Friday, 12 August 2016

How to lose weight in 4 easy steps - that's how financial freedom is achieved too!

Watch till the end.

I wanted to say quite a lot.

On 2nd thought, maybe I'll leave it up to the readers to figure it out for themselves.

The director of this short video quite creative!


  1. Keep doing and doing ?
    See improvement, meet "insiders/ experts" and keep doing ...

    Finally let go of the old ??

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      1. Believe weight loss will bring your girlfriend back.

      2. Did not.

      3. Continue the weight loss regime due to habit; no goals now.

      4. Cute girl ask you out for dinner.

      5. Eh?

      6. It only made sense connecting the dots back ;)

  2. Hi SMOL,

    By pat ge :) This is good sharing haha

    1. how financial freedom is achieved?

      This is what I have been reading from investment blogs; invest and let the Law of Compounding push you to the Land of Financial Freedom?

      How hard can it be?


    2. Hi uncle 8888

      It's hard because it takes time.

      I overheard my colleague conversation that he wants to prepare his own meals but he don't have the time. The irony is he has time to catch Pokemon.

    3. LP,

      It's nice to steal with pride when it struck a chord inside ;)

      Whether its to the gym, running a marathon, trading - I guess we put up with the pain for a reason...

    4. CW,

      People should try putting some years of negative returns into their Law of Compounding excel files and see what that does to the final result...

      Or interview those CPF members who utilised CPIS but unable to beat the 2.5% - why the Law of Compounding did not work its magic on them?

      Track record is where the "young at heart" have an edge.

      That's why mature men are babes magnet ;)
      Proven success; no need to guess.

      Young men have to do peacocking like hell to give the illusion they are "ambitious".

      And why do girls want to see "ambition" in men?


    5. Small Time Investor,

      "No time" is a much nicer euphemism for "I don't feel like doing it".

      It's not my fault too!

      Lucky we men are nicer to ourselves. Women can be quite mean to themselves with this poke:

      There are no ugly girls; only lazy girls.


      Deep right?

    6. Woman likes to set "trap" after poking themselves, they poke you.

      Most of the time, their "traps" are "bao jiak" . Why ?

      Woman ma haha.

      The standard reply will be : " 你真幽默 ”

    7. Small Time Investor,

      The things men do to 博君一笑...

      It's all worth it.

      My life for you!

  3. "There are no ugly girls; only lazy girls" ..heee. thanks for the tip.

    1. Cory,


      That slim sexy and toned body is through hours of yoga and jogging.

      That dolled-up face is through hours of competent makeup skills ;)

    2. Try losing weight? It's easy. Download Pokémon Go and starting catching them. :)

    3. Sanye,

      I dinosaur lah!

      Got smart phone but with data plan turned off.

      Can't catch Pokémon unless they appear near Wifi hotspots? LOL!

      I've put on more weight the past year :(

      Maybe I should restart my old hobby of chasing skirts?

    4. Hi Smol

      I also got smart phone with data turn off when not using. I guess it's an habit since the day I started using smart phone.

      Now go run like bolt and swim like schooling haha

    5. Small Time Investor,

      I think I'm a very lazy man...

      Body out of shape; face kenna sai :(


      There's liposuction and SKII for men ;)

      There's hope yet!

  4. Hahaha. Hi SMOL,

    Good video! Have been wanting to lose weight for the longest time but do not have the system nor plans for it.

    No time to hit the gym and fist bump too:(

    Got to go! My pikachu is calling for me!

    Just kidding:p My desire to lose weight not so strong anyway. 老婆都骗到了😅

    1. PassivePeon,


      Your wife probably thinking the same thing too ;)

      So get out and burn some calories!

      I'm sitting in my sofa munching my chips as I'm telling you this.

      This is what bloggers do.

      Say say only ;)

    2. Ahhh.. No wonder SMOL.

      Never thought of that. Hot bod for me = hot wife too:p

      No worries on just paying lip services. You're a great blogger.

      I'm not say say only😂

    3. PassivePeon,

      You sweet talker you... Coffee on me!

      Let's say I'm the blogger having loads of fun ;)

    4. Hahah. Okay onz!

      I'll keep tab of the coffee owed. Thanks Jared✌🏻️🤗


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