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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Smile to those working at Chinese New Year

Many of us may be making our CNY rounds of visitations these few days.

To those who are using public transports, do have a warm and sunny smile our bus captains, taxi uncles/aunties, and those working at the MRT stations that you meet.

Of course if you can muster up a greeting even better! But being reticent Singaporeans, a smile will be appreciated and "understooded".
Stay cool, be a teeny weeny bit more patient. You know that most of their Chinese colleagues have taken off or leave for CNY.

To those who are driving, you'll visit the petrol station no? And maybe the LTA personnel on white scooters are not exactly a welcome sight, but pause for a moment how would you react if everyone anyhow park and jam up the place you are visiting?

Due to my mom's medical visits to the hospitals in recent years, I've a special appreciatation and gratitude to all the nurses, doctors, and ah mahs who work tirelessly on 3 shifts even during the holidays. Thank you all very much!

We may have friends or relatives who are now working during the holidays in many sectors of the economy - if we can take the time to show them some CNY cheer, isn't this being friends and family all about?

I didn't have to work today and tomorrow (感恩), but I'll be working this Saturday and Sunday. Don't you worry, I'll have a ready smile and cheery "Happy Chinese New Year" to all!



  1. Yesterday, when I going home, I spotted a LTA uncle busily clicking away on his camera. Pretty sure many drivers will have a nice surprise after CNY.

    1. SRSI,


      Must keep the bus lanes clear mah!

      Opposite my HDB, there's a blindspot where many LTA friends would hide and ambush those private car drivers who abuse the bus lanes during the evening rush hours....

    2. Haha this is damn funny. Happy new year guys! I'm also impressed that this food court near my place is almost 100% open!

    3. RetailTrader,

      Nowadays, CNY is not as scary like in our young days where we must stock up on food.

      There's a 7-eleven just 2 HDB blocks from my place and the Cold Storage at Holland V is open 24 hours :)

      DJs and newscasters are still are on-air accompanying us ;)

      I remember during my NS days, I am forever grateful to my Indian and Malay camp mates for swapping duties with us Chinese. We return the favour when it comes to their holidays.

      It's nice to live in a multi-cultural country :)

  2. Happy CNY SMOL....

    Finally it's pretty quiet here. 3rd comment.

    How about Car Park auntie? Maybe some good business too!

    I have to agree that Nurses are one of the most noble jobs around. I knew that when I was hospitalized many years back. Our PM's memory of good nurses should be very recent too.

    The video clip is touching to me!

    1. Rolf,

      This is a "cold door" post mah ;)

      I spent the first 8 years of my working life working with shifts and no weekends off - retail industry mah.

      Just thought it would be nice to remind those who work 5 days work week with office hours not to treat those who work shifts as "transparent"...

      You can't expect service, but show no appreciation when a fellow person is making our off days and holidays a little bit more comfortable :)

      Yes, we do our little bit to spread the love - just start with a smile!

  3. Hello SMOL,

    Thanks for the reminder, was at the airport with my son. At the toilet, the cleaner was looking Bery Bery sianz. I whisper to my son to wish him happy new year, and he break into a big smile.

    Think my son can do a better job.

    1. Hi Sillyinvestor,

      Good parenting!

      Early baby steps with EQ development ;)

    2. Thumbs up.

      And ang pow too?

  4. thanks for the timely reminder. indeed, there're many unsung heroes in our midst ^^

    happy CNY, jared!

  5. i finally have the privilege to meet the great SMOL. the year is good..

    1. Kyith,

      A Happy and Super Year of the Goat to us all!

      No, the pleasure and privilege is mine!

      It's so nice to say hello to you in person ;)

      I am grateful as you are the first established blogger to introduce "My Story" in your blog when I started 4 years ago.



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