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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

愛燦燦 小椋佳 夏川りみ さだまさし 海援隊 武田鉄矢 氷川きよし

Just sharing this song I like very much.

Can't understand a single word; but it gives me an uplifting spirit just by listening.

Every singer is a pro and master in their own right. Each with their own unique singing style and voice.

Young and old, despite their differences, it shows we can still harmonise with one another without having to drown out the tunes of the other singers just to make ourselves stand out.

Dedicated to all who are working in teams (and fellow bloggers - wink wink).

(Yes, it's another SMOL cryptic message to "know sound" out there)   



  1. look at these cute little face, and you will know what you are missing.


    singer - 張艾嘉

    1. now i'm looking forward to my next generation, can't wait already.

  2. 夏川りみ (Natsukawa Rimi) is the lady who sang 涙そうそう (Nada Sou Sou / Shimmering Tears) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14G2975UHNk

    The other ossan are famouse 70s and 80s group and singers.

    1. Hi Patty,

      The nice thing about Youtube is I can get to know the wonderful singers and groups from Japan - both from my time and earlier :)

      I got to know Natsukawa Rimi from Hana "花".

      Her voice is so soothing and clear. Like spring water streaming down a creek.


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