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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Want Fish or Fishing Skill?

When you take up a course to learn something, be it cooking or new language, the desired outcome is that you have learnt a new skill after the course right?

If we don't start preparing some dishes of our own, or use the new language learnt, guess what? We soon forget what we've learnt.

It simply shows we were not that really into cooking or the new language in the first place. It's just another one of our "3 minute heat temperature" passion thing... 

I take back that "passion" word. It's more a phase or a fad thing. 

You just want fish; not how to fish.

Before signing up for any investing or trading courses, you may want to be clear whether you want fish or to improve your fishing skill.

If you just want fish, might as well skip the course and sign up straight for that investing newsletter or trading subscription service, etc. 

You know, that "after sales support service" you have to pay even after you have complete a course on "how to fish"!!!??? 

If you only want fishing skill, you have to ask yourself why you still need someone to tell you what to buy, when to buy, when to sell? What was the purpose of you taking up the course again?

Don't get me wrong. Some of these newsletter and subscription service providers are brilliant!
If I am following their "advice" to the letter, would it not be better for me to hand over my money to them to invest or trade on my behalf?

Why buy a dog and do the barking ourselves? 



  1. I want fish. If the market sells fish cheap, I buy from market. If I want to relax by the pond, I go fishing.

    Fishing needs a lot of patience, but can be of lower cost, unless the opp cost of time is very high. Fish from the pond also fresher.

    After you get your fish, is also important. Logically we eat it, get nutrients and energy to go fishing again. Some sell the fish to buy more elaborated and advanced fishing rod. Catch more fish, sell more fish, until they can get a trawler to fish.

    I want to sell fish, and also eat them. Greedy?

    1. sillyinvestor,

      You are shepherd ;)

      When we have 1 or 2 sheep, we will have some wool, milk, and meat.

      But when we have a flock of sheep, we better learn the art of sheep herding!

      And the day we can hire shepherds to look after our many flocks of sheep, we would be elevated to the class of land owners.

      If I can find the next Peter Lynch, I hope I am wise enough to give him the bulk of my funds to invest.

      I rather spend my time with the birds and the bees.

      Like you, I just want fish ;)

  2. Hi smol

    Sometimes I went to learn a new language simply because that country is in a trend. Trend might change so my taste would change again. Many times I just wanted to try the experience but really will not do it over and over again. Is that considered also?

    1. B.

      Then you are not into fish or the art of fishing.

      You enjoy talking about fish when it's fashionable ;)

      Smoke only; don't inhale.

      Drink milk can oredi; no need to bring the cow home.

      (Slap! If we like it we should put a ring on it. Opps!)


  3. i say, we do things for all sort of reasons.
    Sometimes, it enjoyable too for doing something without any reason.
    Sometimes, after you do it, then you find your reasons.

    New discovery in medicine or drugs is usually by accident and not on purpose.
    i understand Viagra is one of them
    Do we always have to have a purpose to do things?

    1. temperament,

      Of course I often do things without purpose or reason.

      That's right up my alley ;)

      But this post is not about the "me" now.

      No purpose is synonymous with no goal.

      This post is just a heads-up on 2 common traps on goal settings (the "me" before I listened to my heart):

      1) The goal is what we think we want (brain talking) - not what's in our hearts.

      2) What we DO is divergent from our stated goal - and we not even aware!?

      For example:

      A person who swears by passive index funds, yet spends a lot of time reading and learning value investing techniques from Warren Buffet and from sharing in value investing forums???

      An active stock picker who believes he can match the performance of gurus (20% annualised returns); but if we look at his portfolio, all the positions were "stolen with pride" from the "sharings" from sell side analysts and/or financial bloggers...

  4. I want to learn another form of "fishing" . Fishing is an "art " . hahha

    1. Small time investor,

      The Art of fishing... The Science of fishing... The Joy of fishing...

      Ah.... To be young and fall in love for the first time all over again....

  5. fish and stock market are closely knit


  6. No patience?

    Time to take up fishing as hobby.

    We can never force the fish to come. We can only wait for them to come to us.

    Same as the stock market.

    1. one can force the desired outcome in the stock market, if you are the "big boys"

      but beware of the danger; good example ---> blumont, asiasons and liongold

      but still no denying the fact that big boys rule the stock market


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