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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Difference between Dogs and Cats

Watch this funny video till the end.

Some of you may go "Aw....."

Some of you may want to shout "Oi!"

Which animal is more like you?

Once upon a time I used to complain about companies sending me to the selling floor or front line with no training and no support. 


I'm like the cat. I just give newbies a shove in the back.

Learn by doing is where I've pitched my camp.

I'm not a bleeding heart. 

Some months back, a reader sent me an email asking for the better trading website I can recommend her.

I wrote back: "Try google".

I've never heard from her ever again.

And I thought my reply was good better best!?

If you know how to fish for yourself, you never have to ask others for fish again.

Oh well.....


  1. Hi SMOL,

    Hah! I hope that reader sees this post. Otherwise, she would probably think that you're some unhelpful guy.

    I do have more patience to do what the dog did, crafting long replies to emails. But maybe one day I will "push" like the cat (especially when the answers are in one of my blog posts). =p

    1. 15 HWW,

      If I were younger, I would have asked a lot clarifying questions to that reader (my sales background mah):

      1) Are you more a day, swing, or position trader?

      2) Are you more inclined towards fundamental, technical, or both?

      3) If technical, do you prefer Price actions, Moving averages, Oscillators, Elliot Waves, Candle-sticks, etc..



      I have no patience for such grief anymore.

      So its back to "try google".

      Who understands oneself better than one own self?

      The trading websites I gravitate to are those that fit my trading psychology and methodology.

      But they may not be helpful if you not a Trend follower...

      Just like Graham's style of value investing is "poison" to my style of investing. I am very much Qualitative ;)

  2. Right answer leh.

    Anything not sure or want to know more. Just Google it!

    What are the right answers?


  3. Dog investors? They can be trained to sniff out carefully hidden stocks in the market

    Cat investors? Sleeping somewhere waiting for tips. You can't train cats. Don't try. Time to sleep again.

    1. CW,

      I'll keep quiet to see how many dog and cat lovers you are going to piss off ;)

      In between the lines, those that listen to you are...

      And those who "no hue" you are...

      Lucky I have no intention or interest to tell others what to do.

      I just like to shoot the breeze and talk "male chicken" in philosophical musings with those who don't take themselves too seriously :)

    2. the reason why cat investor cannot be teach is becos cat believe that investing and as in trading, cannot be teach!


    3. cat is cleaver enough not to learn stupid trick from human haha..dog on the other hand.....

    4. coconut,

      It's times like these that I raise my glass to you ;)

      Many times we forget about the basic question of Nature vs Nurture:

      1) Can entrepreneurship be taught?

      2) Is leadership in-born or acquired?

      3) Why those who read, studied, attended the SAME book, course, seminar on investing/trading have vastly different end results?

      Look doggy!

      Here's a goal, look where I've thrown it! Fetch!

      Eh? What a cute cat?

      Oh you like to be scratched don't you? Scratch, scratch. Kootchie koo...


    5. if we can teach how to be successful investors and traders, the world will collapes! no, the universe will implode! there is no need for evolution anymore!

    6. coconut,

      Wah! Not so drama lah!

      But you are right on the evolution part.

      I once have this mindset that to do something new, I first have to be TAUGHT...

      Lucky I was able to evolve during my mid-20s that I can LEARN to do something new.

      Just like those who self-taught themselves to play the guitar or piano ;)

      Cannot cheers again. Wait I get carried away and pick up your beer tab...

      Good try! I still not drunk yet!

    7. just look at the music world, can get diploma and degree one you know! but look (listen) at music they produce compare to 60, 70 and the 80s where most musician were self taught. world of different! self taught is where the creation mainly comes from!

  4. How often can you find a cat lover is also a dog lover. Or vice versa.
    They say your preference for cat or dog tells part of your characters.
    i agree.
    Hey! What about someone who really loves cats and dogs. And they are not fighting like cats and dogs. Can keep both together as pets meh?
    Of course some people do.
    My respect if you manage to do.

    And yes i had read in Burma, (still is?), Temples use cats as guarding angels to the precious stones and ornaments and never dogs.
    Cats are supposed to be "master of his own" not the owners, after all.

    1. temperament,

      Hee hee,

      There are cat people and there are dog people.

      But that's inferring from the pet owner's perspective.

      Notice that in my post, I said I am more like the cat in temperament?

      There's a subtle difference ;)


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