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Friday, 2 May 2014

Why Women make Better Investors and Traders

In my previous tongue-in-cheek post about women, I shared in the comments my observation on the differences between men and women when it comes to investing and trading.

No scientific studies or concrete case studies. Just pure personal observation and conjecture.

Hey! What do you know? 

For those who prefers to reference academic studies as their authoritative "expert" source of proof (to score points?), here's some interesting articles for your weekend reading:

UCDavis Graduate School of Management

I have no shame in stealing good ideas; but I don't steal credit.

The link to the above articles were "stolen with pride" from this interesting blog:

Thoughts of a Cynical Investor

P.S.  At the end of the day, it's not about listening to what everyone says - remember the story of the man, his son, and the mule? What's more important is listening to what your inner gut says.

Have an opinion? Express it! 

Proven wrong? While, now you know!

Better than can quote what everyone says (to impress), but have a shallow understanding in what you know... (knowledge and wisdom are not the same)



  1. Probably right.

    My close encounter with a few retail women investors, they are not likely be risks taker. They will rather take profit to be safer.

    Over long run, they may be turn out to be winners. Taking profit is never wrong!

    1. CW,

      I noticed an interesting phenomenon.

      The best chef is man. The best tailor is man. The best fashion designer is man. The best hairstylist is man, and so on...

      I guess that's why women find men with focus and intensity in what they do so attractive.

      But if you ask most men, they would prefer the work (above professions I mentioned) to be done by women preferably....

      We want to be mama's boy, yet at the same time, we only want to do G.I. Joe's stuffs!

      Yes, my best friend is a girl. We do nothing but poke each other ;)

  2. Hi SMOL,

    I thought this page was gonna be a blank page like the last time round. Hahaha :)


    1. Little Boy,

      Men like variety ;)

      Notice how often she change hairstyles? Must compliment her OK?

      If not, she cook the same dishes every day see how long you can "tahan"?


  3. Men see anything they like - Hooked!
    Women see anything they like - Curious!
    Now who will dive in and who still need to be coaxed?
    Will it be any difference in the Market?

    1. temperament,

      Your coaxing part reminded me of my bumbling youth:

      Can I.... No!

      Let's.... No!

      Only once lah... No!

      Your friends already did it... OK!


  4. HA! HA!
    SMOL, one word "Hooked".
    And not the other word, "Coaxed"
    Man can always say a lot of nonsensical regretful words afterwards not before.
    Man see what they like, can't think anymore.

    That's why we are better at rear-view mirror driving.

    1. temperament,

      Men will assemble IKEA furniture straight away (how hard can it be?), then sheepishly refer to the assembly instruction after getting stuck...

      Women will 99.9% read the assembly instructions FIRST!

      Men will buy a stock FIRST, then furiously do fundamental research or technical voodoo so he can DEFEND and OUT-ARGUE his position with others in forums. My one bigger than yours!

      Ah! Miss my reservist talk "male-chicken" days!


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