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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Women


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    1. temperament,

      No. Don't google.

      Unless we grew up in a monastery and have zero contact with women, we would have some opinion on women of our own ;)

      Why do we trust less our own observations and personal experiences, and put more emphasis on what others say?

      In cyberspace, there are too many top 10 this, top 10 that on any topic!

      You can say, after being married to 30 years to the same woman, that with each curl of the lips and the faintest darting of her eyes, you know what she is thinking.

      But to apply that to the noun "women", I think with the baptism of our life's experience, we know better than to be so presumptuous!


    2. This remind me of a person born blind and was asked the question what do you think of a woman?
      He answers, "If you can see and capable of all sorts of wild imaginations of a woman, compare to us who can not see, what do you think? Will our imagination of a woman less wild then you who can see?

    3. temperament,

      Let's drink to the beautiful moments with all the lovely women in our lives!

      OK, for you it's woman. Wink, wink.

  2. Its a blank page? HAHA. I tried refreshing a few times! I thought I could get some 101 tips from you, SMOL. Hahaha

    1. Little Boy,

      Around 20 years ago, one daring author (and even more audacious publisher) wrote a book with a similar title (can't remember the actual title or author).

      And inside the book were all blank pages.

      Guess what? It sold more than a million copies worldwide ;)

      It's powerful when someone tells the truth for a change!!!

  3. Different words describe different woman with different moods under different situations . Indeed it is indescribable .

    1. Small Time Investor,

      I saw that book at MPH some 20 years ago, I thought it was rubbish. I rolled my eyes when I found out that "stupid" book sold more than a million copies years later...

      I was inspired to "steal with pride" with this post, to show as allegory, what is getting more prevalent in our financial blogosphere ;)

      Everyone seems to claim they know everything there is to women!?

      And not a single one peddling their snake oil is a woman!!!


  4. Nobody Wants to Know Everything About Men

    no denying the truth that it's a gender bias world.

    1. Money Honey,

      When guys gather together to complain about women, we akin them to like vicissitude of the weather, or women heart; needle in the ocean...

      You never hear women bitch about men in real life, in the movies or literature that they don't understand us. Have you?

      And that's because they have us all figured out - reveal a bit of cleavage, and flash a bit of thigh - men are just boys pandering to our testosterone impulses.

      What women don't UNDERSTAND is what they see in us in the very first place!?


      Yup, unfortunately in most places in the world today, there are lots of bias AGAINST women.

      I have faith more women equality will happen in my life time. Let's start with more women representation in the boardrooms (sharesholders, what's your responsibility?), more women cabinet ministers, and maybe one day a women PM in Singapore?

      I am pro women like Hayao Miyazaki -


  5. http://nosugarjustspice.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/rottenecards_48282482_qjw5zzgbzc.png

    1. Patty,


      Try snatching their precious little boy from her and we get the epic MIL and DIL battles.

      MIL: Aiyoh! How can you let my ah boy clean the toilet and cook for you!?

      DIL in her heart goes: I am reprogramming the damage you have done to my lao kong all thse years...

      I am fascinated with women leadership.

      How not to be awed and impressed with Queen Elisabeth the first leading her troops to face the incoming Spanish armada?

      Can anyone resist Joan of Arc's "If you believe me, follow me!"

      And there's Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher. Broke the militant unions, held her own amongst the boys, and when men in tight uniforms try to mess with Britain's honour, she sent her fleet all across the other world to press home the message - don't mess with me!

      Its action; not words that count!


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