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Monday, 18 May 2015

Want to visit Jurong Frog Farm for FREE?

I've registered for this FREE event organised by Young NTUC.


Never been to a frog farm before. Curious.

Throw in free refreshments and transport to and fro, what more can one ask for?

It' this coming Friday evening from 7-9 pm. Click on the above pic for the registration details.

Before you groan its Friday night... Think about it. Instead of the usual movie and dinner, why not surprise your significant other with something different?

Just one small request though. 

Please don't act too lovey-dovey in front of the bald single guy. Tone it down OK?

P.S.  This is not an advertorial. Just helping out a pretty lady to spread the awareness. I'll do anything for a free meal!



  1. Smoochy smoochy in front of smol. Haaahaha you have been warned. You will get spanked.

    1. B,

      Wah, you put words into my mouth...

      So you into spanking ;)

      Cher, I've been a bad boy...Can you spank me?


      No lah, the most I'll say is, "Ahem, can you both get a room?"

  2. Replies
    1. CW,

      No. I still waiting for a princess to kiss me.


  3. It' this coming Friday evening from 7-9 pm. Click on the above PIC for the registration details and make it happen. The Princess is going to kiss him.

    Hurry up before the quota is fill up.


  4. I when there before and saw this bubbly gal.
    Very helpful and anxious to tell us about her products
    I think she is the boss daughter
    Chose to be a frog farmer after her studies
    Very happy choice doing wat she likes

    1. Jimmy,

      Exactly! Doing what we like is the secret sauce!

      Personal finance is just one of many vehicles to help us cross the river ;)

      I remembered something funny while I was in Shanghai.

      田鸡 was translated as "field chicken" in several restaurants over there. I've to explain to my European colleagues that they shouldn't order that dish...



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