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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Look straight at life head-on

Picture taken near the Western Market, HK. May 2013

Rest if you must.

For the road ahead can be weary and long.

But do not wither or give up!

Keep looking straight at where you are going. 

I took this interesting photo during my recent trip to Hong Kong.

The defiant and proud body language of the elderly man in the middle was a strong contrast to the statue and others sitting around him.

It's an inspiration to me.



  1. Hi SMOL,

    Maybe he's looking at this strange man taking pictures of him ;) hee hee, just kidding :)

    I find the sculpture more interesting. It shows someone bending over, perhaps to take a rest, and another one came from behind and leap over. Leaping over the shoulders of giant? Haha

    1. LP,

      Of course I took some literary liberties here. Yup, the elderly man wasn't too pleased with me taking his picture...

      I too was attracted to the sculpture. It was meant to be "fun" like what you have described - a man leap-frogging over another.

      But looking at the "sad" surrounding (old age and retirement shouldn't be like this), I saw the sculpture in another light - a man wilting under the weight of expectations by others.

      All the more the elderly man inspired me - it's good to have some defiant anger in our bellies.

      We can't be Mr Nice Guy all the time ;) (I read your post. Thumbs up!)


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