Sunday, 3 February 2013

あなただけを & 流水年華

To my similar generational friend coconut! 

Here is the original singer of the song we both like..

Yes, many of the monster hits and our favourite songs from the 70s and 80s were in fact cover versions from the land of the rising sun.

Must hand it to the Japanese. Not only were they strong technologically and economically during that era, their arts and music  culture were powderful too!

To break into the lucrative Japanese market was the dream of many singers of that era: Teresa Teng, Judy Ong, Ouyang Fei Fei, etc.

Come to think of it, it's the same with the K-pop groups today too. I've read that 1 month touring in Japan rakes in more revenue than 1 year of activities in Korea for these Korean idol groups
Ah! The wonderful 80s. Disco, Canto and J-pop! Era of my teenage years. 

I so miss the annual Japanese red and white song contests that were shown on TV during CNY!

It's a bitter sweet feeling listening to these "oldies". It's a bit weird, as to me, "oldies" are songs from the 50s and 60s era.  Can't help but to notice that youth as passed me by...

It doesn't help that the idols and singers I've grown up with are living us one by one.

For those who remember the tune but can't recognise which mandarin song, below is my favourite mandarin cover version.


  1. The Kouhaku Uta Gassen(紅白歌合戦)is still on TV if you have Starhub cable TV. It is always shown on NHK World Premium service on new year's eve at around 6.30pm (7.30pm Tokyo) and will last 4 hours.

    You don't have to subscribe to the channel either since Starhub typically allows viewing of all channels on major holidays but you do need at least 1 basic subscription service.

    In any case, Shirogumi (white group) won this year. Misia's performance of "Deepness" was stellar but unable to lift the standards of the mostly teeny-booper acts from the Red group.

    Here's the original of a song from MY generation. ;)

    1. Patty,

      Thanks for the heads-up! Hmm... Let's see who have starthub TV I can get crash next year. LOL!

      I'm really a laggard. Still stuck with free-to-air TV with a 21 inch cathode tube.

      Ah! 小虎隊's 紅蜻蜓!!!

      One of the great camp fire songs where everyone can join in just as long we have one person who can play the guitar :)

      Amazing! Another Japanese cover!

    2. And while we're on Japanese songs being translated to Chinese songs, here's one that took a reverse route. ;)

      If the original version was likened to the sea, this, is an ocean.

  2. actually kind of sad to found out, the song should sang in its origin language.

    1. cos the tone of that language form part the the song, change the language you change the song, it becomes another song in my opinion, a copy cat.

    2. I am OK with re-interpretations of an original song.

      Be it another singer or in another language.

      Sometimes a cover version can be better than the original.

      Just like food. I don't really care whether it's "authentic" or "zheng zong". I just care whether it's tasty.

    3. songs is an art, you don't change people's art work. its an insult.

      you can immitate, other singer can sing the same song but don't change it, create your own.

    4. i guess no one listen to songs more than i except the DJs, i admit i'm not in tune with reality, i'm stuck in the past.

      this is very contrast to trading, music i'm a listener, not a participant in creation or performing. but in trading, i am, always right in front the the market and their prices. always spear ahead of the unknown and change according to what the market is currently changing.

      without creating, one can hardly survive in trading.

  3. Hi SMOL

    One of my staff is born in late 80s... Haha... We are not getting any younger my friend :-)

    Be well and prosper.

    1. Yes Panzer,


      In China, they have the "ba ling hou" and "jiu ling hou".

      Ah! Once upon a time, I used to be the youngest member in the team whenever I joined a new company.

      Now when I go shopping, it's "uncle what you want?"



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