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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

How do you make God laugh?

How do you make God laugh?

Tell him about your plans.

Credit: I've stolen this joke with pride from Woody Allen.


  1. Replies
    1. coconut,

      Humour is one of the best technique to make us face up to our own little lies we often tell ourselves ;)

      If we believe in if we think we can, we can; or human endeavours can overcome the Mandate of Heaven, what's the point of religion again?

      Isn't it ironic its the grasshopper who believes the Heavens and/or Nature will provide?

      It makes you wonder who's the believer? Who's the heathen now!?


    2. humour is what lack in our lives, not only they (not me haha) never get the joke, some even take offends at it. what a nut head!

    3. remember i told you i went hedging the week before last week?

      i actually covered all and went long within a day or two after dow drop 500 points that night!

      now seems i have to do it again hahaha, this market action really fool all of us, including the most experience one hahaha....

      i'll wait a few more days....

    4. Hi Jared,

      Hmmm... I would have figured you to be an atheist. More of a pragmatic than religious person, perhaps I am wrong :)

    5. Jes,

      I'm agnostic :)

      I'm quite spiritual; I don't believe we need a religion to be one.

    6. coconut,

      Enjoy our CNY lah!

      We are living in interesting times!!!

      The truth is no one knows...

      Just look at USD/JPY! It has dropped back below to before the BOJ negative interest rate surprise!!!

      Now explain this to those who think they know about fundamentals!?

      Stay nimble; stay safe.

      Have a "ba kwa"?

    7. ya hor, have to decide before end of friday.

      actually my hedging is more meant for my pride than my losses, and my nerves too. i don't want to end up being the worst investor here, one and only who lost money.

    8. coconut,

      What the hell happened last night!!!???

      How can crude rally when the inventory is 7.8M versus market expectations of 3.7M ?

      That pulled up the US market indices and now Simsci has reversed...

      Give me a trend for at least a week leh!

      One day up one day down not my market.

      I think I have to clean the windows today :(

      Better stay out until the dust has settled...

  2. I guess your answer SMOL
    Who tickle you again?

    My answer?
    Tell God I aspire to be like him.

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      If there's more than one god, your answer would be "safe".

      But if there's only one god, well, nobody likes a competitor... Make a wild guess where you would end up?

      Atheists just believe one god less than monotheists ;)

    2. haha thats exaactly what i'm thinking...angry and not laughing.

    3. coconut,

      Hey! You see what I see!


  3. Two of my favorite one-liners on god:

    One of the basic differences between God and humans is, God gives, gives and forgives. But the human gets, gets, gets and forgets.

    I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason and intellect has intended us to forego their use. – Galileo (1584 – 1642)

    If God is watching us, the least we can do is be entertaining, right? Thanks Jared for entertaining us with your wit.

    1. Andy,


      Laughter is the best medicine :)

  4. Hehe.... my wife is a christian and yet she does not know the meaning of your joke! LOL!

    Spiritual and religious same same but different! Spiritual = plan for urself. Religious = God plan for u.

    Ok, Andy's joke is more direct! I like it a lot.

    1. Rolf,

      LOL! Shhh...

      Better let sleeping dogs lie ;)

      We must thank our past selves for "living in the present" so that we are able to laugh and see the humour in life during this period of blood letting and swinging axes...

      When driving, keep our eyes on the road.

      You'll be surprised how many are busy "planning" when driving...

  5. Hi SMOL,

    How to make god laugh? Tell God a joke. Possibly a very lame one haha

    1. Hello!

      God is supposed to know everything... Even what's on your mind.

      How to laugh when God knows your punchline before you even talking?

      If I believe in gods, I would prefer polytheism.

      It would be so much more fun!

      I'll whisper to God A that God B is talking behind his back...

      Or tell Goddess C that a lot of people are praising the beauty of Goddess D.

      Come to think of it, the Greeks, Romans, and Chinese Taoist gods all display human like qualities of jealousy, anger, joy, lust, etc.

      They are a bit like DC and Marvel superheroes?

      I often wonder where these gods "disappear" to when men no longer "believe" in them...

      Even gods can get retrenched!?

    2. Haha, then pray tell why the gods will laugh when you tell them your plans, when they know it'll not be the plan you planned anymore?!

      I think in short, it's hard to make god laugh. If you take it that god knows everything, then it's not funny anymore.

      For greek gods, i think they actually die after a span of time - it's just longer than humans. Maybe you shouldn't see god as an individual entity, but more like a position. "The king is dead - long live the King'? haha

    3. LP,

      A great riposte!

      It's always a pleasure to banter with someone smarter than me ;)

  6. heng ah!

    lucky i waited until today. really just like tikam tikam.

    i will not going to do anything yet, after new year if its going to go down, i'll sell down with it!

    1. i think it was wednesday that i was so convence that the market is going to crack again and i was all prepared to hedge and short the market again.

      now i'm convence again that the market might had bottom up already, the key word is convence, thats how the market actions makes you feel that way.


    2. coconut,

      I got profit-stopped out of my long USD position :(

      Oh well, at least the market is giving us a chance to re-enter our initial positions at a better entry price.

      I'll wait for tonight's Non-Farm Payroll.

      If its a dismal figure, market may be convinced the Fed won't hike in March and we may have a pop in the Simsci ;)

      Return back to 2700 and beyond!?

      That will be the CNY ang pow for most retail investors!

      Provided they take profit ;)

    3. i'm still buffer, searching the whole morning to see whats behind the move of our stock market.

      nothing, nothing at all. but what a move!

    4. haha profit stop out? i never heard it before but i get what you mean. i guess the market take a big junk away from you isn't it?

      why not you combine trend follow entry with a counter trend exit? the overall net result will not be any different but at least it can cum your nerves better.

    5. coconut,

      I was positioned for the Fed to hike in March.

      I guess have to reset and postpone my re-entry for June :(

      At least still got some kopi money while I wait :)

      Search for what?

      It's just market repositioning now that the Fed March hike is pretty much off the table - unless we get another spectacular NFP tonight!

    6. i'm totally totally stunt today, thinking it is going to be a flat day but now had develop looks like short squeeze. it just went up without reference to anything or any news?!

      now i'm wondering should i do some selling or not, man really confuse....

    7. coconut,


      Go flip a coin ;)

      Me? I'll wait for either Simsci break 2500 or 2700 to tell me which direction market wants to go.

      Trend followers are not smart; we just follow the price action.


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