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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

My first poster girl - Farah Fawcett

I was reminiscing at LP's blog about how the landmarks of our yesteryears were slowly disappearing on us.

There was this "Da Zhong" emporium at Margaret Drive/Commonwealth Avenue where I used to hang out after school. Sadly it's demolished long ago...

At the stationery section, I can't help but gravitate towards this poster hanging on the wall. 

Yes, it's the 70s and the era of Charlie's Angels and Six Million Dollar Man!

I'm sure all of us have our first poster girl (or man) in our hearts.
Some of us buy and put such posters in our bedrooms. Some - like me - put them in our hearts as we were too "shy" then... LOL!

Hey! I started noticing older women since primary school!




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