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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Spring or Autumn in STI?

Do take a look at our trees next time you walk or drive by the road.

Flowers are blooming like crazy no?

It's not the same as cherry blossoms in Japan, but hey!

Still a pretty sight no?

Ah! Spring time in Singapore....

Picture taken outside Queenstown community centre

Enjoy while we can.

The flowers are wilting fast too!

With the fallen flowers on the ground, it looks like Autumn in Singapore?

So is it Spring or Autumn?

It's a bit like our STI market right?

Some see Spring; some see Autumn.



  1. wah lan!!

    2,000 dollars an hour coaching trading, is this a record?

    lets see, if i coach 5 hours a day, thats $10,000/day, assuming i very the can weekend also coach, thats $300,000/month, 3.6 million a year!!!

    wah lan ha, who interested to learn???

    1. fat fat where are you??!!

    2. somehow this champion makes me feels like a total idiot.

    3. Willing snake-oil salesman; willing sheep. It's all fair and square.

      Businessmen have been known to pay hundreds of thousands for Feng Shui "advice". Voodoo!

      For $2,000 per hour, I would rather sit next to the top prop traders at investment banking or hedge fund houses.

      Trading community is very interesting.

      There are traders - those where 10,000 applicants apply and 1 get in kind of institutional openings (best of the best);

      and then there are traders - where anyone and everyone at retail can call himself a trader (lowest of the low).

      I'm a trading man-whore - can't get lower than this!

    4. have have, traders who like to watch but never trade.

    5. why you want to pay $2,000 to see how the prop trade? there is no secret there! gives you their trading system you also can't handle.

    6. Can't believe there are dummies will to pay!

      Read? Get Rich Courses or Coaching? - II

      One face-to-face #@%& moment of truth revealed!

      "Few year ago, I too have the similar experience with our local millionaire trader and author. I was then pissed off and lost my respect for this guy and stop visiting his blog too."

    7. coconut,

      Precisely! It's to see how far down the food chain I belong mah!

      One of my learning style is observing. I learn quicker if someone show me what they DO.

      You think why I left school early? I not the sit and listen to dragons and phoenixes sing song kind ;)

    8. CW,

      LOL! Calm down.

      We all have to go INSIDE the shop some time or another.

      Some see what they like, buy. Some discover they don't need anything in the first place.

      But we won't know if we just stood outside the shop ;)

      All of us have been "conned"; it's part of "growing up".

      Men by women trying to get into their wallets.

      Girls by boys trying to get into their panties.

      And I bluff my boss I sick when it's time for World Cup! This year for first time no need to Hollywood!

    9. observe trading? you mean you can learn trading by observing? what? you got X ray vision seeing through the mind?

      can you learn chess by observing the champion play?

    10. SMOL,

      Trading very easy... other people's money, just gamble away. 50-50 right? If lose, drink some martini and bet some more.

      My gambler friend taught me this very important idea: Double or nothing.

    11. coconut,

      For someone who practices mechanical or systematic trading, you sure care a lot what goes on in the "mind" ;)

      What happened to price action?


      See? I don't listen to what you say; I listen to what you do :)

    12. ckw-I99,

      This Martingale system way of trading or gambling is only suitable if we have deep pockets or if we can print money like the Fed.

      That's how we get criminal breach of trust cases where gambles ran out of money to double down and turn to other people's money as in Ah Kong's money...

      Win recover losses.

      Lose run road or go to jail.

      Trading is easy indeed easy - just press some buttons and clicks.

      Making money is another matter ;)

  2. Spring, summer or fall,
    All you have to do is your call,
    Summer Kisses, Winter tears;
    Don't follow the 4 seasons at all.
    That's what the market says to me.

    1. Spring blooms
      Summer breeze
      Autumn leaves
      Winter flakes

      Stock zooms
      Counter freeze
      Money leaves
      Ego shakes

  3. Who say you can only see such scene in Japan ? In Singapore you can see it ...Sakura ..Sakura... / eating sushi .

    1. Small time investor,

      Of course can - with imagination everything boleh!

      Let's do the Japanese festival dance - hei shoi, hei shoi!

  4. SMOL, spring and autumn are both nice.

    Winter and summer are nice too.

    But I sometime wear jacket for summer and have a singlet for winter, that makes me sick...

    Trying to get all weather cloth, u know where to get?

    Maybe should just learn speed dressing and undressing LOL

    1. sillyinvestor,

      It's called layering. Talk to your little woman ;)

      I learned this trick in Shanghai.

      In Singapore, you'll see ladies with their light cardigans inside the Autumn trains and buses. I noticed the shawl is now in fashion ;)

      All weather cloth?

      Put whiskey on your chest. Hairy like Gorilla all weather enough for you?



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