Thursday 14 February 2013

It's better with foreplay

In this instant gratification world today, we often want things now.

Not tomorrow; not the day after - N_O_W!

I remember saving for months so that I can afford that watch I’ve been eyeing.  I can still remember the feeling of expectation as I stopped by the shop as I looked on longingly at that watch.  Saying to myself I just needed a few more months. 


I so remember the feeling of joy and contentment as I held that watch I had finally purchased a few months later. 

I don’t get that same feeling nowadays when I buy a new watch or most “stuffs”.
Isn’t it ironic? Now that I can practice – I see; I like; I buy – I’ve lost that special feeling…
Do you have similar experiences?
It’s the same with relationships. The morning after experience is totally different. The “easy” one you can’t wait for her to shower and leave the apartment, and be gone.  The one you have spent months and years pining for you are still holding her in your arms. And you never want to let her go.
Don’t get me wrong. I got buy Toto. I do want to get lucky instantly too! But I know getting one million through luck is not the same as “earning” my first one million.   

Which do you remember more fondly? Is it your first promotion or your most recent one? Feels like your first kiss right?

I am now enjoying the pleasure of foreplay in my investment journey. I’ve not got a 10 bagger with concentrated size yet. It’s not a goal or KPI; it’ more a bitter sweet feeling of longing.

It’s one of those little ironies or paradoxes in life. Once you have climaxed with something the first time, the next time will not be the same
It’s indeed better with foreplay. Patience.


  1. Hi SMOL,
    "A Happy & Prosperous New Year".

    HA! HA!
    You remind me the first time i tasted a new food i like very much, it is like "wow so nice , so nice". And i never will get the same taste again after that, ever.
    i believe it has to be like this naturally or else you will not eat anything else or try any thing new. i mean food only.
    It should not be applicable to your investments, i hope after you got your ten baggers for the 1st time.

    1. Wan shi ru yi to you temperament!

      What you say is so true.

      And that "thirst" for new things/experiences have led man into both trouble and enlightenment...

      I think I have the awareness; I pray for the wisdom and discipline to leave good enough alone - especially when it comes to relationships ;)

      As for investments, it's much easier for me as I am a equities man whore. I just switch horses.

    2. kon ci fa cai everyone!

      smol, what u describe is very much like gambling, the taste of winning. always searching for that feeling (foreplay?) and get hooked.

      solution is to put learning and creating in front, i mean the feeling of wanting to learn and to find the solution (ofcos there isn't any) on top of winning.

      after so many years of trading, i'm still want to learn and change, always think there is a better way better system, always changing.

      with that u can always stay in the game even without that stupid foreplay.

    3. just yesterday, one of my friend ask me why i didn't buy toto, its 5 million or something, who cares!

      i explain i have to spend my whole life searching for that tiny little edge in the market, you ask me to just throw away my edge by buying toto? same goes to the casino.

      i too like to gamble, but i will not touch any if the odds are against me unless is among friends for fun, period.

    4. coconut,
      kon ci fa cai,

      HA! Ha!
      Don't be mistaken! i think we should all have this kind of spirit in our mentality in the things we like to do, as express by you below. Not only in trading lah.

      "after so many years of trading, i'm still want to learn and change, always think there is a better way better system, always changing."

    5. long time no see temperament,

      ya, it should be every damn thing we do, but time is not on our side le. espacially come to food, as long as others willing to cook, i'm willing to eat haha.

  2. Happy New Year coconut!

    Ah! You have expressed it better than me :)

    If we enjoy what we do (and having fun), money is just a way of keeping score.

    And that's where most newbie traders falter... They want the outcome without the foreplay.

    Whether it's called foreplay, hunger, thirst, desire, passion, learning, creating... a rose by any name is still a rose ;)

    1. that is why detachment of money is so crucial, otherwise it all becomes hunger for money, thirst for money, desire for money and passion er for money as well haha. totally lack of learning and creating.


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