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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Our Education System

Dedicated to the young readers out there who find it hard to "fit in".

Do not despair, complain, or put yourself down.

You just need to look within and discover who you really are. And celebrate your uniqueness!

Trust me.

The world is not against us.

We are the luckier ones. 

We don't have well trodden paths laid out before us

Oh what joy! We can walk our own paths!
Do not worry. 

In the words of our Hokkien street smart wisdom:

"Crash got sound!"

So keep moving forward!




  1. Hi SMOL,

    What a coincidence...I just came upon the quote by Einstein last night and here I saw it again :) Totally agree...that's the tragedy of education now - the standardisation of education to everyone. Education should be personalised and tailored so that the best of each individual can be brought out. Harder to do, of course, but at least we know that it's fundamentally right.

  2. LP,

    What are the odds!!??

    A star educator and a cheerleader both feeling the same way after reading the same quote.

    I guess we see the potentials instead of limitations in others ;)

    Ai yeah! I should have gone to HR instead of sales!

    1. The 2 best educators I ever had did not charge me a single cent. The first is Google. The second is NLB (National Library Board). In comparison, I definitely overpaid for my university education.

      With internet, the cost of education should be coming down. I find it strange that university fees going up and up. That piece of paper is not value for money.

    2. hyom,

      I am inspired there are more "choices" in Singapore nowadays when it comes to higher education. Things are improving.

      Having said that, I got an heart attack when I checked the fees for part-time degree courses from a private university in Singapore last year! Hoping to get in via the mature student route.

      Subsidised universities I can't enter...

      There goes my self-actualisation dream! LOL!

      Everything is relative. At least graduates in Singapore don't have the huge student loan debt burden like in the States.

    3. With Google and the Library, there really isn't any need to acquire knowledge through formal education. The value of formal education comes from the paper value that employers place on them. Also useful if the network of friends that you gain. Who knows? You might even meet a sweet cha-bor there. Then it's worth the money. If the objective is solely to gain knowledge, save the money and use Internet or library.

  3. Ha!Ha!
    All these years i read almost nothing else except books about investment & finance from the NLB & Internet and learning from all you bloggers. And i try to understand and absorb as much as i can; As simply as i can. i don't even have an "A Level" education. Of course i am one of the fish trying to climb the tree.
    So i try to impress my only son, even if you choose to be a "CHAR KWAY TEOW" man, try to be the best in Singapore. Even a "CHAR KWAY TEOW" man can be successful in his own way too. i don't care just try your best in what ever you choose.

    1. temperament,

      I wish we have more parents like you. Chill and let the younger generation find their own way like we found ours - through the hard way; but fun looking back.

      After "seeing much", we are so aware there are lot's of Char Kway Teow towkays out there.

      My dad have a millionaire bo tak chek friend who owns a chain of Yong Tau Foo stalls in the food courts - of course this "success" came after quite a few business failures before hitting the jackpot.

      I subscribe to our 5,000 years collective Chinese wisdom:

      Han han chu zhuang yuan


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