Monday, 28 January 2013

Big fish caught at Labrador Park

I walked from Queenstown to Labrador Park yesterday Sunday as part of my weekend walking routine - 1.5 hours to and 1.5 hours back.

I had a pleasant surprise when I saw an angler there caught a big giant fish!

During my past walks, I am used to seeing catches the size of ikan kunning. Not much to shout about.

Man! This is one super catch! (From my perspective as a non-angler)

The smiling Malay gentleman in shades on the left is the angler who caught it.

Needless to say, a crowd of curious onlookers (me included) quickly gathered round to look see, look see.

Everyone was snapping away with their cameras

Anyone out there knew what's the name of the fish caught?
Top down view

Side view

I overheard the angler telling the onlookers that it's his first time fishing at Labrador Park. He is not one of the "regulars" here at Labrador Park.

As I walked away,  I had an reflection.

We too had similar experiences don't we?

Beginners Luck

Remember the first time you learnt to play Mahjong, Poker, Chor Dai Dee, etc? Or went to the casinos? 

How about your first winning trade or investment? 

Same you; different place

We may also know people who "failed" at selling insurance but somehow became top real estate agents and vice versa?

Or your career taking a turn for the better when you moved to another department or company? (Never mind some of these moves are "forced"; and not through your own volition)

Varying our routes

I am glad I change my weekend walking routes all the time. I try to expose myself to happy happenstance.



  1. I once caught 2.2 Kg Cobia there with live Tamban.

    Probably, it has escaped from St John Island fish farm.

    1. CW,

      Thanks! I goggled what is Cobia and Tamban.

      Oh! So those little "kunning" like fishes are called Tamban.

      I am still scratching my head how the fish hook to catch Tamban can hold on to that "big" fish...

      I didn't know we can fish such "big" fishes off the coast of Singapore.

      When at East Coast cycling, I also love to stop and watch at anglers fishing at Bedok jetty.


      I'll stick with "bird watching" though ;)

    2. Big fish opens its mouth big and swallows the live Tamban together the fish hook either into its stomach or the hook got into its jaw.

      It is where the skill comes in not to lose the big fish or break the line and to finally lift up the big fish without dropping it back.

      Luck and Skill!

    3. Ah! So that's how it works!

      2 fishes with 1 catch!!!

      Luck and skill indeed. I heard the angler told the crowd he took around 20 minutes to reel in his catch.

      Even if opportunity strikes, we must have the skill to latch on and hang on to it!

      I've let too many "fishes" got away due to inability to "sit tight" ;)



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