Wednesday 24 February 2016

This is why they want your email

First, read this article below; but don't inhale!

The smarter ones who attended all those courses on how to achieve passive income through blogging, internet marketing, writing apps, trading, investing, and what not; have wised up to the secret on how money is really made.

No, its not selling products or affiliated marketing silly!

It's to do what your trainer do - teach others how to make money!

As a former snake oil, when I see wannebe commercial "bloggers" trying their hardest to write click-bait posts to generate page views or give away freebies to collect emails, I often feel like telling them, "Hello, maybe it's better to do what your guru do; not what he tells you to do?"

I guess I can't hold my tongue any longer...

Psst. For those who made the switch and start making real money, don't forget to buy me a drink OK!?

Who knows? If you interested to learn more about selling ice to Eskimos, I have a DVD box set for a low low price of $XXXX. If you buy today, I'll even throw in not one, but two free e-books on Jedi mind tricks 101 to use on "bei kambings" that's worth a combined value of $XXX.

What are you waiting for?

Pick up the phone now!


  1. Hi SMOL,

    I actually find the pop up box asking me to leave my email address or subscribe to the blog a pain in the arse and rather irritating which is why I've never left my email address! Haha

    1. Joyce,

      Some even insult us by "making" us choose "Yes, I want to be poor" if we want to close the freaking pop out.

      Took course on internet marketing; never took course on etiquette :(


    2. Walau! Just encountered this pop out and I click CLOSE. LOL!

    3. CW,

      Their websites power!

      Can bypass my browser and anti-virus "deny pop-ups" options :(

    4. correct what!, close the deal haha...

      i remember learning from someone about patrol tank...

      E means enough and F means finished (not E empty and F full)

    5. coconut,

      If that someone is driving a coach bus never mind, just some frustration being stuck on the highway.

      If that someone is a pilot... Pray!!!

    6. temperament,

      No need false email.

      Just apply for one of those free web emails like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.

      Use this email address to get free stuffs. This way, let them spam all they want!

      Our regular email address will be spared ;)

  2. actually there are actual legitimate business making money online. but these are not taught: not trading lah, others.
    the ones that charge you, normally do not make the real money from their own online activities.

    Guess where they copy this teaching you to make money online business model from?

    bonus question: which famous investor name are they using to market their courses?

    bonus question2: when do they cross the threshold from being seen as or actually selling snake oil to really reach the point of being seen as an actual legit business?

    bonus question3: even then, are they really a legit business?

    1. SMK,

      You really interesting.

      Before so low key and quiet. Now so prolific and eloquent?

      Don't tell me your name is Joseph and you only come out to play every 7th year?


    2. shhh... i still low key and quiet. nobody reads the comments.

  3. SMOL,

    If possible, I also want good money from Internet. But how to sell "Bao Jia" methods and people actually come and pay?

    U need to be "somebody" as the first place? Right?

    I go give tuition faster money ...

    1. Sillyinvestor,


      You can't hide behind an anonymous nick and don't show your face!?

      Must be out there like Xiaxue.

      Go give talks, appear in media, be active in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

      Market, market, market.

      But strange, there are white sheep that follow shepherds they have never seen in person!?

      The "trust" is strong in them!

    2. Build authority. Or even better/faster, buy some. White sheep will fall in line nicely ;)

    3. Kevin,

      It's a sad world now where even Phd can be "bought"...

      Many years ago, sheep never stopped to ask, "Got such a thing as Doctorate in Options meh? Which university so bo liao?"

    4. Sad but true. Much easier to follow, than to choose your own path.

  4. Aiyo. Now you've spilled the beans.

    Everyone has the potential to earn big bucks. They just conveniently forget to say that perhaps 95% of trainees don't make money, and the 5% who do, hardly any makes more than a couple of dollars a month. Oops?

    Maybe I shld try a reverse psychology ploy. How to sweat blood and tears to earn only a few dollars a month by actively working your ass off - by a blogger who did it. Maybe I'd strike it rich!

    I mean, the promise is so pitiful it's got to be real right? I don't even have to spend any time photoshopping a few "$xxx earned" images.

    Oh yes, I adore the insulting ones the most. Yes, I chose to remain poor and indulge in my pathetic life. I really do!

    1. Kevin,

      Maybe I should insult customers who don't buy after browsing during my weekend sales gig?

      Insult them into buying? New sales tactic? LOL!

      I mean I've nothing against those who do it ethically, with class, and panache. It's a joy to watch and/or engage with them ;)

      Perhaps that's why we go back to the same shop, same bar, and same agent all the time? We were treated right? Duh?

  5. Hi Jared,

    Wah you say people use click-bait posts then still dare to ask people treat you drinks?!

    Aiya no wonder I don't have many loyal readers, I never give freebies! :)

    1. Jes,

      Hello! I will do anything for a drink OK?

      Except no kissing on the lips ;)

      What? I talk so much no drinks?

      How can?

      Thirsty leh...

  6. how abt the latest onlime online abt paying membership fee to be a 'duck' and sleep with rich tai tai for $3k per night? heehee

    1. Jimmy,

      Must give props to that 30+ Singaporean engineer or something who built an online pimping whorehouse.

      Became a millionaire through "passive income" from pimping. Now that's internet marketing for you!

      He seriously thought he could get away with it? In Singapore?

      Now got online "duck service"?

      Just like those land banking and gold trading scams, there will be new replacements maybe just as we speak.

      Human nature. Has not changed for the past 5000 years.

      "Psst, you want to make some extra income?" This opening line works all the time :)


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