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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Hong Kong Hong Kong

I'll be flying off to Hong Kong this Monday for 10 days of free and easy walk walk see see.

When my Mainland Chinese friends ask me which is my favourite Chinese city, I always replied Hong Kong! (You should see their expressions. LOL!)

Besides Shanghai, Hong Kong is a city that I know very well.

I've been to Hong Kong many times. But the most memorable trip is still my first trip there in 1997. It's a business trip extention where I spent 5 wide-eyed days totally amazed at the contrasting sights and sounds.

Hong Kong is definitely the place to seek your fortune/career if you find the working pace of Singapore too slow for you.

Just stand at Mongkok. If you have entrepreneur blood in you, you will salivate at the opportunities staring right back at you.  

I'm a city walker. I've always loved getting lost in big cities.

10 days in Hong Kong? 

You may wonder what's there to do? Precisely! 

I'm not there to do anything. It would be just like being in Singapore: hungry, eat; tired, rest; curious, explore.

I've only made one plan for this trip - I'll take a day drip back the Shekou via ferry. I've not been back for 5 years now... 

Shekou was my first overseas posting. I was there for 5 months before "ah kong" (company) transferred me to Shanghai.

The rest I'll play by ear when I'm there.


  1. SMOL

    Can you buy some Char Siew Bao for me in HK? hehe :D

    Enjoy your trip. I love HK as much as you do as well (other than the pollution).

    1. B,


      Yes, pollution is bad. Much worse in Shanghai; but not as bad as Beijing!

      I promise I will put on weight ;)

  2. Hi SMOL,

    Rare to find someone else who loved to go overseas to do nothing :) 10 days in HK? Not enuff, I say! Unless you want to go HK for sightseeing, then it's more than enuff. When I went to Batam for 5 days, the person who took my order looked shocked and asked me what I intend to do over there for 5 days.

    I replied, "Nothing". It's takes someone special to find something in 'nothing', lol!

    1. LP,

      Ah! The force is strong in you, young Jedi warrior!

    2. Most employees only have 14 to 21 days of annual leave. It is too costly to spend a few days overseas doing "nothing".

    3. CW,

      Ah, is it a "holiday" when we have goals, itineraries to checkoff, sights we must visit because travel guides say so, shopping for others, and photos to take to prove we've been there?

      That's why I replied LP the way I did.

      I was too long winded: hungry, eat; tired, rest; curious, explore.

      LP's concise "nothing" humbled and inspired me :)


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