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Friday, 12 February 2016

It's OK


  1. It is okay to laugh at ourselves. relax and enjoy life.

    1. Frugal Daddy,

      I think we have to junk some of the extreme "political correctness" and stop caring what others think all the time.

  2. SMOL,

    It's ok to fall. It's not ok to stay there.


    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Well, if I fell and found gold on the ground, I'll stay there and keep digging!

      No, we don't always have to stand up.

      Lying down or sitting down are just as comfortable ;)

  3. Lol. SMOL.

    No problem. U dig the gold and lie on it. I will come get from
    You and sell. I promise to come back to you for your share of profits. I shun ba ok

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      Of course I trust you!

      You just sold gold.

      Got track record ;)

    2. Wah so good leh sillyinv. I saw it but I got out way too early this month. Didn't use a trailing stop.

  4. Remove as many NOT OK then we will be OK. E.g. NOT OK to be empty wallet/bank account. NOT OK to roll over monthly credit bills.

    1. CW,

      I must say I very old school. No money in wallet I walk like a mouse. Very insecure. Although its a bit silly since we can pay with NETS or credit cards.

      But then, I often roll-eyes at the supermarket checkouts when people pay $10 or less with credit cards...


  5. It's ok to be a bitch! LOL.

    1. Endrene,

      Yes, especially must make it clear to the other young bitches (looking at your man the wrong way) WHO is the Alpha Female!


    2. Haha, no need to make clear. The man knows - he can go but the money stays!

      Thanks honey, for the money! Now, let me be your door bitch. Buay swee bo siu lui! ;P

    3. Endrene!

      High five! You go girl!

      Wait a minute... Why am I cheering you on?

      That's the best response to strike fear down a man's spine.

      Unless one can be like Adam Cheng.

      Must give Adam Cheng props! When he left Lydia Sum, he had to start from point zero all over again.

      Not many men can do that...

    4. Freedom comes with a price one mah.

      And please hor, I'm also not so self-righteous.

      If I were to be the one claiming my freedom, the money stays too!

      What we have today is from the sweat and toil from both of us for the better of the family.

      If one chooses to move on, then the other 3 people in the family should at least be 'compensated' mah.

      And hor, I got ask him to keep a secret stash one leh. So he won't end up penniless!

    5. I think I better stick with living-in-sin.

      Anytime not happy, just leave the keys at the coffee table and I go.

      But must avoid Sweden. Over there, even not legally married, living-in-sin parners got legal rights too!

  6. Hi SMOL,

    It's ok to have hiccups in life :-) ...

    1. Yaruzi,

      Oh! You meant it that way ;)

      For a moment, I was thinking what's so good about hiccups... LOL!

      I was once at a lift lobby during morning rush hour and I suddenly let loose one of those super LOUD hiccup.

      Everyone turned their heads and eyes on me.

      I tell you... Never felt so embarrassed...

      Well at least its not a fart!

      Run away also no use as that's my place of work :(

  7. Hi SMOL

    At work, OK seems to have a bad connotation as it means so-so.

    Ok lor, they win...

    1. B,

      That's why so many want to seek financial freedom to "escape" from work ;)

      I have to agree with you.

      During my corporate days as a "shepherd", I put on my mask and do my share of the song and dance to exhort others that OK is never good enough - we need to aim for excellence!

      It's the same thing everywhere. Leaner, quicker, cheaper mah!

      Who doesn't know?

      The trick is to be the one with the loud hailer ;)

      Actually, for my own trading business - since I treat it as a craft - I also do not accept "OK". There is this continuous improvement (Kaizen) mindset. Improve my entries; be better at my exits.

      In my personal life, I'm more "agar agar" can oredi :)

      I guess that makes me Jared the Grey?


  8. ok can be good or bad! Quite two sided word.

    So is ok good or bad? maybe even not important as long as we are "Song (hokkien)!" n never make others to be buay song in the process of doing it. Then it's ok!


    1. Rolf,

      As always, its about context and perspective ;)

      If I am a user of MRT, would I accept OK? OK means sometimes delay, sometimes breakdown. Compared to a lot of other cities, it's OK right?

      As an employee, I sometimes delay and breakdown (take MC) too. Would I want my employer to apply the same standards on MRT on myself?

      That's why I never use the tools of KPIs and goal settings on my personal life.

      I become a despot and tyrant. I throw away the carrot and stick I used on others ;)

    2. i think it's really O. K. for me only if i succeed in thoughts and actions it's not about me but always about others first.
      Very , very difficult to practice most of the time.
      i am no saint.

    3. temperament,

      During mu Alpha course, the best description of being a Christian is about is what my group leader (50+ business owner) said: "Christ like."

      2 simple words; a life time to live up to...

  9. what good does a rocket make if it has no fuel in it? how can that be ok?

    everything is not suppose to be ok!

    1. except when we are about to die, not ok also cannot haha..

    2. coconut,

      Well, can put the rocket at our backyards and show off to our neighbours:

      "How? My one big or not!?"

    3. Eh? You bored or not?

      One day up; one day down.

      Last week sky opening up; this week blue sunny skies.

      Intraday traders that close their trades every day should be happy.

      I boring as hell.

      Now have to wait for re-entry points again :(


    4. bored?

      this morning i bot a total of 1.5 million worth of shares!

      going to buy more if market continue to go up!

    5. i had been calling bottom for don't know how many times already, i really lost count but the show must go on! i cannot let the masrket run away from me!!!

      all i lost right now are those commissions from in and out, no problem, a very small price to pay.

    6. i never been so tired trading before, really praying that this market will at least hold for a week or 2, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee la!

    7. just bot another 300k haha.....

    8. coconut,

      Still dare to tell me you were "hedging" when you well calling the bottom?

      This week in your favour.

      Have fun!

      I'll wait patiently to re-enter again at a better price. And hope I don't get profit stopped out too soon again :(

      The consolation I guess its better than getting stopped out?

    9. i was hedged and short coming into this morning believe it or not!

      for 2 long days i had been reherst over and over again, looking through all possible trades and counters to go long and possible unhedge.

      market didn't really gap up and i'm able to grab as much as i acn right from the start before the market really shot up!

      what left now is to pray haha....

    10. Lucky siah coconut.

      Hope don't have to wait too long.

    11. thank you thank you!

      but not that i want to how lian, its a lot of mental preperation. its not easy at all to jump in and out like what i did, its really isn't. but with the market behaving like that i also have no choice.

      the worst is to losing my positions, a lot worst than just simply losing money.

    12. today what make my day isn't my trades at all.

      it was my daugther who came to me and say she wants to buy more shares she invested last year which is down about 10%. i pick for her another counter and she went all in with the reminding of her saving of 10k.

      i feel a real sense of joy.

      by the way she is 22 and still in the U.

    13. coconut,

      Don't worry about political correctness. We are all peers; fellow journey companions here.

      I am rooting for the Simsci to go up higher this morning too. Just different agenda. Now it has returned the where it was before our CNY break :)

      Bulls and bears both make money.

      This week is yours.

      Who knows?

      Maybe next week or next month is mine?

      Ah! I see your daughter is learning from dad. It would be fun if a young boy tries to impress your daughter with his "financial literacy"...

      A lot of smart girls play dumb so as not to hurt the fragile egos of us silly men.


      Eh, soon she will be bringing boy boy home to daddy for look see look see.

      Got think of questions to scare the shit out of her boy boy?

    14. ahmm, she's attached liao haha...

      boy, i think she is more gutsy than i am when i'm 22....

  10. Actually we all know we are not O. K. one.
    So boh pian, it's O. K. to be not O. K. lol.
    Genius or not.

    Even if you are given immortal life except you can't change anything, you will find that you are still not O. K. lol.
    In fact, i had watch a movie about this immortal man that in the end he was so tired of living, he beg to die.
    See immortal but can't change anything still not O. K. one.

    And how often you just can't change anything in your life?
    And you are mortal.
    If you know it's O. K. to be not O. K. , it's O. K. liu.

  11. this morning, for no reason our market went down again, on a bullish note with no negative from the US. i got piss off and buy some more. i better stop and just take a break for a while.

    1. I know.

      Was scratching my head when S&P futures, US bonds, and risk currencies were all pointing green.

      Probably spooked by the surprised negative opening in the Nikkei 225?

      Or maybe big fishes trapping amateur short sellers at the open to squeeze them once Hang Seng and Shanghai open at 9:30 am?

      Eh, you win again!

      After 9:30 am, it's up up and away! How's that for a reversal play?

      I think I'll go watch a movie since it's Tuesday! This Golden Village popcorn discount card quite good! Only $6.50 a ticket on Tuesday :)

      I'll wait patiently for my entry zone to strike.

    2. ya! especially with cruel up at 30 bucks!

    3. what else can move the masrket now? it is cruel at the moment.

    4. A war?

      First it was Iraq, then Libya, now it's Syria.

      Never fun when others are using your country to fight a proxy war...

      And if WTI crude falls below $30, you and I will be "active" ;)

  12. Hi SMOL,

    I guess what the question should be is what is ok and what is not ok ;)

    1. Joyce,

      There lies the beauty of the rainbow!

      Yet, together they form the white light.

      That's life. Sometimes all we care is light or no light.

      And then there are times when it's better to ignore the white light and focus on each individual spectrum of colours ;)


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