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Friday, 10 June 2016

Bishan Park - Virgin Visit

Very embarrassing.

Bishan park is just opposite the Bright Hill Temple where I've spent 1.3 years taking my Buddhism studies in the evenings (yes, I dropped out of the 3 year course, that's a story for another day) - but yesterday was my first time exploring this park!?

Very typical Singaporean right?

You must also have a place where you've passed by almost everyday, but you never seem to find the time to stop and explore... No?

When 2 guys (women would have been better) "jio me" to have brunch at this Bishan park yesterday Thursday morning, I took the opportunity to arrive 40 minutes earlier to look, look, see, see, a bit.

2 dads with the people that matter most :)
Now that's a surprise! 2 dads playing with their children on a Thursday morning? They don't like shift work service workers... My money is on teachers having their June holidays? Could have been stay-at-home dads too... Maybe.

Don't they look nasty?

I don't know about you guys, but the first thing that popped into my twisted mind is: Rectum.
I know, I know. I have issues...

Chaise Lounge? That's so cool!

Eh? This chaise lounge like park bench is so unique! We don't have it in Queenstown. On behalf of residents of Queenstown, can we have them in our parks too? (Others have, we also want mah!)

Can you figure out what's the black surface area?

Interesting area in the park. I not sure whether the little bird squatting there in the sand patch is pooping or trying to lay an egg... Wait! Its a bird for crying out loud - not a cat or turtle. LOL! 

Well, its better than sitting at home staring at paint

I don't know whether its legal or not, but who says no fishing spots in Singapore?

Or is it a case of - we can do anything we want, just don't get caught?

Senior men of leisure gathering, or maybe its the biker gang?

Met 4 senior men of leisure talking "male chicken" in the park. When I tried to approach nearer to listen in to their conversations, they dispersed like the wind???

I quickly lifted my arm to smell my armpit. Was it me? I "bursuk"?

Nice spot to do Taichi or Sun Salutation

Calm and peaceful. I wonder got wedding couples come here to take their wedding pictures?

You shoot others; I shoot you.


Can I take the rainbow cake? Or will the ultra religious object?

All the pictures were taken with my Xiaomi phone. Not bad. Colours came out quite alright in low light conditions. No wonder prices for compact point and shoot cameras have come down by so much... Who needs them when smart phones will do?

Neat chairs! I like the distress effect.

3 bums talked from 11am to 2.30 pm.

2 men of leisure and 1 teacher on leave.


  1. Wa SMOL,

    One look u know if they are shift work service workers. Btw, teachers also service workers lei.

    They always selling concepts to customers

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      You die!

      Try this exercise on your underlings.

      Ask them do they consider themselves as "service workers" ;)

      Service workers are waiters, selling floor sales staff, pump attendants, etc.

      Hairstylists will never consider themselves as "service workers"...

      What more about teachers! LOL!

      Teachers selling concepts to students?

      And I thought teachers in our public schools do what MOE tells them to do... The one selling concepts is MOE ;)

    2. Another group is also known as service workers. :-)

    3. CW,

      Oh! Hey! You're one knowledgeable qian bei!

      I remember at Bangkok's Patpong night market, the touts there super salesmen :)

      Sir, you want girls? They very beautifuuul!

      No thank you.

      Oh! You want ladyboys instead?


      Now winking at me, you want boys?

      I started running...


    4. For me teachers are Investment-Cheerleaders.

      Building up knowledge and skills from young is the investment that pays the highest dividends.

      Of course the cheerleading should focus on teaching children HOW to think instead of WHAT to think.

    5. Andy,

      I like to think teachers are tree planters.

      Chinese educated Singaporeans would understand ;)

  2. 大叔
    Why so many uncles and old Uncles go to park Arr ?

    1. yeh 美眉,

      I also don't know!?

      Maybe they belong to the save more camp?

      Our parks are free?

      You know, $1 saved compounded by a million years become millions of dollars?

      I would prefer to go to Chinatown and sit inside air-con McDonald's. Wait long enough sure got mei-mei come and chat me up.

      How much can a Value meal costs?

      I'm one naughty uncle!

  3. When we are not stressed we suddenly develop a sharpened eye for the world around us and more time to appreciate the small things in life. Highly recommended.

    Great pictures.

    SMOL, just read this. Reminded me of two statements you made (being afraid of cockroaches and spiders; and making money in the stock market is all about risk management).

    The risk of being bitten and killed by a spider (1 in 100 million) is less than the risk that being afraid of spiders will kill you because of increased stress.

    On the other hand we should be afraid of doughnuts and cigarettes. And not to forget stressful full-time employment.

    1. SMOL's generation no more into fighting spiders?

    2. Andy,

      Must set the record straight - I only afraid of FLYING cockroaches OK?

      Spiders - OK, I'll squeal like a little girl.

      Ha! Good to regain my manhood. I NOT afraid of doughnuts and cigarettes. There!

      I love jelly-filled doughnuts; and I don't smoke :)

      I love my weekend work! To think they pay me to flirt with the lady customers?

      Life is good!

    3. CW,

      My primary classmates do keep fighting spiders in match boxes and fight them during recess.

      I don't play with insects and arachnids (I learned this big word from playing Diablo).

  4. The Xiaomi camera really not bad.
    But I think your framing really helped alot :)

    Curious, how many pictures did you take in total versus the number shown?

    I haven't been to Bishan Park either..

    1. ted,

      I picked up photography in the 2 years between my O' levels and NS.

      In those days, prints and slides cost a bomb... Especially when out of 36 shots, only 1 or 2 pictures are "presentable"...

      Started with Nikon SLR, then over the years, I switched to Canon IXUS compact. And now Smart phone camera?


      I not pro level by any stretch of the imagination; but I do consider myself as serious amateur level.

      I think I deleted 60% of the shots I took yesterday? It's impromptu so I didn't take too many bracketing shots. Just point and shoot.

      On planned photography sessions, I would bring my Canon G11 - more manual override functions; more options with different shutter speed and aperture combinations ;)

      Singapore small; many places I've yet to explore!

  5. Hi SMOL,

    Ah, this is the meeting I had missed :) Glad you guys have fun while I was slogging! LOL

    Xiaomi's camera is really good. Try taking it for sunset or sunrise...always a sight to behold :)

    1. LP,

      Thanks for your recommendation on the Xiaomi :)

      I almost bought the ASUS - probably even better for picture taking - but it would be too big to fit my front jeans pocket ;)

      I'm very impressed with the Xiaomi!

      Well, I learnt school holidays are busy period for you.

      I single no children - so I can speak without responsibility :)

      What are the children doing!!!???

      School holidays study for what? Shouldn't they be playing?

      Sorry, not to mess with your livelihood; I'm just glad I'm not a student or parent today!

      Whatever happened to the Scandinavian model of play as an important part of development?

  6. Hi SMOL,

    Ya, everything must be right sized, not upsized or downsized :)

    I think some parents just want their kids to have something to do and not idle their time away playing computer games at home. So I'm sort of like the nanny for them. Some teachers are also hard at work...most of my students only have 2 out of 4 weeks of real holiday. The other 2 weeks they have to go back to school for this and that.

    School holidays really isn't a holiday :/

    1. LP,

      No wonder our friend had to take leave during June holidays?

      I really have lost touch...

  7. Hi SMOL,

    Bishan park is one place I frequent for my jogging session! A nice place indeed. Love the marshland section.

    And there's tons of tilapia to be caught (illegally of course) for dinner!:p

    Btw, what's your definition of a man of leisure? I googled and it's defined as a man who has a source of income and does not need to work.

    But you are working leh (trading and part time sales right)🤔

    1. Hi CW qian bei,

      Why the wah? Did I just stepped on a landmine?

      In all honesty, I was just merely curious:(

    2. PassivePeon,

      Yes, that's the correct definition of a Man of Leisure :)

      You are new to this watering hole; I am glad for the opportunity to recap some of my ancient posts for your reading pleasure:

      12 months to financial freedom

      I've gone full circle after 30 years

      My 15 hour work week - 1st Anniversay

      1) "Working" weekends is my time off from the unbearable lightness of being ;)

      2) I am not trading for income. My Man of Leisure lifestyle is paid for by my "lucky" investments.

      My trading account is only a tiny fraction of my networth - I'm trading to achieve ;)

      In short, I'm not working; I'm having fun!

      Don't you get distracted by the silly talk of not following your passion.

      Most people who trade or investing are doing it to escape from their dreary jobs. They are definitely NOT following their passions!

      Are they happy or successful?

      Always verify what you read. Don't be too quick to be a parrot ;)

      Following our passions is the key to self actualization.

      The reason "passion" got a bad rap is when parrots use other people's passion as their own...

      For eg, you want to be financial free because you heard the voice in your heart yourself; or was it implanted there by your well meaning friends or from snake oil gurus?

    3. PassivePeon,

      Stand tall.

      Youth, your strength is your don't know what cannot be done!

      Curiosity is a sign of vigour!

      Just look around you - can you spot those who are no longer curious on the wonders of living? The walking dead who are not interested in anything?

      Always Trust but Verify!!!

      And never believe statistics you have not manipulated yourself ;)


  8. Hi SMOL,

    Ah! "Work" is not really really work for you! How silly of me.

    Hahah. I'll be honest. My initial premise for investing is to escape work and my sole method for determining the value of a stock will be, "aiyah whack 100% all in for SMRT la. Sg got so many ppl lan lan no money to buy car and must take MRT."

    But now, after making silly mistakes and seating through a few period of opportunity, I derive certain joy in learning about what I do not know;)

    Hahahah. Scepticism and curiosity runs in my blood now, having been both a former amateur snake oil charmer myself, and being at the receiving ends of snake oil charmers (notice the "s" this time, ouch!)

    Always trust but verify! Quite an oxymoron isn't it?:p

    Statistics manipulation! Another interesting topic!;)

    Looks like I have a very long way to go😅

    With much thanks,

    1. Hmm ..

      Now we have the next phase: Escape from Leisure to Works?

      Phase 1: Escape from Works to Leisure and then followed by Phase 2 : Escape from Leisure to Works. Meaning of Works changed in the Mind! Bosses and customers become friends hor!

    2. CW,

      That's why so many of us facilitators like to use this City Slicker example:

      Just one thing

      At the end of the day, often nothing has changed, only our thinking ;)


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