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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Light Rain

See if you can relate to this video:

Psst. Did you notice who stayed behind? And what was this person doing?

I remember it very clearly even today.

I was in primary 3 and was in the school band. We had practice on Saturdays.

One Saturday afternoon after practice, it rained cats and dogs after training.

Instead of waiting for the rain to stop, I and 2 other classmates, who lived near each other in the same Queenstown neighbourhood, decided to run through the rain home!

From Margaret Drive to Stirling Road it takes about 20 minutes by walking.

I think we took more than 45 minutes to reach home :)

We took some interesting "detour" in the rain...

Ah... The innocence of youth! Not knowing what cannot be done ;)

That's why it's so memorable!!!


Got similar memories of your yesterday where you just "ran through the rain" instead of waiting for the rain to stop?

(Hello, running through the rain is just a metaphor)



  1. Oh yes!
    My wife and me was taking MRT from Lavender to Bedok.
    i mentioned to my wife did she observed that 99.9% of the passengers were doing something - the same thing.
    The same thing as the last person that stayed behind in the video.
    It's kind of scary to us.
    Because why can't people just relax and do nothing even enjoy the atmosphere for just a 10 to 30 minutes journey?
    Almost 99.9% is the scary part to me.
    No wonder many depressed people around now a days regardless of age.

    1. Depending on whether we are leaving home or going home; it will be different thinking.

      What is at stake and what is the consequence of getting wet?

      Why the hurry when one has the time in the world to wait?

    2. temperament,

      As a people watcher, I like to observe people on the MRT.

      Let's say I'm glad I belong to the "analogue" generation.

      The majority of people seem to have the need to be "distracted"; and do what they can to avoid being in the "present".

      You may be on to something...

      Maybe smart phones are the new replacement for TVs as opiate to numb the senses...

      Who wants to face the reality that we may be taking the same MRT like this for the next 30 years?

    3. CW,

      Have you noticed you are sounding more and more like grasshopper?

      I think I better find another ant before September...

      If not, who to argue and poke fun with?


    4. So much mindfulness going on here LOL. I like.

  2. Ah....

    I remember that feeling.

    Just recently I let myself get wet when returning to school from a short lunch. My umbrella is in my car but I told myself how good it is to walk through the rain, walk through the basketball court in the rain.

    Of course, I didn't get soak. Nice ...

    The whole idea about walking through the rain is not raining through it but walking slowly and enjoying the fall of waters in the face...

    The gentle breeze that bring you back to yesteryears ... That feeling that it's ok to be ...

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Basic Zen 101.

      To feel the rain falling on our faces, we are here and now in the present ;)

      I'm glad you are letting your emotions out in your recent posts.

      I'm giving you lots of space by not commenting. Nothing to poke; nothing to add.

      Like the reflection of the moon over the lake, I came and went without leaving a trace ;)

  3. Hi SMOL,

    Very nice vid, thanks for introducing to us :)

    I ran through the rain before. It was 2005/6 and one of my army friends asked me to open a brokerage account with him. And so I went. I started trading warrants but he didn't. I guessed he felt the rain was too heavy and didn't ran through. On hindsight, I'll never do it again, but that was a time different from now. Back then, I didn't know what it was like to just soak it all in. I got the thrill of getting my shoes wet...wasn't very glamorous, but I will remember it for life.

    Maybe it doesn't make me money, but hey, it was a hell of an experience. I was soaking wet and I learnt something about myself. I'm more water proof that I thought I was.

    I think it's the foolish things that we've done in the past that is the most memorable. Maybe with a kid, I'll be running through the rain a lot more often, esp after this video.

    Thanks for the vid :)

    1. LP,

      You're most welcomed :)

      You ran through the rain the moment you graduated; and you are still at it - gleefully wet ;)

      I suspect some of your peers maybe looking enviously at you frolicking in the rain from their "temperature controlled" corporate windows...

  4. Have you ever watched Shinya Shokudo (深夜食堂)? It's full of stories of people running through the rain. :)

    1. Patty,

      Thanks for the heads-up!

      Just watched the first episode and I'm intrigued. Will continue to finish the series.

      It's moments like these - interacting with you all - that makes me glad I took my first step into blogging 5.5 years ago...

      I don't blog to give; I blog to receive :)

    2. Patty,

      Just finished the 10 episodes of season 1.

      Maybe its true. As we get older, our eyes get teary more often...

      Arigato. I appreciate it.

      Come to think of it, this watering hole is like the midnight eatery.

      Have regulars every night; have commenters that appear once and never come back; and there are those that make surprise visits after a long absence...

      No need to have appointment, nor invitation. No meeting agenda, no purpose.

      Just people connecting.

    3. Glad you liked it! I am guessing you will also love the Solitary Gourmet (孤独のグルメ). ;)

    4. Just like what Jared has mentioned, allow me to crash the party a little! I have always enjoyed the two excellent recommendations by Patty, and may I suggest a little gem I like a lot as well - Kamome Shokudo. What's with the Japanese and their shows!

    5. Kevin,

      Thank you for your recommendation!

      It's so fun.

      OK, I think I must use my SkillsFuture credit to take up some Japanese!


  5. I liked Kamome Shokudo too! The Japanese excels at drama whichever the format it is shot in.

    Anyway SMOL, here's for you - http://www.bunkalang.com/our-courses/skillsfuture-credit

    1. Hi Patty, looks like we enjoyed the same kind of shows. Should really pick your brain for other good recommendations besides these three that were mentioned! Too many Japanese dramas over the years that I've enjoyed (and missed).


    2. Thanks Patty!

      I've finished the whole 3 seasons of Shinya Shokudo (深夜食堂) :)

      The struggles of the comic artist in season 3 episode 2 is one story all wannebe traders can identify with.

      I too have faced my moment of capitulation in investing after the 2000 Nasdaq crash. And for trading, too many times I've wanted quit after a string of conviction sapping cut-losses...

      I too had to walk away. And returned ;)

      Even though I am doing not too bad now, I'm glad I had experienced capitulation.

      It keeps me grounded and avoid being too complacent.

      It's a craft; not tikam tikam.


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