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Monday, 4 August 2014

My 15 Hour Work Week - 1st Anniversary

Last weekend was the 1st anniversary of my 15 hour week week.

How times flies! It's 1 year already!

OK, I confess. I "massaged" the truth a bit.

Technically, it's 16 hour work week since I work 8 hours on Saturdays and Sundays. But then, since they don't pay me the 1 hour lunch, you can say I am paid 14 hours per week. Take half/half = 15 hour work week!

Yup, I am paid by the hour.

I must say my "sabbatical from work" turned out even better after working weekends. Now I appreciate Mondays to Fridays more. Especially after standing the whole day during weekends! 

I'm not uncle; I'm no spring chicken either!

Weekends working is also my "time-off". Caregivers may understand.

Both mom and me were getting on each others' toes from see each other too often. Mom was the happiest person when I told her I will be working weekends. Does she have to be so happy about it?

True isn't it? Young that time I got schooling. Then it's work. Mom despite busy being a housewife, had some free time of her own when we were off schooling or working. 

Now I finally understood why Japanese women in their 60s were divorcing their husbands who just retired. It's bearable when their man were not in the house; but to have these men sitting around the house the whole day, time-out!

Hey! I just got a 6% raise! A reward for my 1 year's of contribution? And management was kind enough to backdate it to effective 1st July 14. Cool!

When hungry, eat. When tired, rest. 

I want to emulate the neighbourhood cats at my HDB block. 




  1. "I want to emulate the neighbour cats at my HDB block. "

    I know what you mean.

    You are waiting for some kind women come and feed you. No need to find food yourself. You just meow meow here and meow meow there.

    Other times, you will be lying there waiting for some different kind people come to meow meow you.

    1. CW,

      You are definitely not a cat person...

      But then, I guess no one is holding their breath waiting for ivory to come out of your mouth ;)


  2. Hi Smol

    i like this sentence " When hungry , eat . When tired , rest " rhythms with "Why stand when you can sit? And why sit when you can lie down? "

    Ha Ha

    1. Small Time Investor,

      Hey! You noticed!

      I'm into all these Zen here and now voodoo stuffs.

      Think less; feel more :)

  3. Hi SMOL,

    Not to insult Buddhists, but I always say that cats are the truly enlightened ones. They do not grasp. If it rains, go under the car. If there's food, eat. Even if there's plenty of food, you eat till enough and then you lick your paws and lie down to digest. You live in the world, yet remain unmoved by it.

    Be a buddha-cat.

    1. LP,

      Your root of wisdom runs deep ;)

      I'm not a Buddhist. I think Buddhists won't be so easily insulted.

      You sure know your cats.


  4. Hi SMOL

    Congrats on your 1st anniversary of your sabbatical work. Are you planning this further or will you be returning to your 40 hours week anytime soon.

    Looks like you are enjoying the current state now and may stay in this for a very long time ;) as you pleased ^^

    1. B,


      I like my current state. Not too much work; not too much loafing around ;)

      If I get "bored" with my current weekend job, I may switch to being a weekend Trail Marshal at the Night Safari or something. Get paid for walk here walk there!

      I'll use this stage of my life to explore different life experiences ;)

      Now how do I get a weekend job flipping cards at one of the casinos?

  5. Hi SMOL,

    When I first saw the title, I thought 'how nice of you to celebrate my anniversary". LOL.

    On a more serious note, seems that a 15 hour work week is preferable to both a 40 one and a 0 one?

    Haven't tried a 15 hour work week yet and the recent 3 hour work weeks could bore me soon? =p

    My 15HWW

    1. Hello 15 HWW,

      Ha ha! Good one!

      I am not advocating anything ;)

      Just sharing how I went from 40 hour work week to 0 hour work week and then finally settled to 15 hour work week (for now).

      A lot of things in life is like tuning the radio - turn left, turn right, turn slightly left again... Ah! Optimum!

      Do first, fine tune later.

      You optimum hours work week, you have to figure it out yourself. Have fun on this journey of self-discovery!

      Oh! Do have a super holiday down under with the missus! And remember your "National Service"! Wink, wink.


  6. Hi SMOL,

    15 hours is about right for a good work-life balance. Last year, I had a sabbatical year. It wasn't really a sabbatical year but I prefer to see it as such. I had about 10 or 15 hrs workweek and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was having so much fun being a local tourist, visiting all the zoo, discovery centre and what nought and thoroughly enjoying every hr of precious work that I had.

    But for me, that's not a viable option for now. I guess everything has its own season and place. I'll just have to wait for mine to come :)

    1. LP,

      Glad you had your 10-15 hour work week too!

      Yes, life has its rhythms and seasons.

      There was a time I enjoyed thoroughly a 60 hour work week!

      I was young, restless, and oh so eager for glory! When given the chance to slay dragons, I just ran forward when I heard the clarion call to charge!

      When I feel like running, I ran!

      Now? I just want to chill for a while. And piss Mom a bit with my presence ;)

  7. meow!

    cats don't eat when they are hungry and they don't rest when they get tired, only human do that.

    cats eats when there are food to eat and rest when they have nothing better to do.

    1. if you want to trade successfully, learn from the cats, not from the human!

    2. coconut,

      Lucky I never say any thing about cats. All I did was "meow"...

      I not an authority on cats, but I suspect you may be smoking your "weeds" again...

      Huh? Only humans rest when tired and eat when hungry?

      If I farm animal, I better pray you not my farmer. You slave driver you! Must report you to animal rights or something!

      Oh my mule not tired lah. No need rest one. See? 10 days 10 nights already, still milling the soya beans! Good better best or what?

      If I see any trading guru bring out a cat in their training course, I'll know we are in the twilight zone... Du do du do...

    3. nothing better to write mah, chock chock a bit...

      i referring cats or animals at free will, not those in captivity. captivity one don't count, there is a meaning behind what i say about trading. when you lost that free will, your trading will automatically go south.

    4. i told you i started investing some of my money into stocks few months back, before that i feel pretty good most of the time, but after invested, i feel like i'm bound, losing my free will, losing my words, in captivity, especailly when market started going south.

      my trading is still doing fine but the long positions in stocks is making me very uncomfortable, almost instinctively wanted to hedge it but i know i can't. i hope it will not drain me out in due course.

      anyone got anti-depression pill?

    5. coconut,

      You are indeed a rare breed.

      Most people "choose" investing after they got decimated in trading.


      Do well in trading itchy finger wants to do investing.

      Now depress you can only fly with one wing... LOL!

      Eh! I got a trick.

      Twirl round and round your 1 free arm over your head and chant:

      "I am helicopter; I am helicopter!"

  8. Ha! Ha!
    coconut you just remind me why there is only one Jesse Livermore & one Warren Buffett. And not half of each.

    1. yap, i like this kind of chaxxledgxx, doing the impossible and solving the unsolvable haha..


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