Wednesday 22 July 2015

Try this exercise - hungry eat; tired rest (and no looking at clock)

Just one weekend. 

Or any day off.

For a day only.

Don't set alarm to wake up. Wake up naturally.

Try not to glance at the clock the whole day. (And no cheating with alerts from smart phone!)

No agendas; no schedules; no plans.

Listen to your body. 

Hungry eat. See? Do we need the clock to tell us when to eat?

Tired rest. Or take a nap.

Feel like reading read. Feel like watching TV watch (cannot look at TV schedule and clock).

Do anything without being a slave to the clock.

End of day, sleepy sleep.

The next day, see if you are rested or tired.

If it works for you, now you know a technique to rest your mind, body, and soul.



  1. Like that will get fat
    If we force ourselves to exercise how?

    1. Jimmy,

      It's a metaphor.

      But no one stopping you if you feel like exercising.

      Just no looking at the clock ;)

      Do what comes naturally (not part of a plan).

    2. while i was on long mc abt 1 week
      i was quite thrilled that i can do whatever i want, eat sleep, watch tv
      it lasted 3 days, after that i was very bored at home
      i sleep my fill and couldnt sleep well at night
      i eaten my fill, not hungry enough and my food tasted plain

      do this once a while is fine
      but if its a everyday event then its a bore

    3. Jimmy,

      There you go!

      Now imagine this is your retirement ;)

      Those who seek early retirement to "escape" may have a rude awakening... (Those who retire to "achieve" another story)

      Although I was mentally "prepared" when I left full time work, I still have to make philosophical adjustments along the way as there were quite a few surprises that I never saw coming ;)

    4. agree
      those planning full retirement must be prepared for this
      need to have something to do
      be it for your faith, family, your hobbies, charity work, etc
      make yourself and life useful to the society or someone
      dont waste your life away

  2. SMOL

    This is only possible when you don't have a child, haha.

    1. Frugal Daddy,

      Even better if you have a child!

      Especially one not old enough to have been "damaged" by the tyranny of the clock!

      Observe the baby or toddler ;)

      He/she may teach us something yet.

      A lot of things we do are the result of "conditioning".

      P.S. Those who own pets like cats or dogs can observe the same behaviour - hungry eat; tired rest.

      Do animals need the clock to tell them what to do at that particular moment in time?

    2. True, my baby is always in zen mode. No need to care about clock. It is the parent who do the dirty job. :)

    3. Frugal Daddy,

      Now you know why so many people are attracted to the concept of "Passive Income"...

      Who wants to be the Zen baby? Raise hand!


  3. SMOL,

    Frugal daddy hit the

    But for those with kids.

    Try this. Dun plan for too long what y want to do with your kids.

    After he finished his business, ask him where to go. Just go. See him run in glee.

    Should feel recharged too.

    But if u pile
    Up his weekend with enrichment that also cannot :(

    1. Haha SI

      That is only possible with older child. We need to rush to finish our chores, and standby for our infant to feel hungry, sleepy, bored and clear bowel. These are only basics.

      I must be so daring to poke SMOL blind spot. Haha

    2. Sillyinvestor,

      "See him run in glee"

      You got it in your heart; your mind refuses to acknowledge what you feel ;)

      I wish you "run in glee" in your everyday life!

      Working time of course harder.

      But after work or day off, if can run in glee, isn't that stress free?

      Little did I know my "cultivation" is about going back to the time before I attended kindergarden!?


    3. Frugal Daddy,

      And you are still in one piece ;)

      Hello! Say until I like some monster or what?

      That's why I say try this exercise for one day - when the kids and wife are away visiting in-laws or on school excursions ;)

    4. Generally speaking, your concept is great. Just hard for minor group to try.

      For the past 1 year, I don't have entire 1 day for myself. I am enjoying my family time, but I am rushing most of the time.

    5. Frugal Daddy,

      You know what I'm going to say next.

      "If anyone and everyone can do it, what's the point again?"

      That's why there are one day and seven days Meditation retreats. Some people need to be "forced" to have down time....

      And women knew this better than men - women can spend money on a vacation just to do spa, massage, and yoga just to relax!?

      Men will just go crazy! What? No agenda? No schedule? What do you mean follow your heart? Be more specific!!!


    6. I once advocate time management to the extend I thought it was my best strength. After having a child, without maid and parents support, having to fetch the child by 7pm everyday taking mrt after work covering half the singapore, hmm.

      I can force myself with a day off but it will mean my wife has to do all the works alone. Rotate? Nah, though time is packed, it is fulfilling.

      I am not trying to use my child as an excuse of not being more time efficient, but thing will be better when we enrol her childcare nearer to our workplace. I am coping well, just don't have 1 full day for myself. Few hours still possible Haha.

    7. Frugal Daddy,

      To maximise "efficiency", a taxi-driver would try his best to drive and hire out his taxi so its on the road 24/7.

      But he knows he has to balance it with "effectiveness" in making sure the taxi goes for its scheduled maintenance (lowers efficiency).

      SMRT shareholders have been enjoying increasing years of dividends when the maintenance budget was capped; only to realise paypack is a bitch with regulatory fines and a backlog of "old" parts that have to be replaced...

      Effectiveness vs Efficiency.

      I've had a type A personality super ambitious ex-boss who lost his family through divorce, had a nervous breakdown, and lost his job.

      That's how I learned "success is what you have to sacrifice to achieve it"...

    8. If you are Singapore Man of Leisure, I am Leisure Man in Singapore. haha. My definition of success is simple:

    9. Frugal Daddy,

      Version 1 is about things you would like to accumulate (no hiding behind the little woman!)

      Version 2 is activities you would like to do or have achieved :)

      No numbers in $?

      We need more financial bloggers like you to act as counter-balance!

    10. What numbers in $? It is relative.

      When at 39: "Passive Income exceeded current standard of living"

      When at 40: "Option to retire"

      When we have enough to last for a long time; the rest is relative. No?

    11. CW,

      Wow! That was fast!


      To express something that's "relative", isn't something as fuzzy as words (can have different interpretations) be more suitable than absolute numbers?

      Well, you have to ask yourself why you cherry-pick the examples you've chosen, while leaving out those activities like enjoying school with child, simple lifestyle, breathing, etc...

      I know. Drive some bean counters crazy... How the hell do you measure that!!!???

      And how do we know when we have hit that goal if it can't be measured?

      Eh... By us DOING it?


    12. Thanks CW and SMOL for catching the essence. haha.

      Hi SMOL, I see myself wearing Titus instead of Rolex, HDB flat instead of penthouse, MRT/Bus/Cycle/Walk instead of Mini-Cooper. Unless my ego rubbed me too hard to think otherwise. If I am born rich, then it is a different story altogether. :)

      How do I measure? I will know when I achieved and I need not prove/show to anyone. If you know me well, you will know by then. haha. Isn't that how you have been blogging so far? Concepts, no details as it is relative.

    13. Frugal Daddy,

      Glad you didn't capitulate ;)

      Man of leisure and free man use descriptive words to paint their dreams, visions, ikigai - like your picture of minions in your blog.

      If the new pair of shoes fit your feet comfortably, only YOU will know.

      Telling others that size 8 is your shoe size gives the illusion of "precision", but to others who bother to think about it, that
      "precision" means little to them ;)

  4. temperament,

    I would rather use the word "faith" rather than "psycho".

    Your good book has very interesting things to say about blessing you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work ;)

    But as with most men, that's not "enough".

    For we see the different concepts of "time" practiced between a land owner, shepherd, and sheep.

    And we desire henceforth...

  5. Hi SMOL,

    Agree that Resting, Mind, Body and Soul is the most important part of resting, more important than sleeping.

    Some people meditate, some go to church, some go temple, some like u don't look at clock do nothing, some in Europe go for summer house in the woods etc, some lie on a beach whole day listen to waves and enjoy sunshine...

    In ancient martial times, after the top pugilists duel, they need to retreat cave for months or years for recuperation.

    You can don't look at clock (still there is The Sun telling u time) or even your iPhone (even more difficult now to not look at it) do nothing eat, sleep, drink, but if ur mind is still constantly thinking about ur work problems or ur baby who has no one to take care, or ur financial problems, it is not gg to help.

    End of the day, it's probably not which ways/ method. You method applies well to your current lifestyle or liking I must say, and it's fantastic.

    End of the day, It's all about the achievements INNER PEACE. Obstructing is are worries and fears!

    Go to a quiet place, good air, good nature, learn how to FLUSH your worries or fear each day off your mind.

    But even if it is empty, tmr it will be filled back with other things in ur mind, bcos our mind cannot be constantly vaccum. Then fill ur minds with positive thoughts each day.

    Need not be whole day long, but practice on regular basis in the most serene environment!

    All in the mind...

    1. Rolf,

      I like it how you focus on the "spirit" of my words rather than the actual words itself ;)

      When I travel in Europe, I like to spend sometime in the cathedrals and churches. Sitting by myself and being still.

      There's this time in Goternburg, Sweden at a German Lutheran church where I had the most amazing conversation when an elderly German immigrant to Sweden who had been to Singapore as a seaman.

      He is now one of the church leaders. Topics range from his reasons for immigration, why the young Swedes don't attend church, and his admiration of Singapore. Germans would like Singapore - clean and efficient.

      There are days when I am totally at peace at a busy shopping centre. Then there are days when my mind is in a constant turmoil even though I was alone at Mount Faber or at the beach.

      I still remember during my corporate days that I first became "aware" something was not "right" when I was thinking more about work while on vacation...


      Then we decide whether to do something about it.

      Inner peace (until we become aware of the next thing that's out of whack!)

  6. Agree.

    We just need to focus on one task at a time. Once we're in the zone, time passes, or not, it doesn't matter. Do it till satisfied and move to the next task. No worry, no fear, no future and no past. Only bliss in the present :)

    That being said, having both a unstructured life and a structured life can be equally therapeutic. Routines makes one feel at ease, and hence can cultivate one's inner peace. Unstructured life makes one live at the moment, and focuses on the present rather than past or future.

    I've heard of some monks who went for retreats, and does not follow clocks and one's biorhythm. They will meditate and when the body calls for it, goes for toilet breaks or small meals. Then they will sleep and they will wake up when they are not sleepy anymore. They didn't follow a clock work schedule but they did follow a routine. Just that the routine doesn't follow the sun or a clock, but follow one's biorhythm (which is somewhat linked to the sun anyway).

    So perhaps the real essence doesn't depend on whether one follows a routine or an unstructured life. The real essence is this:

    When you eat rice, eat rice. When you watch tv, watch tv. When you sleep, sleep.

    Easier said than done, knowing our monkey minds.

    1. LP,

      There are natural cycles (routines) in nature.

      Day follows night, and night follows day.

      The moon waxes and wanes.

      Ebb and flow of the tides.

      There's a natural rhythm to all things if we take the time to notice it instead of staring at our man-made construct - the clock.

  7. This guy got a rude shock!

    I think now he will work till his official retirement age. :-)

    Read? You think it is so easy to retire early?

  8. SMOL,

    In the wild, dogs only need to eat approximately once every 3 days whereas when they are being kept as pets, they get to eat 2x a day although they are cooped up most of the time...

    1. Joyce,

      On some days, I do miss housing and travelling that's paid by "ah kong", corporate medical and dental plans, and paid vacation days...


      I get the "freedom" to wear worn out t-shirts with bermuda shorts and slippers :(

      Oh well...


  9. Hi SMOL,

    I normally do this during weekends. 2 days enough, third day I will feel bored and restless... because I feel recharged! Oh yeah!

    1. Jes,

      Yup, we are not mystic holy people.

      Hence I only recommend weekends or day off ;)

      Anymore, we may become "nua"...

      And that's no good!

  10. Sounds like a pretty Zen plan. I like.

    Now let's see, do I have the passive income to do this now, everyday ...

    1. Lizardo,

      I work weekends so my weekdays off will feel "special" ;)

  11. My younger son playing games on computers like there is no tomorrow
    No need to eat
    No need to sleep
    No need toilet visit
    Not doing school works

    Certainly driving me nuts keeping tab of time for him

    1. Money Honey,

      My record in gaming I think was 12 hours at my ex-colleague's LAN shop when I were in my early 30s - I late developer mah!

      I know how "addictive" it is.

      Lucky it was merely a phase which I grew out of it naturally.

      We were young once, so keep a watchful eye to see if it's merely a phase.

      But the moment if he skips school to play games, early "intervention" by professionals may be warranted.

  12. I think this is my life goal. This shouldn't be an exercise for just one day alone, it should be the philosophy of life.

    1. ladykiller,

      Ah! Ain't it so?

      Just a gentle voice to invite others to sample an alternative lifestyle - just for a day.

      If they like it, they can explore more on their own.

      If don't like it, they can go back to their lifetime bucket lists, annual goals, daily checklists, etc.

      No harm; no foul ;)


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