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Monday, 17 August 2015

Are you really learning HOW to fish?

You buy, I buy!

You sell, I sell!

Take a step back and look at yourself.

You say you want financial freedom to do what you want. 

Is following the asses of other people what you really had in mind?

What if your shepherd had an heart attack and moves on... What will you do now? 

Be your own shepherd or find another shepherd?

OK, you have no financial freedom illusions. 

You just want the thrill to make some money!

You make, I make, everyone make - huat ah!

Come to think about it, it's not money you really after...

It feels good to "belong"... To be "accepted"... Just as long you tithe a bit of your wool...

People take course you take course.

Some become their own shepherds and now take wool from others.


Still giving wool... 

Who has got "it" and who still clueless?


  1. Hi SMOL

    How to fish is like how to chase girls .

    In the process , you know others and you know yourself . hehehe

    1. Small Time Investor,

      That's an apt analogy!

      Those who are paying for dating services should know that's not "chasing girls".

      After 10 years of paying for "dating services", you still have no clue about others and yourself :(

      It would have been more "honest" if we just would just go ahead and "buy" a mail-order bride...

  2. Go Vietnam for vacations and come back with a wife if everything going OK


    1. CW,

      I guess that's what those seeking financial freedom in a school of fish or herd of zebras are looking for...

      Instead of learning how to fish, they pay for fish instead ;)

  3. why are there fishing courses?
    because demand is always there
    human nature greed

    1. Jimmy L,

      Fishing courses are perfectly fine - if they impart the skill on "how" to fish.

      But when all we do is to follow the shepherd all day, isn't it better to give our money to the shepherd and ask the shepherd to "fish" for us?

      I don't mind giving my shepherd "2 & 20". That's leveraging on Other People's Time (OPT).

      There are more fun things to do in life!

      But to buy a dog and bark myself?

      Now that's ....

    2. One Shepherd was too smart and learned his lesson for taking money to fish for his followers. He went to Jail when followers reported him to MAS when fish were dead.

      Now he is smarter. Just teach how to fish lessons. LOL

    3. CW,

      And that's what I'm hoping newbie readers can figure for themselves!

      If you give money to a shepherd to "fish" for us, and the shepherd says he/she is not "licensed" to do so, pause and think about it!!!

      Temasek got outsource some funds to outside professional managers. Why these institutional shepherds are OK?

      Always figure out whether there's a fiduciary relationship between the shepherd and you ;)

      There are good shepherds who can't "fish" for others but are excellent mentor or coach for helping others to fish for themselves.

      The key litmus is upon graduation, their students can find trading setups or investing thesis on their own!

      No spoon feeding involved ;)

  4. 3 stage of fishing.

    1) prepare. Rod, lines, bait...

    2) People says fishing needs lots of patience. in the sun or rain.

    3) Once it's on the hook, then it takes lots of concentration and skills.

    old chinese saying.. better to teach him how to fish than fish for him.. so so true

    1. Rolf,

      Yes. That's not rocket science.

      But I think some have mistaken notions of what DIY means...

      If I not into fishing and I just want fish, outsourcing as in OPT (leverage on Other People's Time/Talent) is what most landowners use.

      And if I not into spotting talent, then there's the "Look ma! No brains needed" low cost passive indexing approach. We put our trust in statistics or John Bogle - the systematic approach.

      But to "DIY" and yet after 10 years still do the "you jump; I jump" thing...

      That's 10 years of lost time that's never going to come back :(

    2. "A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life" Muhammad Ali

  5. Hello!

    This property lady said it better than me!

    The desire to win versus the fear to lose

    Hey! It's nice to know I'm still in touch with my feminine side ;)

    When women speak, LISTEN!



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