Saturday, 27 December 2014

马云谈创业 沒钱沒技术沒计划是成功的三大原因

Sorry! I just can't help myself.

No. I won't be doing an English translation.


No point.

If you are already too deep into western way of thinking - think like ang moh, talk like ang moh - you won't accept it anyway. Too much vested interests. Letting go is hard.

If you still have some "cheenaness" in you, how? 

What do you think of what Jack Ma has said? 


  1. Hi SMOL,

    Good post :)

    What he said would only work for him. Some people would crumble following what he prescribes. Maybe only he will behave in a certain way under this kind of stress behaviour. But maybe that's the point...if you always follow others, and never listen to your heart and mind, you'll likely fail.

    Feels like his philosophy is to burn his bridges. If there's only one way to go, he damn well better succeed!

    1. I know one Group Sales Manager of an insurance company; He doesn't take in any part-time Agents. To join his group, one has to be full time Agent and will be personally trained by him.

      His philosophy to succeed in insurance you have to burn your bridge and no turning back.

    2. LP,

      Entrepreneurship, innovation, missionary selling, etc - all have one thing in common.

      Contrast that with management, maintenance, account servicing ;)

      You are right. Most people are more comfortable with one of the above and hence we choose the activities and mindsets that suit us ;)

      I loved it when you gave yourself the right to change plans whenever you feel like it!

      In academia, you will get a fail grade - lack of follow through, capricious, not sticking to your core competence, blah, blah, blah...

      You're a butterfly! If you don't change, you'll be forever a caterpillar!!!

      P.S. I loved it when Jack Ma poked at VCs that rejected him - the other startups with fancy business plans, why do 90% fail?

      VCs are investors; not entrepreneurs ;)

    3. CW,

      That applies to everyday living ;)

    4. Hi SMOL,

      Saw a beautiful piece from fb this morning that resonates with me. When I saw your reply, it reinforced that message :) I share it with u:

      "How then, does one become a butterfly? ", she asks pensively.

      "Well, you have to want to fly so much that you're willing to stop being a caterpillar!"

    5. CW,

      That's exactly who my friend who tried to get him to join the Insurance business. I know there are bridging plans that gave u some pay to buffer the first and some companies 2 years of salary as u build your base.

      My friend told me. Dun go for that. Eagle fly when they are thrown off their nest

  2. Hi SMOL,

    You inspired me. Tomorrow I will write one blog post with mandarin.
    Now I add on one more line.... Hahahahaha


  3. Wonder if he takes risk or he everyday talking about this is too risky that is too risky... Or many many what if this, what if that?

    Or did he plan more that most of us in the financial blog space???

    1. Rolf,

      计划比不上变卦 ;)

      You are working in the O&G sector. How many companies planned for crude below USD60?

      Now that the reality is USD60 crude, how many will throw away their existing business plans (based on crude more than USD80) and REACT to the new reality?

      Which companies are taking the most risks?

      Those that respond to new realities quicker?

      Or those who stick to their business plans come hell or high water?


    2. Hi SMOL,

      I wrote in one of my post here…Is walking a tightrope stretched directly over Niagara Falls risky? Ask Nik Wallenda?

      Most in O&G industry does not plan for USD60. They do not plan for USD150 also. It’s business as usual for most of the veteran businessman. Focus on the fundamentals, and ADAPT the cycles. Change, Evolve and Constantly look for new ideas/ solutions.

      In cyclical O&G with technology keep changing, (unlike in Coca Cola, Gillette, and most co Warren Buffett invested), company that are STAGNANT is the most RISKY. Even more risky than company who leverage, sometimes! Haha…..

      Also, Investors and Entrepreneurs are so different! I worked closely with both before. Read my blog article here.

      By the way, one profession that ADAPT very quickly is Analyst.
      Co can have target price of $2 one month ago, the next month target price becomes $1.


    3. Btw links here.... hahaha.... I am using your platform for marketing. 老毛病

    4. Rolf,


      You have worked with worthy bosses ;)

      Most welcome to post links to alternative melodies and rhythms.

      Here, we are all Jazz players. No conductors. Let's jam!


    5. Hi SMOL,

      You Jam I listen and enjoy. I am not entreprenuer so prefer to tag along for 油水! Hahaha....just kidding. I dance in the background can or not know how to Jam....

    6. Rolf,

      Can! Do whatever you like, just don't block my view of mei meis ;)

      How to jam?

      Take one slice of roti.

      Dip dinner knife into jam.

      Scoop up and don't be stingy!

      Spread across roti,

      Ta da!

      Don't like jam?

      Can kaya or butter too :)

  4. Hi SMOL

    "Keep in brace the change . Keep change is the best plan ."

    I was part of the committee for the christmas party in my company recently . The usual plannings ...programs , food , games , logistics , arrival of special guests and bosses etc. We managed to plan out the flow for the event .

    One day before , our boss told us that the other bosses and special guests will have meeting , thus will not know what time they will arrive.

    Somehow , the flow of plan has been disrupted as the timing of arrival is changed unknowingly. I remembered telling my comittee mates : " we have to adjust accordingly to the situation. "

    Fortunately , the whole event ended well with fun and laughter !

    1. Small Time Investor,

      Some focus so much on the "SMOOTH" running of the Christmas party that they FORGOT the sole focus of this party was to have FUN and LAUGHTER ;)

      Now try explaining your experience to those who have never organised a fun and entertaining Christmas party yet can only parrot "if we fail to plan, we plan to fail"...

      If only we can bend reality to fit our plans...


  5. I bet he has one thing in place of the three.


    Also, because he doesn't has the three, he has a double edge sword of "what's there to lose"

    A hungry person with nothing to lose, win big like Jack Ma, or become something many would not envision.

    Also, nothing to lose, means nothing between you and your ideas. No baggage.

    He is the exception rather than norm. But no one stopping you to be the exception

  6. Btw, I saw the heading from, there is a typo, it's 计划,not 计量。

    It means different things, the planning element is captured by both, but yours mean calculating and if read further could also mean scheming ...

    I think the word written in traditional font is correct? Or is a dilberate move?

    1. Sillyinvestor,

      1) Opps! Thanks for the heads-up! I copy paste the simplified Chinese from Youtube without proofreading when I realised that most younger Singaporean Chinese may not know how to read complex Chinese characters.

      I can read complex Chinese characters thanks to HK's 龙虎门 comics and 金庸 novels :)

      2) Sillyinvestor, we all have our own ways of operating in this world. You never know... One day you may have your own piece of the sky and you will share your "Sillyinvestor way" :)

      We are all unique; we are all powerful in our own way.

      A toast to diversity!

  7. How many Warren Buffet out there?

    Investing is not a difficult task to do; anyone who has some spare money can do it. Right?

    But can we do it like Buffet?

    1. CW,

      There is one Warren Buffet.

      Well, you have to ask those wannebes who follow Warren Buffet's every word - his letters to shareholders and appearances in the media.

      Now does Warren Buffet's wisdom rub off through relations by marriage?

      Well? Some evidently believed it does going by the "ko yok" by Warren's former daughter-in-law ;)

      Like that also can!?

      Talk about voodoo!

    2. Hi SMOL,

      Warren Buffett learn how to earn at young age. I will not sell my own ko yok this time with my link. Haha.

      Even without being an investor, I am sure he is going to be a great entrepreneur as great or better than Jack Ma. His choice is clear...passion!

      Btw the ex-daughter-in-law ko yok below.

      Enjoy the "Ko Yok" talk. I falling asleep before finishing.....

    3. Rolf,

      LOL! "Expert" on Warren Buffet?

      Another face-palm moment is when a self-professed Warren Buffet "fan" paid millions to have lunch with him and then go mess it up by telling media he had read all the books "written" by Buffet :(

      Yes, traits of entrepreneurship (or lack of) can be detected during our youth.

      I am not entrepreneur class. I am more of a shopkeeper.

      I did consider buying a Subway or 7-Eleven franchise but I too lazy to handle the manpower issues in retail...

      Hiring myself as a nano hedge fund manager is much easier ;)

    4. Did SMOL pay $10 to attend Subway franchise talk when it decided to expand in Singapore?

    5. CW,

      No. On-line research.

      My interest was piqued before I left for Shanghai when I saw Esso advertising for franchisees to run some of their petrol stations. Oh! That was 8 years ago...

      Pay range from 3 to 8 K and all we need is $100 K if I remembered correctly.

      That was when I discovered we can "buy" ourselves a job legally ;)

      In old China, we can buy ourselves an official post; that's not cool :(

  8. temperament,

    Honest truths spoken from someone who has seen and experienced a lot more of life than anyone of us here ;)


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