Sunday, 24 February 2013

One way to prevent comment spam in your blog

In recent months, the spam comments in my blog have gotten to the level of ridiculous.

Of course the standard way is to turn on the "word verification" at the blog settings.

But it's a bit of a pain in the ass as I have found out when commenting at other blogs.

If I don't turn this "word verification" feature on, I have to manually delete or mark as not spam those spam comments that are "missed" or "caught" by blogger's automatic spam detection.

By playing around (that's how I broke lots of things), I've found an alternative way. 

Under blogger's comments settings "who can comment", I just uncheck "Anyone - includes Anonymous Users" and check " " instead.

It's been 6 weeks now and not a single spam comment has appeared at the spam comments holding area. Cool! 

Of course this trick only works if, like my blog, you hardly have anonymous commenters ;)



  1. Hi SMOL,

    I disabled anonymous commenting slightly more than a year ago. Quite a few loyal readers who were commenting before in my blog have since stopped doing so.

    We win some and we lose some. :(

    1. AK,

      It's not a loss.

      Although anonymous can be legion (for they are many), they don't provide the same pleasure of recognising a familiar nick or one that's come back after a long period of absence.

      Remember those I miss you moments? LOL!

  2. oh spam!

    nothing to say haha....

    1. the word "nothing" is just simply rubbish!

      there is no such thing as nothing. i.e. there is nothing in the box. really??

    2. to be exact, there is nothing we are looking for is inside the box.

      so i should say, there is nothing i want to say that i have to say, not i have nothing to say!

    3. coconut,

      Colour is emptiness; emptiness is colour.

      You playing Zen world games with me? LOL!

      Au contraire! (Yes, I am showing off my French)

      The inside or space in the box is precisely what we are looking for. Same goes for a house or a tea-cup.

      Without that space or emptiness or nothingness, the box/house/tea-cup would have lost it's utility ;)

      Come to think of it, most of the universe is made up of "nothingness". Or so we thought. Dark Energy anyone?

      Hey! I agree with you! The word "nothing" is just simply rubbish! (Throwing Jedi mind-trick back at you)

    4. no, what i mean is we can only talk about ourself no matter how you phase it.

    5. "dark energy" is a bit like "black holes", they seems to not "existing" yet have a hugh impact on our visible universe, to me its has to be connected beyond our universe, a muilti universe thorey.

    6. they are like the opposite force interacting with the universe, gravaty (like black holes) are pulling matters together and dark energy are repelling them away.

    7. if you blow up a balloon and the balloon is the universe which is expanding, your breath is consider "dark energy".

    8. i have a guts feeling that on a quantum scale, dark energy and gravity are of the same thing or force.

      just like the formation of a black hole and the creation of a universe. these force are the connection point to a bigger multi -universe bubbles.

    9. coconut,

      Cosmology is so interesting!

      From time and space perspective, it puts into context the silly little grandeur illusions of man.

      It's interesting to witness on the news the little meteor that struck Russia. End of the world could just have been a little random event in space and time.

      Puff! We go the way of the dinosaurs?

    10. oh yes it is.

      universe can be as small as a singurality (pointless) to as big as no boundary. size and number cannot describe it, only imagination could.

      not just we and the dinosaurs exist by chance (random), our universe too. it all make sense that there must be infinate layer of universes exist and interwine with each other.

      so don't worry, there is always another universe for everyone haha.


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