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Monday, 31 August 2015

My Virgin Cameo Appearance On TV

Last Monday, I was at SMU being interviewed by the producers of Talking Point for 10 minutes.

2 lady producers (sweet!), one sound man and a cameraman.

Once upon a time, I was quite interested in photography, so I was watching intensely how the sound man and the cameraman set up their gigs for this interview. Cool!

This interview was to gather feedback from the public on our immediate reactions on PM's speech on National Day Rally.

It was aired on last Tuesday night live on Talking Point's regular slot.

For those of you who missed the 47 minutes show, you can click on the pic below.

I cameo appeared on: 1:02; 17:38, and 34:03.  (Just saying...What? Me ego? Never! LOL!)


There's a thin red line that linked all my questions.

With our bias, vested interests, self-interests, we see what we want to see, hear what we want to hear.

Some will be disgusted, some will be elated. 

Just make a wild guess why I made this post now, and not strike when the iron is hot last week?

P.S.  Having a stake in Singapore can be more important and priority for those who are seeking financial independence.

Something to think about when more than 70% of those who invested in equities (including unit trusts) with CPF would have done better if they had left their money in CPF...  

Of course you are smarter and different, no high cost unit trusts for you you say. Well, some reality check for those who bought STI ETF and DIY stocks recently. 

I challenge everyone to find anyone who "lost' money buying a HDB flat directly from HDB.

OK, you're a high flyer and you don't qualify for HDB BTO. Just imagine buying your private apartment for 100K lower than your neighbours. Multiply this 100K with the bank interests you'll be paying for 20 years. 

There you go! 

Being "lucky" for our first humble abode can shave years off on your journey to financial independence.

So when people ask me eagerly how to start their journey of investment, I always ask, "Do you have a place of your own?"  

(Property agents and those in property education, you owe me a drink)


  1. Excellent points, Jared :) "Focus on youth"

    There's no doubt that paper chasing is a necessary evil, but it's one of those things where an educator should begin a class saying, "Ok guys...you're not gonna like it, but we've all got to do this for the certificate. BUT...meanwhile, here's a little extracurricular exercise that you could consider trying. There's nothing in it for you to do this extracurricular exercise. No bonus points, nothing. It's just something weird, interesting, and unexplained..."

    And that's going to be the difference between the student who merely paper chases, and the student who's genuinely passionate about the subject and doing little "useless" extra things.

    So the educator should explain it this way: "In life, the certificates are necessary. BUT...it's the extra stuff you do that will differentiate you from the crowd, independent of whether or not there is anything in it for you. All of us, when we've all grown up and have jobs, we're constantly juggling between doing the necessary, and doing the stuff that's completely unnecessary but completely exhilirating. There is no guarantee that the latter will yield anything. But every now and then, that little extra that you do attracts someone's attention. Sometimes, it leads to a discovery. Sometimes it leads to starting your own company. You decide."

    Jared, you're a great example of the latter. First, it was your blog. Now, you've appeared on tv. Someone watching might google you. And that might lead to more deals. Who knows. It's not a guarantee. But it's always a possibility.

    The regular guy who goes to work and home everyday without doing extra stuff will continue doing this everday of his life till he dies. Whereas the other regular guy who goes to work and home everyday, and takes an extra hour to write that extra paragraph for a novel he hopes to publish may just end up being a bestselling author. Or he may not. But doing nothing about it is a sure guarantee that there's not a chance in the world that he will ever be a bestselling author.

    So to the youth I say: Ok, go for the papers since it's unavoidable. But...do the extras even if there are no extra points. But it's the extra difference between you and the crowd.


    - Ronian

    1. Hi Ronian!

      It's so nice to reconnect back with you.

      You draw cartoons; I paint with words. You would think financial bloggers have no hobbies beyond making money...

      Glad you have settled well in the land of the loonie ;)

      It's what we do between the time we knock off work and the time we sleep that separate those who say say only and those who walk the talk.

      Yes! To youth!

      I tell you. If the youth of today, armed to the teeth with paper qualifications, start asking others what they should be doing... I think I better start look around for my next emigration spot once mom has moved on...

  2. Agree with Ronian. It's the things you do outside normal work that determines where you stand. Some students told me that since in normal practice, they won't do this and that, but in exams they will do it. I smiled secretly...for how we do anything is how we do everything.

    1. LP,

      That sounds familiar...

      I no need to train for IPPT. When the time comes, I know I can pass one.

      Now that's application of POSITIVE THINKING!


  3. Hi SMOL,

    I scrolled to those three parts in the video and saw the thread linking all three parts together. Your heart for those who are not so "privileged" is admirable.

    Socialist at heart? =p

    1. 15 HWW,

      Nah! I'm not a bleeding heart.

      However, whenever I get the opportunity, I'm the turncoat who evangelise during my corporate days:

      People first

      Then business

      Then KPIs

      HR loves me like no other... We were the counter-balance Ying when there's too much Yang in the focus on numbers.

      Managers sometimes forget it's PEOPLE that DRIVES business - not systems, not processes.

  4. Replies
    1. CW,

      I learned 3 things from this new experience:

      1) Sleep early when you know you'll be on TV tomorrow.

      2) Shave. (Cut the crap about designer stubble)

      3) I should have put on my Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse foundation... All my old age spots so visible!


      Cos' I'm worth it!!!

    2. Soon, more mei mei or jie jie coming to you at the seminar! See how you manage them. LOL!

    3. CW,

      For one thing, I'll not do what you do - flirt in public!!!

      Why? So simple!

      Kenna slap no one else will know mah!

  5. Hi SMOL,

    I watched the program on TV and was wondering how the producer managed to get so many quality views from the general public. I initially thought that they went around the street to interview people until I saw you. You are definitely not someone whom can be found off randomly off the street.

    I agree that no man should be left behind and education should not be just about chasing the piece of paper. Sadly, the minister only mention that they are doing this and that without offering any concrete answers, or did I miss out anything?

    The next time you are invited, please shout out my website. I will buy you many Asahi (minus the gals). LOL

    1. Derek,

      Funny how you the ring master of TheFinance.sg were the first to notice me on TV!?

      You go print one size big white T-shirt with TheFinance.sg on it and next time I'm in public, I'll wear it for you. I'll do anything for a drink!

      If that bleeding heart's next chit-chat session is on weekdays, we go gatecrash there again! Shall we?

      Let's see how long we can lelong TheFinance.sg before we get kicked out!


  6. not a bad performance.. ! but too bad they never put enough makeup for u! haha..

    Have to agree that the on younger gen is driven by passion and we have to continuously create jobs for this group, otherwise they ll just go overseas.

    1. Rolf,

      What performance? Being myself OK!?

      Accent a bit fake though. Pulled back my Singlish - no lah, hor, then ;)

      Well, I hope we don't fxxx-up the end game. The first 50 years were fantastic!

      Time will tell whether those that come after us are strawberries or durians.

  7. Hi.
    First thanks for sharing this. Really appreciate and know better how much our minister have to think and prepare us for the future.
    But sad, ( not trying to tie politic here) ....really how many people truly appreciate them. ( or just complaint) We have lost a few good ministers in the last 5 years at least. Just hope more good and able man can come forward to lead Singapore for the next 50 years.

    1. fataba,

      Thank you.

      My stance is for more Singaporeans to be and behave like stakeholders - joint ownership and collective responsibility.

      Less of this sheep mentality where we expect a shepherd to tell us what to do, where to go, how to think, etc.

      Shepherds work for stakeholders.

      Of course it can get messy if stakeholders can't work together for the common good. But then, that's what corrupted democracy is all about - rule by mob (Ochlocracy).

      The alternative maybe to go back to the philosopher kings model of giving a blank cheque to the wisest and most ablest among us...

  8. SMOL,

    Actually, I am rather worried ... No one talk about the economy anymore. Or I am not catching it...

    Economic vibrancy is te bedrock of social net. If u want dividend, company must have FcF. No 2 way about it.

    Listening to the TV debate yesterday, I was like... Why keep
    Harping on points that even I can rebut on behalf of PAP?

    Where is the economic direction after finacial hub?

    Innovation and productivity drive has not shown results while the previous model of cheap FT has clearly outlast its balance of cost and benefits...

    The next 50 years... I not very confident....

    If this is the term report for the govt, like I am reading a AR for business, I will not invest...

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      It's good to be CONCERNED. (It's not the same as worry)

      Many have used the straight-line extrapolation complacency to assume the next 50 years will be "entitled" just because we have pink ICs.

      Me? I'm more concerned with avoiding a military conflict in my lifetime.

      I guess most have forgotten why ASEAN was formed in the first place...

      A special shout-out to Suharto for ending Confrontation and the Chinese for "distracting" the Vietnamese in 1979.

      Hence I focus on 人生得意须尽欢.


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