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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

How Much You Make versus How Fun Your Job Is

Oh well....



  1. Stock investor leh?

    Use imagination and plot it yourself?

    1. Money Honey,

      Ah ber then?

      I guess harder to plot.

      Some years (1997, 2000, 2008) it's not fun and negative income :(

      Some years (you tell me) lots of fun and earn more than day job :)

      CW blog about his old colleague 20 years in market breakeven there about. If we knew earlier, whole life insurance or fixed deposit would have been better!

      I guess there are those who invest for the fun of it?

      Never mind never made money....

  2. Wah...accountant at a good spot!

    1. pf,

      Stable and secure job. Can't argue with it!

      Quite a lot of CEOs have accountancy and finance backgrounds ;)

  3. Hi SMOL

    What role do you think is an outlier like the parking attendant but on the upper right hand side instead? i.e High fun and high paying.

    1. B,

      Spontaneously, I can think of a few:

      1) Pop, Rock, and Movie stars (can be high stress though; hence the frequent drug and alcohol abuse)

      2) Richard Branson and Warren Buffet types of investors (hire shepherds to do the work while they play. Richard in hot-air balloons while Warren bury himself in an orgy of annual reports - both having their own version of fun!)

      3) Super-models! (In my next life, I'll want to come back as blond, blue eyes, have big big ding-a-ling-ding-ding, and miles of legs)

      What's yours?

    2. High paying is much easier to define but high fun may be really subjective as you mentioned there some artists role could be fun on the outside but shuck on the inside.

      I think a sports player could be one with a definitive high fun and high pay. Again this may be a little subjective as they still need to work hard but hey I think they are paid ridiculously high for the amount of fun they are entertaining.

    3. B,

      Too bad my reflexes too slow.

      To be a pro-gamer is kind of cool?

      That's until I discovered the Koreans gamers practice 12-15 hours a day... Now that's no fun :(

    4. definitive high fun and high pay

      Toy Boy?

    5. CW,

      Got lobang or not?

      Must got a fetish somewhere for middle-aged men?


    6. Which part of it is fun? Lol

      Not pain instead?

      Sorry tried not getting overboard and destroying smol nice and purish blog here :)

    7. nice and purish my foot! attract lots of DOM haha.

    8. 1) B,

      Pain can be pleasure ;)

      2) coconut,

      Or!!!! You die!

      Make fun of qian beis, wait they come put you in your place....

      Quick, hide!


  4. DUCK - high fun and high pay. High risk too.

    1. temperament,


      How come 2 qian beis know so much about toy boys and ducks?

      Can it be men also have fantasies of being "taken care off" by sugar mommies until forever and ever, or until the money runs out - whichever comes first.

      Naughty naughty ;)

    2. knn... take me 2 hours to figure out what is toy boy and duck!

    3. whats high pay and fun?

      ofcos it must be traders (those that can make money)! if saturday and sunday got market how nice, especially at current market condition!

    4. coconut,

      Own self poor in canto and england start spewing vulgarities... Tsk, tsk, tsk...

      You crazy!

      How nice if our SGX trading hours is like NYSE - open at 9:30 am and close at 4:00 pm.

      Now that's what I call work-life balance!


      I take that back.

      I trade CME currency futures.


      I'm a coconut too!? Argh!!!!!!

    5. hey anything to do with language i'm poor like hell, not just canto and english, my chinese sucks too!

      you trade currency futures too?! make sure you don't trade "to-ba-lay"!

    6. coconut,

      Yeah, tell me about it!

      I've adjusted to the futures pricing for USD/YEN, USD/CAD, USD/CHF.

      Of course you like the market conditions now - lots of volatility!

      I prefer the lower highs and lower lows of my trending short EUR/USD position :)

  5. I think teachers who are part time investors are high pay high fun!! lOl

    Don't throw eggs at me

    1. sillyinvestor,

      I've no clue on the academic world ...

      If you say so.

      Although I think what you say applies more to rock star tuition teachers ;)

  6. Hi,
    The chart definitely not a true fact as far as engineer pay is concern in Singapore. Also Engineer job can be really fun if they are given more time to apply creativity. Engineer is definitely not well respected here compare to the western world. Everything here is so urgent, fast and demanding. It ended up most engineer focus in more speed and less quality!

    1. Your Self,

      The chart is taken from an American source.

      As always, never trust a statistics or survey you have not manipulated yourself ;)

      You may want to re-read what you have written - you are definitely not trying to convince me an engineering job is fun in Singapore!?

      Once upon a time, big daddy said our Singapore engineering graduates are "costing" more than their UK counterparts...

      Now law students are told to keep their expectations down...

      In the US, I read doctors there are depressed because the medical profession is not held in high-esteem like in the past (guess malpractice suits are not helping). Furthermore, their income has lagged due to high admin and insurance costs due to onerous regulations...

      Like in investing, all professions have their peaks and valleys and cycles too ;)

  7. Hi SMOL,
    Would have thought it is a western chart. Singapore engineer only have good starting pay and after that it is very stagnant and most of the time lower life-form in the company - I refer this to private sector, since this is where I am in and more familiar. But if you are "Ang Moh" Engineer in Singapore, you get higher remuneration and more respect....(from what I know, may not apply widespread). Probably Singaporean is stronger in service/management oriented jobs which hardwork and multi-tasking is required more.

    Anyway on a different note but little bit cheesy....just curious:

    What is the "Pay and Fun" level of a Pornstar?

    Was in ICT last week and heard Japanese porn industry is extremely short on male actors. The ratio is 10,000 women : 70 men.


    PS: I am not qualified!!! LOL

    1. 1) Rolf Suey,

      The pay I heard is miserable for male porn actors compared o the women.

      Remember, in porn, the male actors are part of the props.

      2) CW,

      I'll do it for free if offered the job. But it's probably the only time I'll wear a brown paper bag over my head.... LOL!

      3) temperament,

      There are senior male porn actors in their 60s in the Japan AV industry.

      Japan is quite interesting. When I was in Tokyo, the bookshops usually have a dungeon basement where they sell the "mature adult" stuffs.

      I had fun there! Being anonymous tourist and all.

      Only smoked; never inhale hor!

  8. Ha! Ha! Sound like good lobang to some people except us -Lau Cheow.


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