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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Never Trust a Skinny Chef

Never ask  a fishmonger whether his fish is fresh.

But why then do you ask the insurance agent whether that policy is suitable for you?

Never trust a skinny chef.

And yet you ask directions on how to reach the mountain peak from someone who has never reached there themselves?   


  1. I don't agree about the skinny chef. Why? Must all chef be fat?

    1. LOL!


      I like to eat; don't like to cook.

      If a chef likes to cook but don't like to eat...

      Have you considered maybe he's not that into food in the first place?

      A person passionate about cooking, is he more into the art of cooking or into great tasting food?

      Chill, it's just a statement of opinion; not about a fact ;)

  2. Hahaha therr are all sorts of connotation that the world gives to a profession. An accountant needs to be good with numbers, a doctor needs to be smart, a chef needs to be fat, a teacher needs to know everything... and the list goes on.

    1. B,

      An accountant not good with numbers; he picked this career for the pay and stability over his natural inclinations?

      A doctor should ideally be smarter than average; who would prefer a dumb doctor? But we all prefer smarts accompanied with compassion for the sick and injured ;)

      A teacher not curious, stops learning; in it because retrenched from private sector?

      Notice I use the word "skinny" on the chef. It never crossed your inquiring mind:

      Is the chef sick?

      Maybe he is new to the job?

      He don't like tasting his own cooking?

      Or worst still, don't like trying out the signature dishes from other chefs as inspiration for improvement?

      I know.

      When I wrote the headline, it felt like slapping myself after the song and dance I placed at my blog on "labelling".

      On deeper thought, I laughed when I realised being overly "politically correct" is just as bad.

      Just thought it would elicit some interesting thinking like the Zen koan:

      Is there Buddha nature in cow dung?


  3. Hi SMOL,

    I found a great way to find out if a person has passion. Just ask a question: Can you share with me something interesting that happened to you in your line of work?

    When the answer is given, I'll not be paying attention to the words. I'll be paying to whether his eyes moisten, whether his goosebumps are up and whether his eyes start to sparkle and his energy level is raised. Did his voice start to become higher as he gets more excited by his own story?

    Kind of hard to fake this.

    1. LP,

      Wife: "How's your day honey?"

      Husband: "Like that lor..."

      Wife: "Why are you playing with the computer all night?"

      Husband: "Come see this! I'm now level 98!!! One more level up I can go dungeon raids with my Alliance friends! Want to see the new suit of amour on my character?"

      Wife's eyes narrowed... Boys....


    2. oh that is exactly how i can tell a person he is interested in trading or not.

    3. a person who eat with trading, talk with trading and sleep with trading will be my candidate.

    4. SMOL, you have hidden camera in my place? Sounds like a conversation I had with my wife LOL

    5. coconut,

      A person that's totally immersed in his passion may appear "weird" to others.

      I've told you before I think.

      The first time I saw your comments at Fat's blog, I felt very irritated by you; but I knew you are crazy about trading. Obsessed even!

      You are definitely not "normal" - and that's a compliment!

      People like you either shine brightly; or crash and burn spectacularly. There's no average or "safe" middle ground for you ;)

    6. what is normal? the stuff that made you and me are just less than 5% of the universe known material, we call ourselve normal?

      you have to look at the bigger picture to see if we are normal or not.

      but you are right, my friends are probably adnormal also haha.

    7. so if you think you are normal, than probably you are in the wrong place.

      look at our earth, is it normal? our solar system, most star system are binery (70%), ours is not, is not normal, look at human vs others, are we behave normal or the others?

      so before you say you are normal, please look around you.

    8. nothing to say right haha....

    9. so back to the market universe, if you behave normally and the majority, you will not survive or even exist in the market place.

      you have to behave differently from the mass, thats how you and i exist in this world, and thats how we rule the earth cos we are not normal!

    10. I rest my case.

      No one does a better monologue than you!

    11. thats part of pattern recognition skill you know, practice it.

  4. Admission:

    This post is a total flop as my original intention was to highlight the importance of WHOM we take advice from.

    But it worked well in an unplanned and unexpected way ;)

    If only the title were on how to spot whether a person is really passionate in what he does ;)

    It has happened to us in our investments/trades right?

    Yes we made money; but not for the reasons why we entered into that position in the first place!?

    I'll choose LUCK anytime over knowledge! Lord knows I need it!


    1. whats the point of knowing whos passionate or not? "oh coconut is very passionate about trading, he develop his own program trading!"


      i trust all cook, skinny or fat i don't care, becos i don't (like) cook thats why.

    2. BUT! if i'm very passionate about cooking, i will want to trust nobody and figure out all by myself and develop my own dish. thats the fun of it, why copy others? just to make a living out of it?

    3. i just receive msn from friends who say our "boss" is handling out goodess of $100! (again), they may want to treat us like children but we can choose not to behave like one, i'm quite piss honestly but i can understand their position and delimar.

    4. coconut,


      We know what true passion is. We see it in others.

      We get afraid. Knowing what it takes.

      So we settle for talking rather than doing.

      In a way, I am envious of you.

      Till today, I can't honestly say I like doing something so much that I eat, sleep, and shit in it...

      I'm the middle-path guy :(

    5. but thats what it takes to be able to make a living in trading, thats how difficult it is to make money in trading consistently. anything short of that will liable you to be buried by the market one day sooner or later, me included.

    6. you know back in the 90s when i first trading full time, i was able to make money for 2 "long" years, though got up and down but still pretty good money. lost it in less than a month!

      i knew what happen but i still don't understand how i did it! i lost control so it can happen again no matter how good and experience you are. you can make 10,000 good trades but you only need one bad mistake to wipe you out.

    7. and please don't tell me its greed or all that nonsense excuses that got me into trouble, without greed, we all will not be in the market at all.

    8. wow haha i hope i can really talk like that in real life, but i couldn't. i'll ended up being alone and lonely.

    9. Too many people blindly trust and believe what they read comments, testimonials about the Skinny Chef and his/her food.

      So many people say good. Must be good! Right?

      Like you said.

      You don't judge what they say. You judge what they do.


    10. coconut,

      You're with people who don't judge here. You can do and talk whatever you like. You are not alone.

      Just 3 rules:

      1) No proselytising.

      2) No putting women down.

      3) No touching of young children.

      You think why I use the "dungeon" word? I read people; that's what I do.

      Old Jedi salesman technique ....

  5. Ha! Ha!
    i agree with SMOL, you can be really as different as you want as long as you are not disrespectful of others thinking. In fact i always think you are interesting because you are really the "Extremist" in your thoughts. (i tend to at times too; i can drive someone up the wall with my thoughts).

    SMOL allows everyone to relax, talk cock and sing song as long as not disrespectful of others.

    In fact i think SMOL is the champion among us. i mean sing song and talk cock and not talk cock and sing song. He always sing song first. He's a ex super-doper sale-man, remember.
    This is a compliment and appreciation from me.
    Ha! Ha!

    i still think a good chef can be skinny because he doesn't have to be a glutton to enjoy his own cooking or others. But i concede > 70 % of time you are right about the cook leh! - maybe more?

    1. temperament,

      Thank you. I appreciate it ;)

      I am quite strict on proselytising. I delete those comments where the author is only interested to "promote" his website or blog and not genuinely interested in the discussion or debate.

      I'm a man-whore; but I'm not "easy".

      I never delete a criticism, poke, or censure.

      In fact, I welcome a robust challenge as I do gain a lot from it.

      Like the recent gem of wisdom from coconut..

      We worry silly about tiny 1 to 2% transaction costs or active fund management fees, but we ignore those chunks of losses due to our stupid ego in refusing to admit we have made a mistake!?

      P.S. Of course chef can be skinny! Got high abnormal metabolism, worms in the stomach, kick-ass physical trainer, vampire significant other.... LOL!

  6. thats the whole issue or problem with me when i converse or talk or express.

    can't really explain but i feel talking is like an exchange with someone, much like a stock exchange where you buy from people you disagree. you don't buy from people you agree.

    so in a sense, i seldom like to talk to people who i agree, whats is there to talk about? but its different when you disagree, you talk and express your view, exactly like i trade where i disagree with either the buyer or the seller. one moment i would disagree with the buy side, the next moment i would flip and disagree with the seller!

    can't talk this way in real life really! haha.

    1. so you can understand that there is not so much of different when i trade or having conversation with someone and expressing a view.

      i think many traders do one thing in life but when comes to trading, holy shit, they becomes another person! trying to do something that is usually out of their daily range or capability, thats very difficult and impossible to last for a long time.

    2. so lets take for example, my wife who always like to say things like, "wow, very nice, i hope i can cook like that!!!", only to discovered when back home, "na, so so only la, mary cakes is more crimmy and soft!".

      can my wife trade, abviously she can't! not in a million years! she can't even put a trigger at all.

    3. oh, did i just put my wife down? or will you consider that at all?

      well, she is not bad a cook and she makes the best cheese cake i ate, even better than the one selling in some place i don't know the name for $50 a piece! no kidding!

      hows that?

    4. coconut
      i envy you already.
      i mean the $50 cheese cake.

    5. coconut,

      Any gem of wisdom for me to reflect upon:

      "i think many traders do one thing in life but when comes to trading, holy shit, they becomes another person! trying to do something that is usually out of their DAILY RANGE or CAPABILITY, thats very difficult and impossible to last for a long time."

    6. you know the cheese cake that got jally and strawbarry on top of it? she is really good at it, even if i wanted to eat, i have to wait for 3 long days, thats the amount of time it takes to make.

    7. you know why traders who are more competitive in nature do better? they carry that competitive mind set into the market.

      i see a lot of sport people have too much the desire to win, and they have forgotten about how to handle losses, same in trading, in trading you know what you get, in sports, you see them cry like baby, or bast out at their opponent, thats disrespectful and shameful in sports.

      you know what are the elements of good trading, you have to not only use them in trading but in life as well.

      that is why i say trading is a way of life for me all along.

    8. and that is also true that you have to come out with a strategy thats suit more to your personality, so that you need not have to adjust too much into the phycological that is effecting on you from the beginning.

      it might not be very profitable in the begining but at least it buy you times to adjust and reflex on both your strategy and your mental state.

    9. i give you an example,

      though i have parking coupon in my car, i never use them or at least when my wife is not around haha (otherwise she will nag at me), unless i'm very confident that the attendent is somewhere nearby.

      my friend will say things like i got a lot of money to throw, or the fine can play a whole day of snooker, something like that.

      dammit, its not like that, its a way of life of a trader, why i wanted to worry on all these small issue in life, i got bigger worry in trading where bigger money flowing in and out of my account.

      a parking is really like a single trade i did today, i really don't be bother by it.

    10. and its not that i do not want to pay for the parking fee ofcos, i'll rather they have all the barrier that will charge parking automatically, i like those parking places.

  7. another example, i bot a canon printer about a month ago for my daugther but last week it broke down! i would throw it away and get a new one, i know i know there is warranty i know but i would not keep them anywhere. i will treat it as a lost trade and move on, really!

    but thats not what happen, my wife woke me up on saturday morning and we brought it to vivo for repair! she probably will kill me if i throw it away haha...

  8. coconut,
    Wow !
    3 days to make cheese cake?
    We can see you are special in trading.

    3 days just to make cheese cake.
    No joke.
    Ha! Ha!
    Now we know your wife is special also.
    Is that why you marry her?
    Ha! Ha!
    Seriously, your wife like you is an "extremist like you too.
    Pardon me if i am wrong.
    But i don't think so.
    She is in her own right as perfectionist (extremist) as you.
    Ha! Ha!
    coconut you got your match.


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