Wednesday 22 June 2016

How to be a Financial Freedom snake oil

This ultra spiritual guy does satires, pokes, and parodies so much better than me!

I give him my Stephen Chow's 2 thumbs up!

He is hilarious!

But behind the laughter, don't just watch and believe. Talk to "bei kambings" who have paid ridiculous sum of money to snake oils and you'll find a common thread:

It all started with "Free".

The same sales tactics is used by time-sharing companies, weight-loss spas, hair-loss centres; etc.

And if you observant, by some "religious" organisations too.

People with holes in their hearts make the best "target".


  1. Unending supply of bei kambings. Two of these bei kambings are my personal friends. I also don't understand how come they got slaughtered even they are friends of CW8888 who always like to poke at FF snake oil.

    1. CW,

      They are not you; you are not them ;)

      Just like our frequent debates and bantering - you not changing me; I not changing you.

      All it does is for you understand me better; and I appreciate more where you coming from.

      That's all!

      I use poke; you use "wah kali gong" :)

      We are opposite sides of the same coin.

    2. To become successful Financial Freedom snake oil; first become friend of someone in media and get feature in TV or Newspapers. The rest of it comes easier to sell :-)

    3. CW,

      It falls under the realm of Public Relations.

      Either snake oils do it themselves or they engage a Financial PR firm. Send out press releases to all media outlets and when the editors or producers have blank space or slots to fill... Presto!

      This activity has now extended to social media. We now see some financial bloggers republishing content from commercial websites...

      Win-win? One gets extra publicity; the other saves the trouble of having to come up content himself to secure pageviews?

      It works the other way round too. Media companies may "sweeten" the deal by promising to write X copies of "editorial support" if the client is willing to commit to Y spots of paid advertising per year.

      Some may recall that con-man who ran one of the gold trading scams was featured in the media.

      So was that Options guy with the fake Doctorate.

      Trust but verify ;)

  2. Haha, I thought u Wan to to teach us how to eat snake during work hours? Haha

  3. SMOL,

    Love of money is the root of all evil. The principle applies to men, snake, bei kambing :-).

    1. Yaruzi,


      What we really crave is Happiness, Peace, Respect, Recognition; etc.

      Somehow along the way we got sold that Money will help us achieve all of the above.

      And if we have no clue what we want in life, we just come up with a X amount by Y year goal (like everyone else) as a stop gap to delay making hard decisions.

      I'll decide after I hit my goal???

      And I thought its to decide first then set goals?


  4. It's freeeee!

    Someone is willing to teach me how to be rich for free!!😂😂😂

    1. PassivePeon,

      Buy Toto?

      I think I must ask Singapore Pools whether they got affiliate programme for me to join.

      Might as get some kopi money for promoting Toto!

      I bad.

  5. Smol,
    My dad was lamenting everything cost money and interest rate was so low now. I whenever I meet him, he will "parking also cost money hor"

    I told him only 2 things usually free in Singapore. Air ( unless u need oxygen concentrate) and advice ( unless u too rich ).

    My wife protests: advice where got free. We pay for expert advice what..

    I said yeah, but how many times u open your eyes, u have people advising u on this and that even without u asking, just like air... Heheh

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      What your wife and you have said are BOTH true:

      Land owners and shepherds PAY for expert advice; sheep asks for FREE opinions.

      Never ask but people like to tell us what to do?

      Don't look up; look them in the eye.

      They looking down at you.

      No one gives free advice to equals - competition.

      No one dares to advice superiors - deference.

    2. SMoL,

      Hmm... U are right, maybe they look down on me. But It doesn't bother me la. Only I can looked down on myself and I dun, I take all advices as feedbacks, bad advices throw out l, good advices accept

    3. Sillyinvestor,

      There you go!

      Have a super weekend!

      I must pretend to work hard tomorrow. LOL!

    4. temperament,

      Of course seen it! The music intro is classic!

      Young readers can watch it on YouTube :)

      In real life? Ahem.

      I'm The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly all in one :)

    5. The sequel to The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly is The Ridiculous 6 with Adam Sandler, which says about everything.
      Be forewarned the music is not great, but the characters are quite hilarious. And it shows in full widescreen format what cross-breeding can do.
      Jared, I am quite certain you could not be the Ridiculous 6 all in one too.

    6. temperament,

      That's how I can be an investor and trader at the same time. LOL!

      I pretend I am 周伯通 with my 左右互搏 :)

    7. Andy,

      I just went to YouTube to watch the trailer for The Ridiculous 6.

      Ah! A Netflix special... No wonder I've never heard of it!

      Wait, let me see:

      I'm an investor, trader, gambler, speculator, man-whore, and...


    8. You forgot: Salesman.
      Oops, you are actually the Magnificent Seven.
      I hope the Trailer was clear enough. Don't watch the entire show unless you like juvenile jokes, satirical attempts, weird scenes, sprinkled with the occasional eye-candy stretched into 119 minutes of American entertainment.

    9. Andy,

      I red-faced. How could I have forgotten I'm snake oil salesman???

      A Freudian slip?

  6. temperament,

    One clarification.

    High Net Worth does not mean they don't act like sheep - especially if the wealth is not earned by themselves ;)

    Land owners know how to leverage on other people's TIME and more importantly, other people's TALENT.

    They hire shepherds to look after their flock; and don't mind paying top dollars for performance.

    Wealth seldom last more than 3 generations if descendants mistake cronies for talent...

  7. temperament,

    Who pours the coldest cold water when we have a burning desire to do something that's not "conventional"?

    Is any wonder people seek out Life Coaches to pay just to hear someone says the below to them for a change!

    1. You can do it!

    2. If I can do it; so can you!

    3. If you believe you can, you can!

    4. Go for it!

    5. Just do it!

    6. Crash got sound.

    Sorli, sorli.

    Slip the last one in... Why cannot?

    I'm a cheerleader too ;)

  8. Hi Smol

    I think you are more like 西毒 欧阳峰.
    Side track abit, if he has not gone, he may be the strongest and most unpredictable in the story.

    1. Small Time Investor,

      And I thought I'm more like 韦小宝...

      Devil is me, angel also me!

      Mix with investors yalor yalor the same spiel that short term trading is a fool's game.

      Mingle with traders parrot the same spin that long term investing is for widows, orphans; and guys with no bxlls!


  9. This video is hilarious!

    In my life I also come into a conclusion for myself that whatever the mainstream is chasing after, it's usually not as great for me!

    Most times the problem is not whether the advices is truly good or not, but it's whether recipient even know that it is good or bad advices.

    When u r blinded by "chasing quick wealth", how can u differentiate?

    So that is how the serpent strikes easily!

    1. Rolf,

      When we are calm and rock steady like the mountain; nothing anyone says can move us.

      If we are agitated like the rushing waters, all snake oils have to do is to exploit the holes in our hearts and we will be moved (change course).


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