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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

城市少女 - 年輕不要留白 (1987)

I went for my National Service from Dec 1985 to Dec 1987.

It was one of the more memorable periods of my life - looking back.

These 2 years of NS were my "Mandarin music" phase. 

Prior to this period, I was more into Western songs and bands like ABBA, Bee Gees, Boney M, etc.

My switch to Mandarin pop was thanks to this top 10 Chinese MTV show every Saturday afternoons that  got me hooked.

I remember I had a lighter sized pocket radio that I would listen to in bed every night, and especially during my duty storeman shifts alone at the guardhouse.

After reading some of the young financial bloggers out there, a question popped into my mind - why didn't I take up a part-time course to better prepare myself for future employment or work part-time to earn money to build up my opportunity fund?

Did I let my youth go to waste?

On second thought... Nah!

There's a season and time for everything. 

Even if you had explained to me on the importance of planning for my future, I don't think I would have listened or understood.

I had my music, and that's what I was interested then.

Things didn't turned out too badly I think - 傻人有傻福.



  1. Hi SMOL,

    So did I, so did I. These days, the teens are so in tuned with adult world that they are sacrificing their teenage yrs to get more of the adult one, in order to have a headstart. I hope that's what they wanted in the first place.

    I never regretted spending my teenage yrs playing Sega and silly games on my apple iigs computer. It's not the best use of time, but I wouldn't know better. What I know for sure is that even if u give me a whole day to sit in front of a TV console, I'm probably not interested in it now. The time had passed for other stuff.

    Seasonal needs and seasonal wants ;)

    I have to think that if you're in today's society, it might have been a different outcome. Different generation have different difficulties. If the youngsters come over to the past, they might not survive so well since everything is so 'lag' and there's a lot of work just do do any work (no Google, no lyrics website, no you tube, no hp). Similarly, we might not survive well in their world.

    Different generation, different course of action ;)

    1. LP,

      I shudder when I watched the 10 O' clock Chinese news last night about the survey on the youth - what's with all this stress about money and career?

      If the survey were on the 50 years young people like me I can understand. But at 18? It's the most carefree moments of our lives!

      It's fun to look back at the different phases of our lives.

      Some things or goals I thought were super important when younger do not appeal to me anymore.

      And some things I "hated" in the past I now pursue with lots of zeal.

      Talk about schizophrenia!

  2. Hi SMOL

    This reminds me of a course i attended today , the trainer was lamenting kids in those days were chasing chocolates.

    Nowadays the kids ? " Chocolate ? Nah mummy ! "

    1. Small Time Investor,

      It's so interesting to have discussions and poking sessions with the readers and noticing the generational "differences".

      That's why blogging is fun!

      I often ask myself after a scintillating debate - why did I say the things I said? Was it me talking? Or was it a generational speak of the ethos I've gone through?

  3. 1985-1987 I am 6yrs old then. Watching 西游记, 青春123. ;p
    My NS time..no time for part time. Got into OCS and by the time i commission, I only left 1yr 3mth to ORD. Well i think i gain more after mixing with all the white,black,red horses.
    In fact NS taught me what I want in life.

    1. WolfT,

      LOL! Talk about generational differences! My time it was ROD ;)

      Ah! We have something in common :)

      I enjoyed and learned a great deal from my NS experience too!

      I didn't knew it then, but it was my training school for applying and testing out my EQ (natural and learnt) techniques.

      Hmm... I should share more about my NS experiences. It's definitely not a "waste of time" or negative to my future career development.

      Where I am today traces its roots during that 2 years of "doing nothing".

  4. Ha! Ha!
    How about those who didn't NS because NS started with 1949 batch onwards? Boy! Are they lucky or unlucky to miss it? For us this group, 50 cents was a lot of money back then.

    1. temperament,

      I think you got your history mixed-up

      NS was only started in 1967 - I remember as it's the year I was born :)

      My NS was "lucky" as it was the era of camouflage and kiwi boots can oredi.

      Those early NS pioneers had to endure starching of Temasek green uniforms and the meaningless of shining army boots!!!??? And Israeli commanders!

      Of course I now "envy" the new thinner camouflage uniforms and "sports shoes" boots of the current generation. LOL!

      NS is never about the "money allowance". I roll eyes when I read the young complaining about NS allowances... It's not a salary for goodness sake!

      It's more about the rite of passage for men.

      It's a journey of self-discovery.

      Whether you have leadership quality (a shepherd) or just sheep?

      Whether you can function in a group environment?.

      Can you be adaptive in an environment different from your upbringing?

      Can you relate to people outside your own race, social standing, etc...

      I've seen some "struggle" a lot in NS as there are just "psychologically" not suited in a group environment - these people are more suited for creative or one man show kind of vocations. Like home-based trading?
      (You reading coconut?)

    2. looking back i don't know how i survive the NS! awol is always on my mind haha...

    3. today i think i can close my book and go for holiday, look at the SGX!

      no, i think i'll go for a year long vacation!

    4. no, i'll follow jim roger go around the world, see those government yet to impliment measure to support their market and buy up the shares before they did!

    5. first stop, china and i hope its not too late!

    6. coconut,

      Eh... Shanghai composite index was hovering around 2000 1st half of this year 2014. Now it's approaching 3000 due to the HK-China direct link thingy. If that's not market boosting measure, what is?

      Well, if you look at the Japanese example of last year, there's still room to play the buy high sell higher fast money game ;)

      I'll pass. I prefer to play this game through currencies

      Shorting commodities currencies to play the China slow down story ;)

      Interesting contradiction no? Real economy slow down; stock market zoom up!?


      Hmm...Maybe I should take a vacation to Myanmar next year to kick the tyres a bit?

  5. Ha! Ha!
    SMOL, my poor England confused you again.
    I am actually saying the 1st NS batch of boys were born in 1949.

  6. People of the same age liked the same music. Michael Jackson and Madonna?


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