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Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Trust your intuition

And yes, that include you male readers out there.

Intuition is not the exclusive purview of women.

Go ahead! It's OK to be in touch with your feminine side.

With practice, you may even get to understand her better...

Yup. If you think she's being angry with you, she is!!!


  1. Of course we trust our tuition. LOL!

    CW8888's blog masthead: Stock picking is part science, part art, part luck, part intuition, and always uncertain - "not precisely knowing." - (Forgotten the Author)

    1. CW,

      Of course you would concur!

      I suspect many newbies will find it hard to understand upon first reading what you've written:

      "Less analyzing; more investing."

      For those of you who are too shy to ask before, well, the secret recipe has just been revealed by CW :)

  2. Throw in guts and it's almost perfect.

    1. temperament,

      Woah! Slow down now big boy.

      You may want to cut down on the Redbull...

      We men need "intuition" to know - this girl "can" ;)

      But too much "guts" may get us into trouble.

      If not, light consequence is just a slap. Serious can be police case!

      Safer to go with foreplay first ;)

    2. Well, maybe temperament is referring to the signals from our second brain - the one below our shoulders.

    3. Andy,

      God gave us men two important organs; unfortunately he only gave us enough blood to power one at a time :(

    4. Quite true. It's quite a balancing act to function at our highest level with limited resources.
      However my "second brain" was in reference to a third important organ.
      I guess I have to blog about it in a separate post. Would be too long to fit here.

    5. Andy,

      I know what you were referring to ;)

      Just fooling around since I'm in a happy mood :)

    6. Thank you, Jared, for sharing your happy mood with all of us. Appreciated.

  3. Hi SMOL,

    Hmm, I think some people have no rights to use intuition. It's only when u have sufficient experience and observations of the world that u can subconsciously go through all the myriad factors that affect the outcome without really thinking, ah.. Then we can say we have a gut feel or intuition. Beginners or newbies are better of following methods or techniques to develop that intuition. Until then, they have no rights to feel that they are correct.

    A bit harsh, but yeah.

    1. Not harsh. Just the truth.
      I think it was some scientist that have confirmed: Only in domains where one's intuition has been carefully trained should we trust it. And that requires a predictable environment, where there is lots of repetition and quick feedback on one's choices. Like, say, for the experienced chess or football player, but clearly not for a novice in the stock market for example or in the mating game.

    2. LP,

      It's no coincidence the two young-at-heart gentlemen were the first to comment ;)

      And that's why there's a "with practice" in my post above and "upon first reading" in my comment to CW.

      You are not harsh; merely pointing out the reality.

      The strength of youth is not knowing what cannot be done.

      The power of experience is knowing when to throw out the rule book ;)

    3. Andy,

      And that's why the chef never prepares the signature dish exactly in accordance to the recipe steps he has written in his cookbook for others ;)

    4. My yardstick to judge whether I can trust my intuition:
      Poor intuitions are shocked by reality.
      Good intuitions make reality feel natural.
      And intuitions are bad when they are merely lazy replacements for thinking.

    5. Andy,

      Good points to enrich the discussion :)

  4. Hi SMOL,

    Know she is angry is intuition?

    Signs are all over the place la. Men either pretends not to see or dun know what to do.

    Beside shaking u and yelling "I am angry", which part of the body language is not yelling I am upset or troubled.

    Intuition is meant for things that cannot be observed ??

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      "Men either pretends not to see or dun know what to do."

      Friend, if she is yelling at us its already too late...

      What intuition meant here is the moment you step into the house you see her you knew she's upset or something is not right ;)

      What we do next may determine whether we sleep on the sofa or get to do gymnastics in bed ;)

      Intuition is knowing without much thought or analysis.
      You just know. Can't explain why or how you knew ;)

  5. Akamak SMOL.

    My English so bad huh. What i meant is the signals given are also as obvious as "yelling", the silence is deafening.

    She put things down heavier ... The spark in the eyes...

    The answers she have short short ...

    A... Not wrong ... I call them 察言观色。LOL

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      It's not your England; it's your .....

      Compare your examples to my example - step in house you see her.

      If you can't see the difference, maybe a stock market analogy may help.

      What's the point of waiting for a 10% correct or 20% bear market before you can "see" that the market sentiment is bad... (she bing bing biang biang)

      And then have reflections that on hindsight, your analysis or projections were flawed...

      It's when market is going up and everyone all saying "bao jiak" or giddy with euphoria, but you sense something is not right...

      You start moving closer to the exit door or exit the party early ;)

      Now that's intuition!

  6. Hi SMOL,
    The case may be you are living with someone for so long, you may take your partner for granted.
    Or you so get use to each other habits and moods, that a slight variations will trigger your radar.
    Another words you can't hide anythings from each other.
    Do you need intuition then?
    Is there an analogy in the Stock market?

    1. temperament,

      You already have given the analogy to the stock market ;)

  7. Hi Jared,

    Just trust no need to verify hor???


    I agree with intuition totally, because in making critical life decisions, my intuition is normally right. many times before, I go against it, I failed many times!

    I believe intuition is something that we already repeatedly practice since young, that subconsciously we become so good that we also are very aware! This is bcos our focus is somehow on other things when we were young.

    For e.g. if u spend ur younger days hanging out with all the "bad eggs" SS friends, and yet eventually never turn bad, you will likely to have a better sense of danger in the outside world.

    Not because of his inborn talent but bcos of him being in an environment that teach him how to survive when he was young!

    So if it's proven time and again that ur intuition is normally right, go with it. U probably already so good at it, that u might not know!

    Intuition in stocks is a No No, at least for me! Bcos I am just not as experience yet and not good yet! So I believe hardwork to learn n experience is still necessary before we acquired intuition in stocks.

    1. Rolf,

      In my line of work, I am trained to "read" people. Hence I can trust my intuition in face to face situations.

      But in blogosphere, I can't see your body language, facial expression, tone of voice, etc.

      Therefore I use trust but verify techniques to find out more about the person behind the nick ;)

      I find it ironic that some readers of financial blogs practice it the other way round...

  8. the reason for ur last sentence can be a consequence of the evolution of Info tech.

    The way we used to ask friends out as a boy is to run to his HDB flat level 1 and shout it loud his name. Dun even dare to call his home phone bcos his parents will ask lots of questions or scold!

    Ok... next u find is "water bomb"!

    With handphone n messaging, our intuition in face to face situation is not as sharp anymore!

    1. Rolf,

      I'm a laggard when it comes to IT and social media.

      But when it comes to reading people and intuition, I think I'm Jedi class ;)

      I sense a bit of silly pride rising in me...



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