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Monday, 27 June 2016



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    1. CW,

      You, me, them, and us ;)

      Nice to see you keeping your eyes on the wheel.

      The butterfly has kept silent like the mountain too.

      Makes sense as we have been through Lehman 2008, Nasdaq 2000 ;)

      Just a bit bemused as the young have lots to say like the rushing waters. Notice those who started after 2008 make the most sound?

      Perfectly understandable. I still remember the first time I saw big waves... Very exciting!

      By the way, was very impressed with that young Turtle Investor.

      Doing nothing like the mountain is what a passive index investor would do. Put to shame some "veterans" who are behaving like "virgins"...

      Jumping on the bandwagon is also known as chasing the market.

      This post is just a gentle pat on my back. I've grown a bit taller ;)

    2. Hi SMOL,

      Does being too lazy to do anything count? 😛

    3. PassivePeon,

      Its called - blind cat caught dead mice.

      Of course it counts!

      But then again, if STI tanks 20% down the road, you would have wished you weren't so lazy!

      Talking about cats, today's dead cat bounce has caught some by surprise. Now the 2nd guessing begins.

      Rushing waters.

      Those with convictions are immovable like the mountain.

    4. Hahah, if STI tank by 20%, I will be a fool if I continue to be lazy:p

      Talking about surprises, the #brexit event thus far has been quite a surprise, hasn't it?

      For one, I was not expecting UK to leave and the market to be so resilient when they choose to leave.

      Ah. Convictions. Wish I have that in me now when my fiancée request to travel to UK for our honeymoon. I'm swaying in this aspect😅

    5. PassivePeon,

      Go! Not because of the weakened pound.

      Anywhere got Autumn is especially romantic. Japan, Korea, France, Italy also can!

      Not too cold as in winter, yet cool enough to encourage cuddling between the sheets ;)

      I love Autumns!

    6. Hi SMOL,

      Wa, are u suggesting a honeymoon cum baby making session for me? Lol.

      The weakened pound is a good bait for people whose purse are tight like me😂

    7. Wa...I also want but 牛奶粉贵leh 😂

  2. SMOL,
    Hmm... Guess I am one of those rushing waters LoL.

    Forever young !!

  3. SMOL,

    actually the whole phrase is from sun tze strategies


    Different game,different approach. One size fits all? Get ready to be slaughtered.

    The question is, is one sure what is the enemy (mr Mamet) situation and one's own.

    When defending, 不动如山
    When trend changes, 其疾如电,u dun want to be last in the momentum.

    When u are sure, hoot big big and get max profits 侵掠如火,blood in street, u riot and can get away with it

    When u move, make market shake, or let whole world know and follow! we not big boys so forget about 动如雷震。

    But we can slowly accumulate 其徐如林

    1. 难知如阴 is the realm of traders and snipers Liao

    2. Sillyinvestor,


      My phrase is from 笑傲江湖 - the movie :)

      Good that you can recite Sun Tzu strategies; now to put that into practice!

      不动如山 - Exactly! If our portfolio is well positioned to withstand shocks, no need to get all fluster and excited ;)

  4. Caught by surprise!?
    The stock markets always have been 先斩后奏.
    And did you notice almost all the markets acted simultaneously for the 1st day of Brexit.
    Is there really a Mafia syndicate or the Russians are coming?

    Then the 2nd day the same markets on 1st gear already.
    The third day and fourth back to normal driving now.

    Brexit Incidence:-

    Still make a little if not would have made 3 times as much if bought only for fundamentals but sold some back (for speculating) on Brexit 1st day.
    Always get shot at trying to hedge one.

    If i did nothing after buying, would have made 2 times more money.
    So much for trading and speculating.
    If we can always ignore what the markets are doing,
    i think buying for fundamentals for the long term is still best for most of us.
    At least for me.
    See can't resist trying to be to clever after all these years.
    It's really very difficult to ignore the market as i am looking at the market everyday.
    Looking for any opportunity to buy or sell.
    No wonder some say don't follow the market too closely.
    You will be unable to resist the temptations to take part when all the markets are dancing to the same bossa nova beat.
    i still think i will follow the market closely as old habits die hard.
    Only still must never forget about greed and patience.
    i don't know how much i can feel now a days.
    Time to be extra careful now because of feeling less fearful lol!

    1. temperament,

      You are quite active!

      A bit of speculation for kopi money is OK; just as long we don't lose our focus on that "One Thing" ;)

      The price action of the last few days is quite intriguing.

      I've seen sharp reversals and retracements before, but STI rebounding to higher than pre-Brexit???

      Of course you would have made more money if you didn't sell!

      Make less is better than lose money.

      You and I both know if could easily have gone the other way...

      We can only control our entries and exits. What happens after is out of our hands.

      If I knew... This "if I knew" is the hardest thing to erase from our trading psyche.

      "If I knew" all the time, I would be a billionaire trader!


    2. Hi SmOl,

      Indeed! Although not regretting my decision, rebounding post Brexit is really having me scratching my head. Ok lor, no choice, sit on cash. But if u think about it, the few "waves" post 2009...

      1)FAst and furious downgrades of funds by rating companies.
      2) possible disintegration of EU due to PIiGS debts
      3) worst case of Greexit
      4) fear of Currency war, did not happen.
      5) fear of global slow down

      Brexit trigger a 10% fall in sterling and cause yen to surge and Euro to fall tandem, the volaity is more drama mama than 4)

      Britain is the third largest economy and the world is more concerned about Greece leaving 3)

      Britain already left and set a precedent, that should be 2)

      It's sovereign fund is downgrade too, that is 1)

      Whoa !!! And the stock market is rallying !!

    3. Sillyinvestor,

      UK is the 5th largest economy in the world ;)

      1. US
      2. China
      3. Japan
      4. Germany
      5. UK

      Just make a decision and move on. If we keep on 2nd guessing ourselves, we will be like "paralysed".

      Markets have a way to make us look like fools :(

      To quote CW: More investing; less analysing!

  5. 好一个心静如高山不动. 说得容易,做嘛,就...



    1. Kevin,

      老鼠留给你, 我抓的是心境。

    2. 抓老鼠比较容易 :)

    3. 哥以半百,跑不动了。。。


    4. 抓老鼠? 我还以为我们是老鼠。 抓到老鼠乐悠悠,原来抓到了自己

    5. Frugal Daddy,


      又多了一个谈心境来了 :)


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