Thursday 6 August 2015

You free this coming 27 Sept Sunday afternoon?

The good folks at Wealth Directions, who organised the first Financial Bloggers Investment Seminar early this year, have just given me a free ticket to their upcoming Profit Mastery Seminar.

Why I so special?

Well, you just have to do what I did: 

I totally bombed in my public speaking yesterday... I'm still alive today!

This time round, they will be inviting pro speakers. Hmm... It's not a hint right?

OK, I'll be there to "steal with pride" the art of public speaking from these pro speakers.
Click below to see more details of this Profit Mastery Seminar:

If you feel like coming, come. Don't come, don't come!

This is not an advertorial post. I just go where there's free food!

But if you are coming, do say hello during the break? (Especially if you are more than a woman!)

P.S.  Don't you dare pay $20 for the tickets when you can get it for $10! There's an early bird discount from now till end August. The discount code is "EARLY".

Must give feedback to the organisers. Men don't like to be "Early". Next time use words like: "Smart"; "Savvy"; etc. 


  1. Replies
    1. congrats for the recognition
      they dont give the ticket to any tom dick harry or jimmy haha

  2. Hi SMOL,

    They are so going to regret not inviting a non profit blogger like you to come over to give a talk :) If it's so commercialized, they might run the risk of people not wanting to be 'sold'.

    1. LP,


      You don't picha my lobang!

      I no full-time job. Will do anything to get a free meal ;)

      Maybe I'll get another free meal once they realise my blog post above is sending out 2 subliminal messages:

      1) I'm helping with their future recruitment of hobbyist bloggers. Sharing the way I've bombed, I'm serving as ground zero, index 100 if you will.

      Other hobbyist financial bloggers will feel embolden as they can't do any worse than me! LOL!

      2) Most financial advertorials in our community are a bit too "obvious" with their full frontal nudity approach.

      I just reveal a hint of cleavage ;)

  3. Hi SMOL,

    What's more than a woman? A pretty woman? A smart woman? A tall woman? Shallow leh... hahaha!

    1. Jes,

      I see you're too young to remember Disco, Saturday Night Fever, and the Bee Gess ;)

      There were a time where men wear high waist pants with no belts, big collars, and bell bottoms ;)

      You are right though.

      It's quite obvious from the way I blog that I'm not a numbers man. The only numbers I'm sensitive to are: 36; 24; 36.

      Yup, I'm as shallow as piss on concrete.


  4. Now you confused me ...27th Sept is a SUNDAY mah.....u say Saturday ?
    Still thinking of the free meal...

    1. fataba,

      1. Thanks for the heads-up! I'm glad someone trust but verify ;)

      Good job!

      2. Now to give you a gentle poke in gratitude.

      Why were you confused?

      It would have been better if you had spoken with conviction on what
      you know for a fact, "Hello SMOL! 27 Sept is a Sunday lah!"

      Hope this may help in your personal finance journey.

      If the shoes fit, you'll know. You don't need affirmation from others ;)

  5. Hi SMOL

    Away from Singapore on that day. Proud of you. Hopefully, can see you do a speech during national day parade. :P

    Have fun on your upcoming event.

    1. Frugal Daddy,


      All this just for attending a seminar?


  6. Hi SMOL,

    the last seminar I paid early for the sake of catching the glimpse of SMOL, but I was not back in time during a business trip.

    It was a big disappointment.

    This time, no SMOL, I will likely give it a pass. Will go to INVEST fair instead.

    1. Rolf,


      Hope we can meet up one day and exchange philosophical musings ;)


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