

      Less analysis; more investing ;)

      Simple words. Profound meaning.

      Can equally apply to "analyse less; live more".

      I noticed my mind drifting to the 2 scenarios. I penned down my reflections. I let it go.


  2. Hi SMOL,

    I'll definitely watch that movie...a fan of his works. Very good reflections, hopefully I 'get it' voluntarily, before I'm forced to get it by circumstances. I don't want to be the begger who found a coat with a million dollar lottery ticket inside the pockets, but died a poor man, not knowing that he was rich all along.

    1. LP,

      I'm glad to to bump into you and Patty from my blogging ;)

      Feel a lot better knowing there are other grown men who like watching Japanese anime... LOL!

      You know what? I am getting mellow ;)

      I wanted to have your back by poking that person who knows the costs of everything about "owning" a car, but decided against it when I realise he must be in pain...

      I only poke people who are stronger or smarter than me ;)

      Feels good. I can walk away again.


    2. Hi SMOL,

      Haha, everyone now know that I got slammed :) I thought i'll be defensive but nah, having a kid changes a lot of perspective. Gave me the courage, the calmness and most importantly, that i don't have to be right all the time :)

      So I let go also. I'm also getting mellow haha!

      But hey, thanks for the thought of watching my back though :)

  3. Hi SMOL,

    I think that it's better to take things easy. Life is very fragile and unpredictable. Cherish every moment.


    1. Ben,

      My reflection is about the awareness that I can be "Zen" right now due to my comfortable situation (for which I am grateful).

      But will I be still "Zen" if the doctor tells me that I have 2 more years to live?

      Or if I lost my left hand due to an accident?

      Its part of the many mind-fuxxing exercises that I play on myself to keep me grounded.

      I like to stare at the ceiling and my mind wanders...

      Wished I had studied harder and done science. This way I can tell others I'm a theoratical physicist!

    2. SMOL,

      Adopting the mentality that one might die tomorrow, might help. Two years is definitely better than one day. I am not sure whether such approach is useful for you.


    3. Ben,

      One day more to live is a bit too short to change anything... Be it lifestyle or perception of life...

      But if its 2 years... Probably may take 6 months to get over the denial, anger, acceptance phase.

      Then it whether I'll do the same thing as always (like Anita Mui) since I'm doing what I love and with people that mattered.

      Or I finally have courage to say "No" and live for myself for the remaining 18 months...

      For sudden but not life threatening changes, if I lost my limbs (like the Thai student who lost both her legs at the MRT track), can I overcome and continue living despite my loss?

      All of sudden, I so glad to be alive and well!


  4. Hi

    Really long time didn't watch anime le...
    I also like to watch anime... But now I try avoid sad story...

    Bcos I am a bit emotional, I can't watch those related to war and see people suffer...

    I remember last time I watch anime "grave of the fireflies "... I almost cry from start till end...

    Paiseh... I think the director too good or I very lousy... simple story also can use a box of tissue...sigh


    1. sy sy,

      I've watch several recent Japanese animes like "Your Name" and "A Silent Voice".

      I just watched "Grave Of The Fireflies" on Youtube... Just 5 minutes ago.

      You not alone. My eyes forgot to switch off the tap...

      Well, at least we know we still got feelings!

    2. The 2 anime u watched are those recent 1... I didn't watch... hehehe
      I watched old time anime... last time watch 1 lah... those old old 1 like totoro, laputa... spirited away... I like the story more adventure 1... save my tissue paper... hahaha

    3. sy sy,

      Yes, the 2 recent ones are more uplifting since its about love and friendships ;)

      Woman no cry.

      Woman you smile.

  5. Anyway when one encountered major setback and even they recover from this setback; his or her view on life forward will likely to significantly shifted from before.

    1. CW,

      I do wish I can "get it" voluntarily (just like LP); and not wait for a major setback to occur.

      You, you almost went to sell salted eggs!

      Every new day to you is a bonus!

      I want to live like that :)

  6. Hi SMOL and LP,

    Speaking of touching animes, you could try Assassination Classroom.

    That one real meaningful and is a tearjerker.

    1. Unintelligent Nerd,

      Thanks for the heads-up!

      Watched 2 episodes on Youtube... Interesting...

      Reminds me of GTO ;)

      I'm intrigued.

    2. Hi SMOL,

      What's GTO?

      Continue watching. Got cute cute female nerd in that show which I like! Oops

    3. Uninitelligent Nerd,

      Opps! Forgot about the generation gap!

      Its stands for "Great Teacher Onizuka"

      The 1998 TV series starring 松嶋菜々子 (Nanako Matsushima) is my favourite!

      Its on Youtube. Its a 12 episodes TV series.

    4. Hi SMOL,

      Kk, thanks, I'll go and watch. Thanks for the recommendation :D

    5. GTO my favourite also... I watched the tv series version not the manga or anime... didn't know time flies so fast... old liao... hehehe

    6. sy sy,

      Takashi Sorimachi is the classic "bad boy" that women can't resis ;)

      I've also watched the 2012 TV series on Youtube. Not bad too!

      Can you imagine me as a teacher? I'll be like my Literature teacher that does not wear a bra to school!

      Or maybe a cross between GTO or Dead Poets Society?


      Mei mei, we do not grow old.

      We scintillate into the night ;)

    7. Hahaha... no wear bra then all boys in the class will have saliva dropping liao... hahaha

      Sorry, I just suddenly think of the comic I read old time... normally when boy see pretty girl... they will have the scene that saliva dropping from mouth...
      Lolz... very funny

    8. Sy sy,

      Let's say she had my attention!

      My Braless Literature Teacher

      She helped me see I can be a "free spirit" with words in a world dominated by numbers... Up to decimal places some more!


      Some teachers I can't recall; some teachers leave their indelible marks in me.

    9. U are right. Not every teacher will keep inside our memory till now.
      I Still can remember how my teacher treated me in primary school, make me feel embarrassed in front of schoolmates... Sigh... bad memory...
      So far the most fun is secondary school time...

    10. sy sy,

      Ah... Secondary school is when "girl big 18 changes" ;)

      Although I studied at a monastery school, there were co-ed Pre-U classes and female teachers. I guess that's where I got my "jie-jie" bias!?


  7. Heng I got check back here now and then or else people mention me I also dunno. lol~~

    Anyway, I haven't been watching as much anime as reading manga these days but my 4 year old introduced me to a show named "Larva". It's on Youtube and it's mostly Mr Bean-esque slapstick. 5 mins of it every working hour keeps me sane throughout the day.

    1. Patty,

      Lucky I never say bad things behind your back!

      Guess I will take up elementary Japanese next year once my Taiko lessons expire in November ;)

      Thanks! So that's what they are called! Larva. Saw them on TV demo sets at Home Appliance retailers :)

      They are funny!

    2. Japanese lessons at my school can now use skill future credits!

    3. Thanks Patty!

      Finally got excuse to use the skill future credits!

  8. During the credit, there is a sketch drawing slide shown. The child they adopted is the geisha's daughter right?

    1. WolfT,

      I'm not sure.

      They found the child when Suzu returned to her devastated hometown...

      The geisha was living/working at Suzu's husband port town when they met?

    2. Maybe because the area was bombed and hence she returned to her hometown in Hiroshima. The geisha is the little girl who ate the watermelon skin when they are young.

    3. WolfT,

      I see.

      My impression was that the movie alluded to the geisha's death when the red-light district was bombed...

      I like this movie a lot.

      Imagine being a survival in 1945 losing everyone who mattered to you? Something our grandparents went through after the war...

      Or the navy guy who lost his limbs in the horric accident. Will I have his courage to live on?


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