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Friday, 17 July 2015

What is the "Right Thing"?

In a few posts back, I blogged about doing the "Right Thing" versus " doing "Things Right".

I noticed some readers have very different and diverse concepts of what's the "Right Thing".

You know what?

Do what's right for you.



  1. Hi SMOL

    Steady la. Nobody will has anything to argue about this.:)

    1. Frugal Daddy,

      Unless one has split personalities, why would I want to argue with myself?

      Let a thousand flowers bloom ;)

    2. Hi SMOL

      I am wrong, even such a straight forward post can garner different views below. Haha. "服了you"

    3. Frugal Daddy,


      I'm the 2 little dots in the Ying and Yang Tao symbol.

      People come here to "calibrate" and talk "male chicken" ;)

      Talk, talk; sing, sing. Make merry and have fun!

  2. SMOL,

    I heard this from value buddies.

    It does not matter who is right but who is left

    I think what is left of us at the end, will tells us a lot if we have a "right" life

    1. Sillyinvestor,


      At our end of days, that when we'll know for sure we've lived a full life, or completely wasted our "miracle" on earth.

  3. No need to wait till en of our days, once we became dementia; we can't even know who are we. What is right or wrong?

    What really matter is NOW or next few days or few weeks or few months or next few years when we still recognize what is right to do? Go and do it right!

  4. Hi SMOL,

    I agreed with the pictured phrase. Maybe to add "also to right the wrong for your love ones not yet in a capacity to do the right things themselves!"

    1. Rolf,

      Maybe I'm single, or maybe it's because of my Zen leanings...

      I'm not too keen in "deciding" for others.

      Each of us have our own karma. We all have to walk our own paths and bear the consequences of our own decisions.

      You used the words "not yet in capacity" so I am assuming you are speaking from the standpoint of a parent ;)

      I grew up in a "liberal" family environment where we were allowed to make our life decisions without "interventions".

      I remember when I decided not to pursue my A levels and told mom.

      "You sure?" mom asked.


      "OK," mom shrugged.

      Or maybe mom don't care at all...


    2. Er...sorry huh SMOL,

      Where is your dad then?

      Did u know what to do at then?

      Rolf and SMOL,
      As a "family" person, I realised I cannot "right" a "wrong" of another member( other than a child) can only live my life the way it should be, cajoe and hope they see it for another angle.

      The moment the word "wrong" is out, it gets all defensive

    3. Sillyinvestor,

      1) In my blog, I tend to talk about my ah ma and mom a lot more. The reason is simple: they were there when I came home from school. So we talked a lot more (when mom is not beating the crap out of me).

      I hardly see dad. Left early in the morning; return late at night.

      This is not unusual for those in my generation with one parent working.

      Before there were maids, my time got such a thing called "Latchkey kid". I see them quite a lot at Far East Plaza when I was working at Metro Orchard.

      Nowadays with both parents working and no grandparents living under the same roof, no prize on who the young children will miss more when they grow up...

      Success is what we have to give up to achieve it.

      2) Of course I have no clue what I was doing at 16!

      But there and then I knew academic study was not for me. To "study" for the sake of study because I've no idea what to do is pretty much like kicking the can down the road to me.

      I see this a lot in adult life too. Many study part-time for Masters or embark on their "financial freedom" to kick the can down the road...

      Even if we achieve that intermediate "goal", we still have to figure what's our ikigai.

      Many are afraid to admit after spending 10-20 years in a chosen path, that's not really "what's right by you".

      From "My Story", I have a very checkered career path - I tried many jobs during the Dark Ages after my NS to "find my fit".

      Only at 30 I found stability when I stumbled into IKEA where I stayed for 14 years. They accepted the "diversity" I bring in ;)

      Look where I ended now? Who knew? You mean I "planned" it?

      But I don't go round telling people "No Goal; No Planning" is a winning strategy or will work for others. They are not me; I not them.

      Just saying being a "leaf in the wind" has worked out alright for me :)

      3) What's right for us is already not easy. How many of us will wake up from our self-denials? What more to say "what's right" for others?

      What if mom had insisted I study? What if they insisted I marry for the sake of marry?

      Who can predict the future hands up!

  5. Hi SMOL,

    :-) You are single now does not mean u r gg to single forever. I leave this to u as I m definitely not in a position to further comment.

    I grew up similar as you with all the freedom I want. It's great for me but not sure if it is good for everyone.

    In fact at age 11, I already went BBQ many days with friends overnight, and started smoking. The same age, I already played and manned snooker venue at illegal mess almost every night! At age 13, me and friends already took bus/train to n fro to JB. All were done w/o adult supervision.

    After I completed my O levels, and was already in JC, my mum asked me a question that stunned me like a vege!

    While in market, she told me her friend asked how old is her son (me) and when is he (me) doing O levels? She forgotten my age n told her Frds I have not completed O levels.

    So she asked me the same two questions when I am back home wearing my JC uniform.

    Times of today has changed. Not only kids changed but parents too, and more importantly the overall environment.

    It is not about deciding for others (kids) which just like u, I also dislike. But, it's about educating, exposing and instill within them the "right" so that eventually they can decide for themselves "rightfully and righteously!"

    I am just lucky I never go the wrong path which most of my childhood Frds did, ended up in jail or DB. Just a matter inches wrong, my whole life will have changed! I am lucky.

    Perhaps Guidance is still IMPT just like how LKY n his team guide SG! Imagine it's complete liberal for SG 50 yrs ago.

    Just my two cents, but I respect ur Philosophy of freedom and liberty which generates creativity. This is also important. The key is how to balance.

    Sorry for long windedness, Selamat Hari Raya. :-)

    1. Rolf,

      Sama, sama.

      Don't worry about "length" in comments. Few people can beat me when it comes to comments - my comments can be longer than my blog posts!? LOL!

      OK, you meant "enabling"; that's different ;)

      Your mom and my dad "can fight". Haha.

      Well, one thing we can agree on - we are not strawberries :)

  6. I am not alone on this planet. Think of cause and effect.

    1. Money Honey,

      I'm glad I'm not alone on this planet too!

      Even more fortunate to be aware and blind to the laws of cause and effect ;)


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