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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Hee hee. I'm back!

I was distracted...

No. It's not a woman.

Although there were opportunities...


It was a game.

Brave Frontier.

After buying a new notebook, I was playing around the Windows Apps store and found this interesting free game!

Boy, was it addictive!

For the past 2 weeks, I was cocooned in my otaku (宅男) nirvana having the time of my life - slaying demons and collecting new heroes.

What a beautiful distraction!

Oh! But this week cannot be sidetracked.

This week is main event for my currency positions.

Come to think of it, trading is one of the most exciting "game" I've picked-up.

Trading is wife; gaming is just an occasional dalliance.


  1. Haha which game is that? I'm also playing games for the past month or so but no longer. What a coincidence! We all come out of our cave at nearly the same time!

    1. LP,

      It's called "Brave Frontier"".

      A game app meant for smart phones.

      I was trying to find Angry Birds (talk about me being a laggard); but found this game instead.

      I'm so glad I bought my notebook with touch screen!

      The transition from Windows 7 to Windows 10 was painless :)

  2. Glad you're back SMOL :-) Boring market + no SMOL blogging can be a depressing combination

    1. Yaruzi,

      LOL! Thanks!

      Market is indeed boring for several months now...

      STI is in a 2800 to 3000 trading range. As a trend follower, I'll just be patient and wait till STI makes a break-out ;)

      Until then, it's currencies for me :)

      Give me some time. My engine not warmed up yet.

      I think as I get "younger at heart", I am becoming more "woman""...

      Now everything must have "feel" and "foreplay" ;)

  3. Hi SMOL,

    Nice to see u around. Was wondering why 2 weeks MIA, thought u went overseas

    Tried your game. I prefer Chin na game. U tried Kung fu house before. Old game, but played for 1 year before I find it sianz

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      I into those Japanese manga, anime - that sort of things...

      Like the cute graphics ;)

      You know what? It turned out to be an impromptu test on whether people will still come when no new posts in my blog???

      Got you know!?

      The problem is now I've lost my momentum in blogging... Now waiting for inspiration to come.

      Not going to write for the sake of writing ;)

  4. You really bad guy. You should have declared blog leave and save me from thinking negatively.

    1. CW,

      I'm a free spirit grasshopper ;)

      I don't do the announcement thing you guys do.

      I feel like blogging; I blog.

      I am more like coconut in this respect :)

    2. only 2 weeks MIA, cannot compare with me!

    3. ya me too, i always think negatively, thought something bad happen.

    4. coconut,

      Of course cannot compare to you in length of absence.

      I meant your "free spirit" nature ;)

      Ha ha.

      I don't blame you. In our trade, the first thing that brings to mind is probably did I blow-up my account?

      Ah! The just released US ADP number is in my favour :)

      One down, two more to go this week...

    5. so will fed rate hike this december? we will know very soon. what will it impact on us and us, i think the result will be very much different.

    6. Tonight let's see whether Mr Draghi will meet market expectations for more dovishness... That will be part 2.

      Well, I'm positioned for a Fed rate hike ;)

      Who knew I can hedge my stock portfolio with a currency bet?


  5. My distraction will definitely only be women! If not directly, then indirectly. hehe...

    Good to hear that there were opportunities around!

    1. Rolf,

      There's a woman who expressed interest recently whom I got to know through my weekend job...

      But at this phase of my life, I'm enjoying my personal freedom too much to get into a serious relationship. Flirt flirt still can; I'm incorrigible!

      The only bummer for being single right now is that all the promotional airfares from SQ are for two to go :(


    2. Hi SMOL,

      Got woman expressed interest you still play hard to get???!!!

      Good for you... best way to play the game *wink*

    3. Jes,

      Beside being bald, having a big paunch, age spots all over my face, and in uncle territory; otherwise, I am all good!

      A confident man is attractive ;)


  6. Lai lai, more poison.

    Free to play 3d mmorpg


    1. Wow!

      World vs World option?

      Now that's awesome!!!


      If only gaming can earn money... Well, if only I can be like iceiceice in Dota2 :(

      But man! The hours we have to put in to be a pro-gamer...

      I better control myself.

      Must focus on women and trading!

  7. Just surfacing to say.... good to see that you're alive and kicking (asses?) ^^

    Game on!

    1. bb,

      I don't kick asses. I ogle them.

      Stilettos and tight skirts.

      Can't go wrong with them!

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