Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Career advice for 20 somethings - that's how I approach investing too!

Found this interesting pushback article in my Facebook:

Before I go on, I would strongly recommend you read the original career advice from the BCG boss - the link is inside the article above.

If you are now in your 20s or early 30s, which career advice appeals to you more? Don't think! Just follow your instincts! Say it out!

For those of you who are in shepherd positions in your 40s and 50s, what say you? Of course you knew the answer already - if not you won't be where you are today...

Investing edge

If you can't poke holes when reading other people's investing thesis; or you have a habit of blocking out the opposing viewpoints - stop asking why stock prices have gone against you!

When I have a strong investing thesis, I don't seek out those who agree with me. What's the point in that?

Joy is when I can find opposing views to my stock convictions!

First I'll do my best to turn to shreds those contrarian voices. If I fail, that's an easy tell my original thesis was probably half-baked...

Ego bruised; but saved myself a few bucks. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy...

For those times I stood my ground, I'll put my money where my mouth is. Skin in the game!

The good thing is that when stock prices go against me, I already knew what were the catalysts - they were foretold by those whom I've dismissed remember?

I get out.

That's beauty with spending time with people who don't agree with what I say! Wink.

How do you sharpen your sword or saw?

By going against a grindstone.


  1. We do think we have an edge. Right? Otherwise why are we doing it.

    1. CW,


      The magic time frame is about 2 years. By then, be it:

      1) A relationship;

      2) a new job;

      3) a hobby;

      4) sports; or

      5) our chosen vehicle/poison when it comes to investing/trading ;)

      The thin red-line across all of them? Its we have to do first, then we know.

      Crash got sound.

      For all other activities (trading included), if we don't like or no edge, we would have given up and stopped long ago...

      Only in investing we tell little lies to ourselves that we don't need brains or be active in improving our craftsmanship...

      In "automation" we trust!

      Everything will work out in the LONG term. It's the power of compounding silly!

      I think you are the first few who pointed out compounding interests is not the same as compounding RETURNS ;)

      CPF 2.5% is compounding interests - no loss to capital and every year sure get the 2.5% interests one.

      The moment you move it to some other investments, no matter how lost costs, you'll introduce down years and capital loss. Not to mention dividend cuts and bond defaults...

      Now try explain this to widows and orphans when quite a lot interested in financial freedom don't get it themselves :(

      Thank goodness I have you as my grindstone!!!


  2. Smol,

    The link keep asking people to register and sign in, damn irritating... I need to google key words to find another link

    If I have an advice for 20s?

    Be prepared to suck thumbs and you are the most important element to finding and keeping passion in your job.

    However, don't forget why we started.

    The how and what will be different

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Oh! I see what you mean...

      The link is optimised for notebook or PC. If we use mobile to access it, yes, the pop-ups are really irritating :(

      My favourite analogy is buying shoes for our own feet. Only we know which shoes fit us best; and that's after trying many different pairs out.

      Unless we are theoretical physicists or highly trained Zen monks - then we can say we figure things out through thinking ;)


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