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Sunday, 31 May 2015

You working for Boss or Leader?


  1. Like that. Leader dies first when enemy attacks. LOL!

    1. CW,

      Interesting you focus on the military example (foreign to our daily lives) instead of corporate life (much closer to heart)....

      I empathise. I won't poke ;)

  2. Haha yeah very few leaders are brave to be first to die when enemy attacks! They claim that it's because they need to be alive to use their brains to win the war. Not sure how true that is!

    1. Joyce,

      Who wants to be the first to die in any situations?

      Another way of looking at this post is to ask which kind of "leader" are we?

      Especially for those of us who held the title of "manager" ;)

    2. I met a lot of "managers" who are not even good at managing people. Haha plus in banking, even a fresh grad can be given the title of manager ;p

    3. Joyce,

      Yes, yes. Head nod, nod.

      We have "titles" inflation too ;)

      Smart land owners have found out that by dishing out "fancy titles", they can get away with a minimum pay raise to sheep that crave "recognition".

      True shepherds would never fall for such ploys...

      No money; no honey!

      That brings back to my thesis that if anyone and everyone can do it (in this case a manager's title), what's the point?

      Land owners create a whole ladder of titles to lull the climber into a repetitive daze so they won't ask whether their ladder is leaning on the "right" wall.

      This sleight of hand didn't fool you and ACCIB ;)

  3. The above picture is ancient times. Now leader or boss just look at computer screens!

    1. Rolf,

      I don't know about your industry, but in retail, those of us in management practice Management by Walking Around.

      Those who don't seldom advance beyond the ground floor ;)

    2. Hey SMOL,

      Agree Lar. U need to be on the ground for the true successful leaders. But my earlier msg is just depicting during war time, the Generals of today are all in the room looking at screens for planning. Unlike in the ancient times, where Generals lead the charge as seen on TV/Movies.

    3. Rolf,

      Oh! It was in a war room context...

      You guys must love war movies. Either that, that's the power of "suggestion" by the fisherman ;)

      Doing my best to steer the focus back to civilian life.

      My military life very humble - I only LCP :(

  4. Hi SMOL

    Now that is walk the talk , talk the walk .

    You need to be on the ground to know the ground ( leader pic)

    1. Small Time Investor,

      I believe we have been greeted by the MD of a hotel in the lobby or given feedback to the owner of a restaurant who mixes with the patrons ;)

      We can tell intuitively whether a business that's ACTIVELY run versus one that's PASSIVELY run ;)

  5. Once people know that you are strong in certain field or areas of works then at most times people will look upon you as the leader or boss.

    No matter how junior your position but if your knowledge is ocean wide then others will likely look to you for guidance.

    Do not be fixated by the leader or boss title.

    1. Money Honey,

      Ah! Very insightful!

      The Manager versus Specialist paths.

      For you to say what you say, I believe you have experienced the same wonderful work culture like in my previous company ;)

      The 3 times I dropped the "manager" title and respond to the call of a leader to join his/her team on a interesting project, I was well rewarded.

      I was counting my lucky stars when they offered me expat benefits as a specialist overseas. Luck plays a big role in my life.

      But that's only because we have the company culture of paying specialists more than managers, whenever warranted.

      And this is a company that don't put much emphasis on paper too! If not how would I have got in?

      This is most unusual in all the previous companies I've worked in where I had to fight for the title of "Manager" because its crystal who gets the bigger pie and benefits.

      Yes it feels good for people to come to me for "advice" and treat me as unofficial leader... But without the corresponding reward and recognition, its a matter of time before we realise we have been taken for fools...

      I guess that's the angst I see and hear a lot from engineers "investors" who are seeking personal finance to "escape"...

      If only their companies would give them the recognition and corresponding perks, I bet most of these "investors" would rather focus on doing what they love - their day job!

      Not everyone aspires to be "manager".

  6. Hi SMOL,

    I'm still for the old school type of leaders, where the kings and the generals lead the war by going in FRONT! If you want to fight the war, then be ready to be the first to die. If you don't want to die, then don't start a war and seek other options.

    There's skin in the game now, not so easy to just press a button and start a war right? It should be this way!

    But the picture suggest that a leader cannot be a boss, whereas I think a boss and a leader are just roles that pple play at different situation. To motivate pple, I prefer to see a leader lead by going in front. Once you have other pple's respect, then the role of a 'boss' or 'manager' will be that much easier.

    You can't always be hiding behind a desk and expect others to fight the war for you ;)

    1. LP,

      Ah! You're are from the same ilk like Alexander the Great, Richard the Lionheart, and Joan of Arc ;)

      Once you have the respect of the people, you select the most capable amongst them and make them your "shepherds".

      And thus you "multiply" yourself ;)

      Some leaders can only lead sheep.

      Some leaders can only lead shepherds.

      The leader amongst leaders can lead BOTH shepherds and sheep.

      What's with you guys? It's like ink blots. You all see imagery of war in the picture?

      I only see that a leader pulls his fair share of the load.

      While the boss don't help never mind... But don't be a dead-weight to his men!


  7. Modern boss is natural leader who will lead the annual performance appraisal and reward their followers.

    1. CW,

      You write in satire and with little ironies!!!

      Fun hor?


  8. Sometimes not having a leader at work is not too bad. Leader will consume you and make you put in more resources than what you plan to put in. Worse is having a boss who thinks he/she is a leader.

    其实, 我只想混口饭吃。


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