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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Theory versus Practice

Theory is knowing the name of that medicinal plant.

Practice is the knowing where to find this plant, pick it, and turn it into a medicinal brew.


  1. Koyok man vs TCM sinseh.

    Still got many people believing in koyok man.

  2. Why?

    Combination of Good Theory, Sweet Talking and nice demo of koyoks on few on-lookers.

    Believers will soon open their wallet.

    Practice? DIY


    1. CW,

      And practice lots of independent thinking!

      As an agnostic, I am in 2 spiritual courses right now (the wheel and the cross). One is 3 years, the other will end tomorrow after 10 weeks.

      It's my way to ensure my mind gets lots of practice!

      But one thing both teachers shared struck me deep:

      It's one thing to BELIEVE; its totally another thing to PRACTICE your beliefs.

      In real life, most people know it's too good to be true to take a short course and be financially free just like that.

      If it were true, parents won't be fretting to get their children to top schools, fight for limited places in certain university faculties, etc.

      Just send their children to these get rich quick courses?

      No they won't!

      But the same parents may attend such courses themselves...

    2. how to have independent thinking if one goes to so many courses?

      even if you don't agree with the subject, you are greatly influence by it.

      independent thinking means have your own ideas, your own beliefs (not go against others beliefs) and your own way of doing things.

    3. indenpendent thinking simply means "CREATING" your own ideas.

    4. and put that ideas (like trading streategy) into practice to see if it is a stupid idea or not.

  3. anyone have a good idea how to calm my nerves, i'm going to the hospital this weekend haha.

    1. maybe i should look for some courses as well...

    2. coconut,

      How about you creating your own nerve calming ideas yourself?

      LOL! I can throw boomerang too!

      If I don't enter the shop, how will I know I don't need anything in the first place?

      Entering the shop is PRACTICE - kicking the tyres for yourself; not just believing what others tell you so.

      Independent thinking does not preclude taking counsel.

      Independent thinking is not bigotry.

    3. cannot, if i'm nerves i run, thats all i know, can't run away this time.

      so you suggest everyone should be in the shopping center every minute of their time? cos you never know when and what you will need? haha..

      hey, sound like position trading.

    4. you don't know means you don't know what you need, walking into the store is only going to confuse you!

    5. coconut,

      You will never know how thankful I am for your comments. Your words frequently knock my thinking into a totally different angle or direction at times. You are a good sparring partner for Zen combat :)

      As for my meaning and background of going into the shop:


    6. wow, did i did that to your brain? haha

      yes smol, we all human, i sometime like shopping (with my wife) too, she did the buying and i look at the "window".

      i'm only trying to talk "trading sense" into every comment, i know what i mean but not always what i can do, its very tough especially in trading. you know i trade for a living, so i must try to do it in life too.

    7. especially when all these comments i posted is when i'm actually trading at my desk!

    8. Coconut,

      Be strong this weekend at the dentist OK?

      You're the man!

  4. Hi coconut,
    Goondu questions (hope you don't mind)

    In practice how you take profit and how you cut lost in Singapore Markets? i mean you do it manually or let computer do it for you? If computer can do it, do you always get what you want? i mean is computer 100%?

    1. wow temperament, what a question haha..

      i trade manually, with the help of my trading spreed sheets.

      main function of the spreed sheet is to determine the signals, or where to buy and sell. where to buy and sell is all predetermine by the spread between the prices and each different counters. the idea is very simple, buy the one that is cheap(er) and sell the one that is more expensive.

      i don't care about what and where is the profit or where to take losses, i only concern about following the signals that are generated.

      sometime the market is too fast for me to execute the orders, but most of the time, even when i'm chatting, i can manage.

    2. market like today which is quiet, i function mainly as a market maker based on the signals ofcos.

    3. i'm not sure i'd explain simple enough, where to take profit or losses?

      its all depends on the market (prices) movement which in turn determine the spreads and the volatility. i cannot know before hand where is my profit target or where to cut losses, but if volatility is high, so as my profit and losses. when volatility is low, so as the p&l. so i have to narrow the spread and increase volume to compensate.

      as the saying goes, volatility is the name of the game.

  5. Wah coconut!
    You are real 武 林 高 手. No formula to set cut loss & take profit depending on TA like us goondoos. For you it all depends on your understanding and interpretation of the market on the spot. Wah! Real Professional trader. And may i know what are you trading? FOREX? etc...

    1. Now i understand why you keep on stressing on independent thinking, creativeness, originality.... i suppose all these you have to apply to your spot trading. If i am not wrong.

    2. technically i'm not a professional. just like you i am a retail trader.

      also not exactly no formula, there are some formula and calculations, the computer do it for me. i just need to update it.

      currently trade mainly on SGX stocks, its enough to keep me busy haha. i do trade futures and FX as well sometimes but stocks market gives me more opportunities.

      trading is all about discovering your true self, thats independent thinking, creative and originaity.

      temperament! now i can face my dentist with less fear... (die die la haha)

    3. wait wait wait, i still fear of the needle in my mouth haha...

      i tell you, the last time when my dentist did some evaluation on my jaw bones, she has to use needle specially meant for er... children one hahaha.

  6. Ha! Ha!
    Yes! All Grown-up man has his own "secret fear". Except yours is in the open.
    Ha! Ha!
    Go and ask SMOL our friend. He surely agreed.

    1. And what do you think of CFD trading? Can or can not try?

    2. 1) coconut,

      Who likes going to the dentist? Except that time when I was in secondary school and going to the Institute of Dental Health, this young lady dentist would always put my head into her bosoms...

      Oh dear! Now people will think I am "salty and wet" (hum sup)? LOL!

      2) temperament,

      You standing outside the shop asking coconut whether can go in?

    3. temperament, my truthful answer is a no.

      i'm not saying you are no good, its not your call, just the fact that you ask the question, you are not sure, so don't do it!

      in fact i feel most people should not be in trading or even in investing at all, they should just put their money in a "safe" place, especially in this enviroment with super low interest rate, many is going to make big mistake!

      ofcos unless you have passion in doing so.

    4. remember, market is a place or system where it will take money from the bad (trader/investor) and transfer it to the good.

      so good or bad, one have to judge it yourself.

    5. head in her bosom? smol, i think you got "molested" and still don't know. how i wish she is my dentist for just tomorrow. absolutely no mood of trading today.

      they, yes they, 2 of them is going to implant bones in my jaw, just thinking of it make me sick!

    6. coconut,

      I also no mood for the markets. I'll be going to Hong Kong next Monday for 10 days :)

      Free and Easy! Holiday mood!

      I had done one root canal surgery 8 years ago, so I know what you are going through. Thinking about it is more frightening than the actual operation.

      Trust me. You'll be fine.

    7. actual ops i'll be put to sleep, suffer comes after.

      well, you have a safe trip.

  7. Hi SMOL

    I hate theory when I was in school back then but now I aspire to become a teacher and teach theory :D.

    Hmm, just curious. What kind of profession are you in? Or are you currently having your sabbatical fun :D?


    1. B,

      I am still into my 15th month of sabbatical.

      You can say I've retail in my blood. Worked in retail all my working life.

      Have sold on the selling floor, sourced as a buyer, and have designed and developed supply chains in between.

      As a facilitator of a few courses in IKEA, I always do my best to impart applied knowledge ;)

      All the best to your aspiration! Teaching is a noble profession.

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