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Monday, 25 May 2015

A night time visit to Jurong Frog Farm

I went on a free tour of Jurong Frog Farm organised by Young NTUC last Friday evening.

Upon reaching Lim Chu Kang and Kranji area in the night, it struck me it's been ages since I was last out in "ulu" forested area ever since my reservist 13 year cycle ended when I hit 35...

Feeling nostalgic of those 3 days 2 nights field camps - free accommodation (you build yourself ), free food (I always barter the biscuits for chocolates), free flow of mosquitoes and red ants to leave souvenir marks on our bodies, and of course the free night time symphony of a battalion men snoring in perfect unison!     

Finally reach the Jurong Frog Farm, 45 minutes behind schedule... I gave my "poke" on the feedback form at the end of the visit. Those who care tell it like it is; those who don't just say say, "I like you; I like you 2!"

Took a back of head group shot while waiting. See the moonscape in the foreground?

I like the style of Jurong Frog Farm - no aircon. I respect the authenticity.

Many places "market" nature; but air-con everything and that's spells commercial fake!!!

There she is! The princess of Jurong Frog Farm - Chelsea Wan.

She is expecting her first child so boys, "Heads up!"

Guess where I was sitting? Definitely not in the middle or the back of the herd... 

Singaporeans are interesting. We are very "kiasu" and want to be ahead of others (remember Hello Kitty?); but when it comes to seminars, talks, or presentations, most would gladly give way and hide at the back... Strange huh?

I won't share Chelsea's story as its already widely reported in the numerous media interviews she has given. Just google if you're interested.

It's quite a privilege. It's Jurong Frog Farm's first time conducting a tour of their premises in the night! Lucky us!

Spot the guy wearing magenta polo? I took picture of him; he video taped me.

Have you ever wondered who are those people that are taking the opposite side from you when we buy/sell our investments or trading positions?

No? Never? You narcissistic you! 

Hey! Spotted a professional investing/trading frog! 

Retail investing/trading  frogs. You follow me; I follow you. Who is facing "True North?"

Interesting fact.

Only 10% of the tadpoles born in the wild will survive till adulthood. (See my Sea Turtles post)

It's the complete opposite for domesticated cousins raised in the farm; "only" 10% of the tadpoles will die. 

Which would you rather be?

To be raised in a frog farm with 90% survival rate as tadpoles; or born in the wild with only 10% chance of ever reaching adulthood?

Entrepreneurs and traders have no problem chosing as it comes almost 2nd nature. It says a lot about the debate between nature versus nurture.

Well, my math not powderful but I have the imagination to know one thing - those 90% that survive till adulthood in a frog farm have a 100% chance of ending up on the menu of restaurants. Wink.


  1. Who want to trade for a living? The Frog Theory?

    1. CW,

      Hey, don't look at me.

      I Trade to Achieve; I don't Trade for a Living.

      I'm just a pretty face ;)

      Eh? Why everyone is going to the toilet?

  2. so did u have a good chat with Chelsea ? >:)

    1. Jimmy,

      Chelsea's and Jurong Frog Farm's stories are both very interesting as they are intertwined.

      Both are currently facing strong "headwind" from Big Daddy:

      Lim Chu Kang Farms to move out

      I'll leave it to interested readers to google more on their stories.

      For engineers out there, Chelsea's dad was an Oil Rig Engineer who saw the potential of frog farming, switched path; and basically built the whole farm himself with some "outsourced" Thai workers - a bit like those Americans who can build their own homes in the Mid-West!

      My attention was more focused on the participants.

      There were 4 couples - 3 young pairs of twenties, and 1 couple in their 60s.

      Only 1 couple held hands when we toured the farm at night.

      I mean it was dark and the pavement rough and uneven. It would have been a great time to hold her hand if I'm new into a relationship.

      So I was guessing that pair of young couple that held hands were early in their courtship phase.

      As for the other 3 pairs of couples... Why like that?

    2. Don't worry about the other 3 pairs of couples. When they are much older; they will be doing more than just holding hand again. They will be locking elbows too.


    3. CW,

      I always go awwwww when I see senior couples holding hands in public.

      Feels warm and fuzzy that love can last till the end of times.

      No such luck on this trip tough :(

      Seen too many divorces that I guess a tiny part of me has phobia on marriage...

    4. pasir ris farms are also going away too
      our children will have to go abroad to see farms :(

    5. Jimmy,

      Palau Ubin is our last bastion for untouched nature.

      Better enjoy before HDBs and Condos start sprouting from there... It will come. 8 million hit during my lifetime.

      But hey! We "investors can't complain :(

      We get what we wished for - 8% annual growth for our portfolio remember?

  3. SMOL,

    these frogs will soon end up in Geylang...

    1. Rolf,

      No free lunch.

      These frogs never had to hunt for their own food, were sheltered from their natural predators all their lives. They probably thought they lived in utopia...

      I've no wish to live in welfare states; I could be on the menu!


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