Thursday 21 July 2016

People who hate office politics

You know who hates office politics?

Those on the losing side.

If you're on the winning side, what office politics right?


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    1. CW,

      I noticed when my corporate career is going well, I never seem to complain about office politics...

      Similarly, when I make money trading and investing, I don't recall bitching about alignment of shareholder interests or management's compensation...

      I guess those who bought SMRT below $1.68 are not complaining.

      Those who bought above $2... Well, so much for long term buy-and-hold investing for you...

  2. Hi SMOL,

    It's true. I always said if you don't like something, like switching sides. Usually one party will benefit more. An example will be like the long queue in the supermarket. So many people, but only 2 cashiers are open. Someone has to wait, and the supermarket has the will and the power to let the customers wait, and so they will do so.

    1. LP,

      If I bring up CPF, I think the same can be said for the 2 opposing camps:

      1) Those who belong to Hong Lim park's return back my money - where's my money?

      2) Versus those who love to milk CPF to death with their voluntary contributions - their main gripe is there's a limit to their voluntary contributions :(

      One group can't wait to take everything out; the other can't wait to put more in!?

      Who are the happier lot?

    2. temperament,

      Politics is everything!

      It affects all of us.

      I'm Teochew - I practice 地块凉地块坐.


  3. kinda explain for everything
    but there will be people with big mouth or backside itchy
    winning but still kow pa kow bu haha

    1. Jimmy,


      That's the fun part of people reading ;)

      It's a quick way to tell whether someone is doing well in their career.

      I don't hear successful engineers complaining about foreign talents...

      That's because they are the ones hiring and managing these FTs. Context and perspective is everything.

  4. temperament,

    There is no escape from politics (江湖) once we have more than 1 person.

    Even in religion, there's "politics" to see who gets to be Abbot ;)

    If you win, you'll say its "clean" politics.

    Somehow, I don't think the competitor you've beaten will share your view ;)

  5. HmmSMoL,

    How do u define losers and winners.

    Losers are usually whiners, I agree.

    Winners also play politics, office politics. Unless by winner u mean the one at the very peak.

    Then that is a no-brainer right?

    But by winners, u mean high performing people, then I guess many are part of the politics game.

    Every jungle has its own rules. We all play by the rules and test the rules and break the rules, and step on people because we break the rules for performance or principles...

    So... Office politics is not played by losers. I dun consider myself a loser, but I still dislike it.

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      5 stages of acceptance:


      From your poems and your comments here, you are between the anger and bargaining stage.

      It's a process.

      The turbulence in your heart is powered by the angst between who you would like to be and who you really are...

      I myself have found my acceptance.

      There was a time I had a chip on my shoulder with my "I'll show them" baggage...

      Now I've let it go.

  6. It can be tiring to win.. If the win need so much "efforts" that u think can be otherwise channel

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      When I'm healthy, there is no effort. I don't even think about it.

      But when I'm sick, I'm fully aware of every breath. Each movement takes effort. I feel tired.

    2. Hi Smol;

      One of those days, perhaps we can just agree to disagree. But maybe u read your posts and comments again? Hope I am not the only one seeing it to be full of contradictions

      Anyway off track a bit, those poems I wrote, while indeed it true feelings, I sometime have others in mind.

    3. Sillyinvestor,


      You see contradictions?

      I see the wax and wane of the moon; the ebb and flow of the tides; sunset and sunrise.

      Oh, don't worry about disagreeing :)

      And yes, all my posts - every single one of them - have someone in mind ;)

  7. temperament,

    害人之心不可有,防人之心不可无 。

  8. I hate office politics, and that is more the reason u must be even better and triumph over the people who use it!

    The highest level is to triumph in things that you hate most to go against your comfort zone.

    1. Rolf,

      You are 过来人.

      Knew you would understand better as you were the alpha shepherd once...

      That's why I removed my "mask" and "armour" the moment I left my corporate life behind. You think I enjoy it? Who does!?

      There's no longer any need for me to "Hollywood" or "tripod" others :)

      Hence you see me using my real name and pic in this blog.

      Notice those who use real names in blogging are mostly running their own businesses?

      I am running my own nano-hedge fund :)

      In our community, those who have read Rich Dad Poor Dad "proper" will aspire to be Business Owners.

      Those who have less comprehension skills will settle for passive income...

    2. Hi Jared,

      This is so true! I admire your plans and courage to leave the corporate world.

      I believe n aspire I will one day as well just that I m still pretty young now to leave! You leave at 43 right? hehe... I still have a couple of more years then!

      Eventually it's better to have something you truly own rather than working for others or depending on that salary each month. Or some small portfolio investor, depending on that meagre passive income is undependable too!

      I am on the same page as u!

    3. Rolf,

      I left at 44.

      Focus not on external numbers like age or $ - they are just props.

      Listen to internals like heart and soul more. When you're ready, you'll know!

      Financial freedom is not the destination; its just an enabler.

      What to do when we wake up after financial freedom - now that's scary part!!!

    4. SMOL,

      Forge ahead after financial freedom. There is nothing to fear with the knowledge that there are buffers to rely as a support.


    5. Ben,

      That's why I look forward to the mornings each day ;)

  9. Hmm. Pointing out the obvious elephant in the room for some of us who don't take a step back to see things? Funny than you mention this - I think it applies generally to winning/losing sides and not specifically to politics.

    Just the other day, instead of my usual timing at 6:50am, I took the LRT/MRT right smack in the middle of morning peak hour.

    Instead of a leisurely stroll into the LRT, I had to wait for the second LRT.

    Instead of having a seat to doze for 30-minutes, I had to stand in a sardine can for half an hour.

    I have always been on the "winning" side and has little/no resentment for the public transportation (train) system. But just one day in the position of the majority "losing" public and I am instinctively aware of the immediate resentment I have for the state of our train system.

    As coincidence would have it, the Temasek news came out. I'm guessing a certain party is pissed off at always being blamed for the competence level of a certain publicly listed company and is taking the bull by the horns!

    1. Kevin,

      Yes. The healthy me of today thinks some are over zealous (and over paying) in insuring themselves medically.

      I hope I don't have to find out for myself on that day when I discover my mortality...

      That'll will the acid test for my predilection towards palliative and hospice care.

      Same like you, I often travel during off-peak hours. But on the rare occasions that I do travel with the cattle class crowd during peak hours...

      Well, its not as bad as Shanghai... but got fight with Hong Kong!

      This MRT case is classic "crash got sound".

      The extreme swings of the pendulum do not work:

      Left wing nationalism - waste and inefficiency; ah kong got money mah! Why bother? Just spend lah!

      Right wing pure capitalism - myopic focus on quarterly KPIs; why do strategic long term planning when my bonus is incentivised annually? This insidious problem can be swept under the carpet for the person that comes after me to solve. Shh...

      Bid daddy has woken up by "crash got sound". You don't want to fxxk-up the end game over something that "should not" have happened in the first place.

      Just look at the way we are always planning ahead and building future capacities for our ports and airport.

      Heads will definitely roll if we fxxk-up our status as the aviation and maritime hub! Imagine the damage to our GDP KPIs!!! (Yes, this is a sugar-coated poke)

      Now big daddy slowly recalibrating towards the middle path.

      Khaw Boon Wan I respect. The Buddhism is strong in him ;)


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